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The Baby Names Tag - What Top 10 Names I Would 100% Call My Child.

Hi guys - happy Sundaaaayyy. 

Since I came back recently with my last blog post about my horrific ordeal I had been enduring the last few months, I cannot believe the response I have had. Literally I have been so overwhelmed by the amount of support, messages, shares and reads I have had. I have had thousands.

 I shared my story to spread awareness and to get the truth out to the public of what ACTUALLY happened and I didn't hold back either. If you are new here or you didn't get the chance to read my story on Stealthing, Sexual Consent and Stalking you can do here

Since then, I have had so much good stuff happening to me, it's all about the good freakin karma guys, what goes around comes around.

 A TV company contacted me after reading my blog post and they wanted to do a documentary about stealthing - it was for the BBC and for me to potentially present it. The BBC commissioner wanted me to confront the guy in question but I told them, as much as I would LOVE to do that and I 100% would, I can't because of the type of person he is - lets just say it wouldn't end pretty... For him! - Watch this space... Checkmate motherf**kers!!! :) 

I'VE GOT THE POWER!!! As the song goes. 

As you guys know, I always update you in my new blog posts as to what has been going on in my life before I actually get into the post itself. The last thing I would like to fill you guys in on is that my baby girl Bear (my dog) she was seriously ill a week yesterday and golly didn't she cost me a bomb going to and fro from the vets. Long story short, she is almost 17 and she is an old lady now but the vets suspect she has stomach cancer, this was after she had an ultrasound scan. I will be doing  a post about this later next month I think. So, yeah  I have been very upset, emotionally and physically exhausted and ended up making myself ill through stress. I am remaining positive though and spreading positive and healing energies to her. #prayforbear 

Okay, so onto the tag. As everyone knows I am single little prawn, I have no children, I am not pregnant and basically I am going to die alone. Ha. 

I watched Gabs (VelvetGh0st) 's YouTube video the other day with the baby names tag. I love stuff like this so I thought I would bring it to my blog. Whether other people follow, that's up to them but I thought it was something different and fun. 

Please though, do not make fun out of the names because some people (although I very much doubt it, ha) could be called the below.  

Lets go.... 

Yep, so I have always had a list of baby names since I was younger either written down in a pad somewhere or in my phone. I have obviously lost the ones from many moons ago but I still have my all time faves. I like quirky names, unusual ones that nobody will have. You have been warned. Ha. 

1. Troian  (girls name) 

I LOVE this name SO much... I got the name from Troian the actress who plays Spencer in PLL (Pretty Little Liars). I heard her name and was literally like 'mine' in my head. 

2. Rogue (girls name)

This is on par with Troian for me - I love this name just as much. I love strong names for girls because I want her to be like her mama!!! And I literally don't know anyone with that name and that's what I like. There may be a reason for nobody having this name but they are missing out. Ha. With this name she would totally be a bad ass in a leather jacket!!

3. Indi (girls name)

This is my boho name for a girl, it's such a cool, laid back name. I could imagine her with her little boxer braids with flowers entwined in there. It's a cute name.  

4. Autumn (girls name)

This is my favourite season, this is when I am totally at my most happiest. When you hear this word you think of warmth and positivity and she would totally be all of those things. 

5. Payton (girls names) 

I love this name too but my mum put me off saying that it sound like I am saying "patent". Grrrr. 

6. Orion (boys name) 

This is a star constellation - I have loved this name for years. It's majestic and I don't think I have ever heard a boy with that name. 

7. Vladamir (boys name) 

Okay, so my child could get bullied with this name but for me this name is a strong name - yes, when you think of this name you would think 'vampire' - (Vlad the Impeller) but to me it's different and is totally something I would go for. 

8. Dimitri (boys name) 

Again, another name that is on the exotic sounding side but I like it. My parents don't like ths name, neither do they like Vlad. Ha. 

9. Thor (boys name) 

I LOVE this name but I cannot pronounce my 'th's' properly so it ends up sounding like I am shouting out "four". So I don't think I could use this one even though this name is freakin sick!! 

10.   Wyatt (boys name) 

I liked this one too but again mother bear took the pee and said it sound likes and I quote " as if you're singing the song, I Predict a Wyatt" (I predict a riot - Kaiser Chiefs). Thanks mum. 

I also like the names, Lazarus, Bowie, Thorn, Manson, Lilani, Binx, Renesme and  Arizona.

There you have it. Some weird and wonderful names. I would love to know what you think to these names and if you have picked any of these yourself, or I would love to know your top 10!! 

As always you can find me on the following social media outlets where I post pictures, videos, rants and more. 

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Until next time... 


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