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Lyric Pranking My Friends And Family | Was It A Fail Or Success?

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Oh hello there guys :) 

I hope everyone is good?!

Long time no speak. Well actually it's been 1 week. Ha. I apologise for taking a week break from the blog. I haven't been well at all with a sickness bug that has been going round and also I have suffered really badly with anxiety. It was on an all time high. I had never been THAT bad before and I cannot say I enjoyed it much. 

The struggle was real. 

I may do a blog post on it soon actually because it's horrible feeling like you're on your own with something. I like keeping it real.

All that being said, I am on the mend now annnnnnnd I AM BACCCKKKK BITCHES!!! :) 

I am sooooo totally happy that it's this time of the year, like I feel this is when I am at my most happiest. My hayfever buggers off for a bit, it's all so cosy and you can over indulge in the nice things. Speaking of nice things, I am doing a couple of collabs with some awesome brands soon. One of which I have loved for a while now and it involves something for your home. That is all I am saying. 

In the words of PLL (Pretty Little Liars, if you did not know) 

"Got a secret, can you keep it, swear this one you'll save, gotta lock it in your pocket, taking this one to the grave."

Today's post I have mixed it aaappp a little bit, Calvin Harris has nothing on this mash up. :D 

I thought I would take it upon myself to do a fun post that has actually been circulating on YouTube, so I thought why not bring it to my blog. 

You obviously have guessed from the title what it is and that is right, I have been lyric pranking my friends and family. 


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 If you're not familiar with the concept I will briefly explain it to you now. This is something that you take away and do yourself and man didn't I cry laugh throughout this process. It was hilarious!

So, lyric pranking is as it suggests. You find someone either a family member or friend (I would not suggest your boss, ha) and start a conversation off with them (even better if they message you first) using lyrics from a song. The aim is to see if you can keep the lyrics flowing as a conversation before they figure out what you're doing. 

It will make more sense when you see the screen shots in a minute! 

Now was it a success or fail? 

It was a half and half mix I'd say. One person I pranked really fell for it and I just could not stop laughing at his response, a couple of people were a little worried about me, "hahahaha" and a couple got it straight away and I was quite impressed be it a little disappointed. 

Anyway. Enjoy the following and if you're like me and love to have a laugh this will be so much fun for you. Just pick your recipients carefully. 

Lets GOOOOOO!!!!

Ha, so the below is the most hilarious. My friend Scott who I used to work with years ago got back in touch recently and I got him good and proper. I thought he would be a prime candidate for this prank as he is a little gullible. Ha, sorry not sorry Scott!! :) 

I decided to start the conversation off with Justin Bieber's 'Sorry' lyrics and this boy was hooked! :D 

This is how it went down... 

lyric pranking, youtube, trend, beauty blogger, family, fun, autumn, pranks,

lyric pranking, youtube, trend, beauty blogger, family, fun, autumn, pranks,
lyric pranking, youtube, trend, beauty blogger, family, fun, autumn, pranks,

I got pretty far with the lyrics and it finally clicked when I got to the iconic part of the song! I was literally wondering how long I could go on for before I put the poor sod out of his misery. Scott, you're a babe!! And I really am 'Sorry'. 

Next, I decided to quote Awolnation's song 'Run' to one of my ladies Jess. This made me laugh as it could of gone two ways. She would of got it or she would just ignore me when I started to seem really weird. More so than usual. 

She didn't write back after my last message. So I waited a while and then gave up the ghost. She was worried. Ha ha. 

This is how it went...

lyric pranking, youtube, trend, beauty blogger, family, fun, autumn, pranks,

Next, my friend Gathan got it straight away!! I thought I best quote a song that would be familiar to him but not familiar enough that he would get it. He got it and I was so peeved. Ha. He could of just played along. 

Kudos to him though! I quoted an MJ song and boom here were the replies! 

lyric pranking, youtube, trend, beauty blogger, family, fun, autumn, pranks,

My friend Jack was up next and I think we met on Tinder yeeeeaars ago. I haven't spoken to him for a while so I thought why not! 

I started sprouting Plan B's 'Recluse' to him and he practically got it straight away. I mean COME ON... HOW RUDE!!! Ha. 

lyric pranking, youtube, trend, beauty blogger, family, fun, autumn, pranks,

This next one cracked me up the most, it was the response on who this person thought I was meant to be sending the message to. This screen shot is from my good friend Arthur. We have been friends for yeeeeearrrs. He read my first message which was quoted from Gnash's song 'I Hate You I Love You' and ignored it. I thought 'oh gosh, he is totally going to think I am a weirdo' so I wrote the next line of the song hoping he would snap the bait. He did and his response was priceless to me. 

lyric pranking, youtube, trend, beauty blogger, family, fun, autumn, pranks,

Literally insert crying, laughing face right here. He thought I was meant to be sending that message to my lad mate Jez who has totally ghosted me for almost a year. To be honest. I was really tempted to message him in these series of pranks but he already thinks I am in love with him and want to marry him and have his babies. TOTALLY NOT TRUE IF YOU'RE READING THIS!You're NOT all that :P But yeah, him thinking that as his first response made me LOL. 

Next up was my Auntie and she is an MJ fan just like me, so I started the convo off with 'Who Is It' lyrics. She got it pretty quickly too. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?! I would of totally been fooled. Clever little eggs! Ha. 

lyric pranking, youtube, trend, beauty blogger, family, fun, autumn, pranks,

Finally, was Hat!! I really confused the poor girl! I was quoting The Mirror Trap's song 'Pigeon Chest' to her and she was just baffled and then ignored me. RUDE! :D 

lyric pranking, youtube, trend, beauty blogger, family, fun, autumn, pranks,

 And that was the end of my pranking session. Out of all of them I think Scott wins for the most dramatised responses and then Arthur's just full on creased me. 

Please, if you and your friends/family have a sense of humour, give it a go. It kept me entertained for hours and makes for amusing memories. 

I hope you enjoyed this post today and I have lots of gorgeous posts coming up soon for y'all. 

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Until next time...



  1. Hahahaaa this made me laugh so much!!!!!! I'm 100% going to try this on some people now. My sister constantly poses song lyrics as genuine questions to me so I can't wait to get her back. Great post, so funny and it's nice to get an insight into other people's friendships etc. they sound like a great bunch!

    My Blog: Jade With Envy | My YouTube Channel

  2. Haha, thank you lovely :) I glad you liked it!!! It was so much fun to write and do!!! Send me the link once you have done yours. I would love to read it!! xx


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