All images featured within this blog have been taken by myself, unless stated. If I have pulled an image off the internet to back up my subject then I will state the contributor within the caption attached to the image. 

If in anyway I cause offence or copyright infringement it would be unintentional and the image will be removed promptly. 


All thoughts and opinions within this blog are my own, I do extensive research before I write about a product or item to make sure the information that you are reading is factual. Nothing of what is written is lifted off the internet it is all written by me, unless I am stating how a company has publicly advertised a product. E.G. Makeup ingredients, product description (made by the company) and pricing. 

* If I have been gifted a product/item to review and I don't feel like the product works for me personally, I will not review that said item/product as I don't want to surround the product/company with  any negativity as it may work for others.*

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