Monday, 4 July 2016

Another Haul | Best Of The High Street Brands

Evening amigos 

Today I have been trying to get my life in order... I would say that ended up not so successful. I have now started ringing round for jobs, has it really come to this?! 

I have been learning how to use Photoshop today and I am slowly getting there, I have downloaded a free trial of Creative Cloud and I love it. The thing is it only lasts for 7 days and I need to find a serial number crack so I can use it forever because there is no way I can afford to buy it. 

If anyone could help me I would be extremely grateful?!

I popped into New Look, Boots and Superdrug on Friday and bought some things. 

OMG New Look have some amazing things in at the moment and an awesome sale on right now too. 

I had a drama in the changing rooms though. Ha ha. 

I was trying on some black dungaree's which were in the sale. Could I get them over my thighs? NO WAY IN HELL. They were a size 10 so were big enough and I finally figured out why when I was trying to force my legs out of them... They were from the petite section. 

*face palm*

I really struggled to get them off. I totally had a Ross from Friends moment with the leather pants. 

Here are the few things I bought and the item below is totally my favourite and such a steal. 

New Look you did good man!!  

I am SO IN LOVE with this bomber jacket. I have been searching for one for ages and wanted a black one. This was hanging in the 'sale' section but was still marked as full price. I held on to it to try on. It's a size 12 which I liked as it was slightly oversized. I was sold whether it was in the sale or not. 

C'mon guys... How freaking awesome is this jacket. 

It is super sparkly with the sequins and it lits goes with everything. 

It was in the sale too. I checked when I went to the till and she was like "yep, it's £15 - do you want it?"

Errrr do I want it. HELL YEAH. MINE. 

This piece from New Look is beautiful... It's rare that I find something that really catches my eye. This one however is really unique and goes so well with an all black outfit. It really stands out. 

This was also in the sale for £5.

Okay, so the story with these is a short one. I originally had the Real Techniques 301 Contour brush and I used it twice and the head came off. Grr. 

I emailed the company to inform them and to get a replacement. For some reason their site is a .com so it would have to be shipped over to me. I though Real Techniques were a British brand... Sam and Nic are British aren't they? 

Anyway, they offered me a $20 code to replace the brush which means I would have to add money to it, pay for shipping and customs for a faulty product. No way mate. 

I then took it to Boots as that's where I originally bought it from and the lady was so lovely and replaced it for me for the two brushes above. I didn't trust the manufacturing of the contour so chose not to re-purchase.  


I finally got my hands on these Vagas Nay lashes. I cannot wait to use these in my next makeup look. 

Lets hope she notices that I have used them. 

Life would be made. Ha. 

This was a short haul, but seriously if you haven't been to the New Look sale yet, you need to before it ends. They have some super cool things on sale and I love the brand A LOT so buying their stuff is always a winner for me. 

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