Thursday, 7 July 2016

30 Genius Beauty Hacks That Every Girl Needs To Know.

Greetings beautiful ones. 

I hope everyone is well and has had a nice week! 

Yesterday was such a good day for me, I have been offered two interviews, I am happy to announce that I am going to be working with Spectrum Brushes and Glitter eyes and will be reviewing their products. I cannot freaking wait, love those brands!! They contacted me yesterday and I was so freaking excited.

They will be up on the blog soon. Stay tuned! 

Oh and I went and ate out yesterday, I love eating out and don't do it often so that was nice. 

Oh and I have another YouTube video up of a halo eyeshadow look I created. You can view it here.

Being a woman can be a hard job sometimes especially when we are getting ready for the day, for work or even for a date. Life just gets in the way sometimes and we need things in our daily life to make things a lot easier. 

When it comes to beauty, whether that's makeup, hair or body, little hacks that can make things a damn sight better are always welcomed right? 

If you are anything like me, you will love these tried and tested (by me) genius beauty hacks. I am passing on my wisdom because every girl should have this knowledge, so read below and enjoy. 

You're welcome. :) 


 1. Run out of setting powder? Use baby powder instead, it works just as good, if not even better. 

2. Get more use out of my liquid makeup products - when you can no longer get the product out easily cut the tube in half to reveal what you have been missing. 

3. Over draw your lips? To make it less obvious, apply foundation as a base and then apply matte powder as a secondary base before applying liner. It tones down the obvious line therefore making it a whole lot easier to contour. 

4. Use concealer on your lips first before applying lipstick. The lightness makes the colour pop and it lasts longer. 

5. Want a lipstick to become matte? Easy, just apply translucent powder over the top. 

6. To make eyeshadow brighter apply a white pencil eyeliner base then apply the shadow over the top. 

7. To make your eyes look wider, sweep your mascara towards your nose instead of upwards. It makes the lashes look fuller and eyes look bigger.

8. If you have extra skin on your eyelid like I do, applying eyeliner perfectly can be tricky. Just pull your lid towards your temple slightly to smooth it out and apply the winged liner. 

9. If you struggle with applying eyeshadow in your crease when trying to cut crease or any other makeup look use a cotton wool pad as a guide and sweep the shadow across the top of it.

10. If you have dark circles under your eyes when applying concealer ensure that you tap the concealer in rather than smudge it across your skin. That way the concealer sits on top of the darkness, blends and stays put longer. 

11. When applying mascara use a spoon to stop mascara transferring to your skin. 

12. Curl lashes faster by using a hair dryer to warm up your lash curler. 

13. Run out of shaving gel? Use hair conditioner as a sub, it leaves your legs feeling super smooth and skin conditioned. 

14. Blunt razor? Sharpen it across an old pair of jeans. There you go, good as new. 

15. Sick of the mess left behind on your skin whilst painting your nails. Apply Vaseline before painting. It stops the varnish sticking to your skin. 

16. Whoops, fake tan mistake. Mix water and baking soda together to get rid of the orange tide marks. 

17. Don't fancy the hairdressers or can't afford to but need to get rid of those split ends? Section your hair and twist. The hair that sticks out give it a little trim, those areas will be where the damaged hair is at. 

18. Want a makeup remover that's kinder to your skin and is super effective? Coconut oil. Simple. 

19. Most of you know this but Nivea Men Aftershave Balm is the bomb at acting as a primer. 

20. Lock moisture into your skin after showering by patting yourself dry. Don't rub as it will dry your skin out. 

21. Red, tired eyes? Use a beige eyeliner to counteract how sleepy you really are. 

22. Got inflamed and unhappy skin? Use rose and lavender oils to calm the skin down. 

23. Naturally pale like me and want to glow like the sun without using fake tan on your face? Apply subtle glow products to the apples of your cheeks, bridge of your nose, hairline and chin. 

24. Olive oil is great for all things dry, you can even put some on a cotton ball and wipe over closed eyes. 

25. Not enough sleep? Use a bright blusher to wake that face up. 

26. Need to lighten your foundation? Use face moisturiser. Works a treat.

27. Instant eye lift - apply highlighter above the eyebrow. 

28. In a rush and need to sort out your greasy hair? Do a t-zone blowdry. Dampen your hairline and parting and blast it off with a dryer. 

29. Looking to create a smokey eye? Avoid blue hues, it can make you look like you have under-eye circles. Aim for browns, blacks and greys. 

30. Wear a blue toned lipstick to make teeth appear whiter.

I hope these little tricks will serve you well. 

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  1. Ooh I like the Vaseline on your nails and moisturiser in foundation! Very useful! Great post xx

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