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My Current Skin Care Evening Routine | My Go To Skin Products Right Now.

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Yo yo yo. 

Everyone well? 

I am actually quite tired today. I have been up the last couple of nights/mornings to look after my guinea pig Cody as he's been a little poorly. When he gets like that then it's around the clock care. It's exhausting. 

I have an interview tomorrow, I am really nervous. This is my 7th month not working so I am a little anxious. 

I have lits watched everything on my Netflix account now. I have just finished watching Reign - which is a period drama and it was amaze. The men are hot and the lead who plays Mary (Adelaide Kane) is beautiful. I cannot wait until the 4th season is out. 

Recently I have been getting breakouts, the little buggers have been having a jolly little party on my chin. They just won't go away, no matter what I do, they seem to look like they are going away but they will just pop back up. They are scaring my skin and I am not best pleased about it. 

I have a morning skincare routine but never really one at night. I just take my makeup off and that's about it. Seriously ladies not taking your makeup off at night is a cardinal sin (oh gosh, I am even adopting their speech now), it kills your skin and makes you feel like crap when you wake up. Don't do it. 

Since the whole chin break out thang I have decided to up my skin care game and go in hard at night. It's a good time to do it because it's when your skin is rejuvenating and repairing itself. 

Below you will see my entire skin care routine and what I am currently using to keep everything tip-top. 

STEP 1 - Cleanse

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This is such an obvious step and please ignore my lack of makeup and I took these pics at night, for obvious reasons. Ha. So, my first step is to take off my makeup. I don't always do a deep cleanse at night as I don't want to strip all the oils from my face. I have dry skin and that won't help. I will go in instead with my Garnier Micella water. I usually use the pink bottle but decided to give this one a go. I just get a couple of cotton pads and remove the days makeup.

When I do cleanse, I now use the Superdrug gentle cleansing wash. It's free from all the crap and is great for sensitive skin. 

I miss my liz Earle 'Cleanse and Polish' but I had a reaction to it so I cannot use it anymore. 

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STEP 2 - Serum

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Superdrug have bought out their new range of skin care products called 'Clearly Youthful', they had an offer on so I thought I would give them a go because what they claimed to do intrigued me. 

"superdrug" "serum" "skin serum" "skin care" "skin product" "makeup"

After I have taken my makeup off I will then apply 3-4 drops of this night serum to the back of my hand and apply to my face and neck in circular motions. 

This resurfacing night serum claims to even out skin tone, minimise the appearance of dark-spots and hyper-pigmentation. It's main aim is to 'visibly improve the appearance of blemishes and imperfections' with the highly concentrated formula.

This really appealed to me because I do have an uneven skin tone so I am hoping this will help. 

There's so much information on the packaging, I love that and I like the fact this product has a pipette to release the product.  

STEP 3 - Blemishes

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Next I will go in with Superdrug's (out of the same range as above) Blemish Treatment Gel. 

Again this is highly concentrated and claims to 'visibly reduce the appearance of blemishes'. Basically I use this to treat my spots right now. This product and the above have a written timeline on the box to inform you on what to expect -  instantly, after a couple of hours and 1-4 weeks. It's really useful. The only thing I don't like about this packaging is the fact it has a pump dispenser which means too much product comes out of it. 

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I apply a thin layer of this on each and every spot or blemish to try and reduce the effects. 

STEP 4 - Eyes

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I was lacking in the eye creams... Well I have none. I needed a nice eye cream to sooth my eye area as I work on my eyes a lot and they do get sore from rubbing the makeup off. 

I love Simple as a brand and I use their face cream daily, I have sensitive skin and I can react to things. I know with Simple everything is natural so less risk of a reaction. 

This one is a soothing eye balm, which soothes and nurtures, reduces puffiness and winds down and relaxes the eye. I just pat this around my under eyes until the product has sunk in and then around the top of my eyes. I use this in the day too. 

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STEP 5 - Lips pt 1

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Lips are next, this is one of my main problem areas, they are SO dry and the skin builds up on them, when I am nervous I pick my lips so that doesn't help. 

I went into Kiko months back now... Actually not long after the new year. I found their night balm and lip scrub which is in stick form. 

I use the lip scrub first, it basically looks like a lipstick only with lip scrub in it. Handy much. The only thing with this is, it goes down pretty quickly. I use this sparingly as I don't want it to run out. I then use the balm after I have rubbed the scrub off.

I really do use a lot of products on my lips as they currently need the most help. 

"kiko" "lip scrub" "lip care" "lip balm" "makeup" "evening routine"

STEP 6 - Lips pt 2

"barry m" "lip oil" "lip care" "lip balm" "makeup" "evening routine"

I recently bought the Barry M lip oil. It's new to their range and I bought the coconut one as it's clear. They have two in the range. 

I apply this on top of the Kiko balm. 

"barry m" "lip oil" "lip care" "lip balm" "makeup" "evening routine"

STEP 7 - Lips pt 3

"blistex" "lip cream" "lip care" "lip balm" "makeup" "evening routine"

Finally, I apply the Blistex 'Intensive Moisture' cream balm to my lips. I LOVE this stuff, I was watching Amy's Makeup Box's video on YouTube and she mentioned that she uses this and it works a treat on dry lips. 

She wasn't wrong, it's improved the condition of my lips a lot. 

Thanks Amy *kisses*. 

There you have it, you're up to date with my night time skin care routine. 

I hope you enjoyed reading and please share your tips on how you clean your skin and keep spots at bay. I love to chat so leave me a cheeky comment! :) 

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