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New L'Oreal Paris Pure Clay Purity Mask And Facial Cleansing Oil | First Impressions Review | Are They Worth The Hype?

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Hey guys! 

So it's freaking August, I cannot believe it... And I still don't have a job 8 months later. Seriously, thank goodness I saved.

Oh and it's my birthday on Sunday (7th) :)

My mum told me that everything happens for a reason and right now I see the reason I don't have a job. 

My Guinea pig Cody has been life threateningly ill and it lits has been touch and go. A lot of tears, anxiety, panic attacks and sleepless nights. He had to go back to the vets as it seemed as he couldn't eat, long story short, his pneumonia progressed, whilst taking bloods Cody actually stopped breathing and had to be resuscitated so they couldn't check his teeth or X Ray him. 

I brought him home because I knew no one could care for him like I could and if he decided to give up the fight at least he would be comfortable at home. 

He lost a lot of weight, so I have been up constantly throughout the early hours of the morning feeding him every 4 hours all day. 

I am exhausted, I am not going to lie but I am hoping all my care will be worth it in the end. 

And this is where I see the fact I am still job searching as a positive as Cody would of sure passed away as I wouldn't of been around as much. 

This is why on Thursday there was no post as I was soooo tired.

I am back today though with a brand new post for you and something in which I hope you enjoy. 

Lets GO!!!

As mentioned above, I have literally had no time for myself properly so, when I managed to grab some time on Saturday to go food shopping quickly, I popped into Boots looking for a couple of things in particular. 

I have really gotten into my skin care routine recently as I am trying to keep my breakouts at bay and currently what I am using is really working for me. 

I have seen people rave about the new L'Oreal clay masks. They have 3 in the range. 

1. Pure Clay Glow Mask
2. Pure Clay Detox Mask
3. Pure Clay Purity Mask

Each of them obviously do different things. I really wanted the Dextox mask as it was charcoal based and I thought it would be amazing on my skin. It's sold out EVERYWHERE!! 

I ended up purchasing the Purity mask as to me that was the next best thing at drawing out impurities in my skin.

I also noticed their Extaordinary Oil - Facial Cleansing Oil too, I don't actually know if it is new in their range but it caught my eye as I wanted something different to take my makeup off. 

loreal, loreal paris, cleansing oil, drugstore, boots, clay mask, purity mask, skin care,
loreal, loreal paris, cleansing oil, drugstore, boots, clay mask, purity mask, skin care,

The masks are currently on offer in Boots for £5 and the cleansing oil was a little over £5. I had just over £10 of points on my Boots card so I used those to get these items. I also feel like the masks are exclusive to Boots as I cannot find a trace of them in Superdrug which is a little odd as I thought they would be everywhere.

loreal, loreal paris, cleansing oil, drugstore, boots, clay mask, purity mask, skin care,

I decided to use the cleaning oil yesterday morning as the night before I used my Garnier Micella water (the blue one) and I felt it didn't remove my makeup properly like the pink version so when I woke up I wanted to use the oil to remove the excess makeup and then double cleanse with my usual wash. 

What I do like about the packaging is that it comes with a pump, there is nothing more annoying than getting a product and it either doesn't come with a nozzle or it's a spritz one. The pump dispenses the product in good manner so you don't end up with too much or too little. 

It glides onto your face super smoothly, it smells really nice and it's for all skin types. It can been used all over the face, eyes and lips. Pretty standard. 

L'Oreal claims that this product -'instantly removes all traces of makeup, even waterproof' and the 'skin is left cleansed and nourished with a non-greasy feel'.

I will be honest with you... I actually quite like this product, it does what it claims to do and it's great as your face doesn't feel heavy afterwards, it left my face prepped for the second cleanse and it felt lightweight, fresh and awake. I will be adding this in to my routine for now on. :) 

It's simple to use too. Put 2-3 drops (I used 2) onto a dry face and massage in. Then you wash off with water. Super simple. 

I would like to see how this works with a full face of makeup, so I will be giving that a whirl. 

Good job L'Oreal! 

loreal, loreal paris, cleansing oil, drugstore, boots, clay mask, purity mask, skin care,

After I used the cleansing oil I then dried my face off, had a bath and then popped the mask on.

You apply this again onto dry skin, duh, and avoid the eyes and mouth area. 

The consistency of this product is soooooo frickin lovely, it's creamy, luxurious and a little goes a long way. I love the simplicity of the packaging and even without the discount it's a well priced product. 

Okay, so, the purity mask is 50ml and states 10 applications worth of product. I feel I would actually get more out of it. I have a fat head too, nothing like some pea heads out there ( I wish I had a pea head) - all you pea heads, it should last even longer for you. 

It has 3 different pure clay's and Eucalyptus and you can really smell that when applying. It's a really refreshing, spa like smell. 

The clay's used are...

 Koalin - 'a highly effective natural clay, known to absorb impurities and excess sebum', which I have a lot of on my nose. You could see it drawing the nastiness out of my skin as the mask started to bubble on my nose. 

Montmorillonite - 'rich in minerals, a clay recognised for helping to eliminate imperfections'. No one is perfect right? 

Ghassoul - 'A pure clay highly concentrated in minerals renowned to help clarify complextion'. 

This mask claims that it 'purifies' and 'mattifies' your skin and it gives a little list of what to expect in the means of results. 

Immediately - skin is fresh, clean and purified. 

Use for one week - skin looks mattified, cleaner and softer.

Use after use - skin can breathe, is visibly transformed. 

Bold claims from L'oreal but I genuinely believe in them. 

After removing the dried mask I noticed my skin seemed a little brighter, reeeeaally soft and not so clogged. 

You know what I mean? It just felt lighter. 

The directions of use is to apply 2-3 times a week and leave on for 5-10 minutes each time, I did 10 minutes. 

loreal, loreal paris, cleansing oil, drugstore, boots, clay mask, purity mask, skin care,

I feel these masks are like freaking Pokemon.

"You gotta catch them all". Ha. 

I really want the other two now that I have tried this one. And if in the end it turns out to be a gimmick, hell, my skin feels great anyway. 

I would highly recommend the mask fo'sure and I would suggest you go out and buy them before they all sell out completely. 

As for the oil, I really like the product, as stated, I need to try this on a full face of makeup to see if it works just as good. I will have to let you know on that one. 

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My last post was about how I get rid of my spots and was really popular. You can find it here as part of my skin care series.

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Until next time...


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