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Warm Smokey Eye Makeup Look | Cut Crease | Morphe 35B Palette | Lit Cosmetics | Makeup Geek Review

Evening lovelies!!!

Y'all good? Hope so!!! 

I have my cousins wedding tomorrow and I finally managed to find a dress in time, I now just have the task of deciding whether to wave my hair or plait it with my new New Look hair rings. 

I hate making decisions, I can never literally make them. 

Talking about decisions, the EU Referendum... Man that is one heck of a decision to make. 

I can't even decide between two different chocolate bars let alone making a decision that will affect myself and my country. It's lits fried my brain!! 

If you have read my previous post about my Beauty Bay makeup haul you would know that I bought some awesome makeup products that I have never tried before but have wanted for ages. 

I decided that I wanted to experiment with my makeup looks more so I opened up my shiny new things. 

I am such a weirdo I always leave things in their new state for ages because I just cannot bear to make them not new anymore. 

Get what I mean? 

As you can tell from the title of this, I am going to show you a couple of looks I have created using my new Morphe 35B palette, Lit Cosmetics glitter kit and Makeup Geek eyeshadows. I will also be doing a little review on them too.  

Lit Cosmetics have actually featured one of my looks on their Instagram page, which I am so ecstatic about and Beauty Bay have asked me if they can feature my cut crease look at some point on their social media too. 

Not bad, not bad. 

Heeeerrreeeee weeeeee gooooo!!!

This is the picture that Beauty Bay have asked me if they could feature, I was a little shocked to be honest because it was my first proper cut crease that I had done. As you can see I hadn't put any falsies on and as you can also see, I look like I have no freaking lashes. It's soooooo annoying they are like poker straight and non- existent, just like my brows!

   So down to business, I used my Morphe 35B palette for this look and was the only shadows I used. I used the oranges within the palette and their single shadow in 'Granite' which I bought separately.

I am not going to lie, creating a cut crease free hand isn't easy, it's actually pretty tricky. Kudos to those magicians that can do it with their eyes closed. It takes precision. 

I will be doing a tutorial on this soon for YouTube channel. 

Let me know if this is something you would want to see.

 This palette lits is one of my faves at the moment, I love that you get so many pans in the palette and they are not on the small side either. They are super easy to work with especially when it comes to blending, they blend amazingly well!!! They are also highly pigmented and the colour pay off is on point. 

You do get a bit of shadow dust when applying and some fall out but nothing spectacular, some times I don't get any fall out at all. I really want their other palettes especially their 350 but it's always sold out on Beauty Bay and I need to get a job first before buying more things. 

We all know that's a lie... I will buy more with my Monopoly money. :D

This look is my 'Warm Smokey Eye' look which Lit Cosmetics actually shared!! 

You can see the video above. :) 

This look was mainly created with Makeup Geek shadow pans and Lit Cosmetics 'Rich and Famous'. The yellow was from the 35B palette (Morphe). 

I created this look using shade 'Peach Smoothie' as the transition shade, then into the crease I used 'Cocoa Bear' and on the outer corners I used 'Bitten'. I mainly used 'Cocoa Bear' to smoke out on the lower lash line. 

To finish and complete the look I used Lit Cosmetics glitter. 


This glitter is amazing, it stays on all day without fall out. It is also a pigmented glitter so it really sparkles. I have had soooo many people compliment my eye looks recently and I have had soooo many people ask me where the glitter is from. 

I really need to get some more because it can be used for so many things.

Makeup Geek shadows have been raved about massively and I actually really like them. The pans are a lot smaller than I thought but I have a feeling they will last quite a while, again these shadows are a lovely consistency and awesome to work with. The colour pay off is true to the pan, it's not weak in any way at all. 

I really want some more of those too.

I don't think I would ever get bored of experimenting with make up. 

True story.

I hope you enjoyed my little makeup looks and the products I used. 

If you can be bothered ha ha, let me know what kind of makeup look  you would like me to do next. 

I might just video it for you ;) 

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  1. I love the look you've created with this palette! I've never tried anything from Morphe before but it looks really nice x

    1. Hey :) thank you very much!! You should get a palette they are amazing. Awesome to work with. I got mine from Beauty Bay x


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