About Me

Hey guys. 

I thought I should introduce the girl behind the words and images.

So here it goes. 

My name is Leya (pronounced as Leah), I am 28 years old, I am a leo (ROOOAAAARRR) and I love to write and take pictures. Hence why this blog has appeared. 
I am a maaahoooosive lover of all things "fashion, beauty and life" related and this is what my blog is solely based on.

I am a massive animal lover, against animal cruelty, addicted to makeup, I am a creative experimentalist, a singer/performer. I am self taught in the art of makup and I love taking photos.

I am a passionate person, my dreams are bigger than my boobs "ha" and I always strive to be myself and nobody else. 

"Be yourself because everyone else is taken".

The name "Leluroxx" actually came about by a random mishap from my previous blog name. I will explain. I previously wanted to call my blog "lelulove", I created a logo and everything and when I Google'd that name to check it wasn't used anywhere I else. To my surprise I actually found out it was a name of a porn star!!! Ha ha. I definitely couldn't use that. 
'Lelu' is basically my first and middle names cut it half (my middle name is Louise) and glued back together to create my blog name. And the 'roxx' part, well, that just popped into my head. 

I am not into any negativity, POSITIVE VIBES ONLY PLEASE. Jealous people, copycats (you know who you are) and bitchy trolling has no place in my bubble so take yo' bitter train to another stop. I have no time for haters, neither will I tolerate them!

"Copycats are those without an imagination"

I am a positive person with original thoughts and creativity. I love to laugh, have fun, work hard and achieve my goals. 

Surround yourself with all things positive. 

You can find me over here:

Twitter: leluroxxblogger
Instagram: leluroxxblogger
Snapchat: blackeyedfox
Facebook: Leya Hutton
YouTube: Leluroxx 


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