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Soap And Glory | A New Obsession | Clean On Me | Sugar Scrub | Supercat Liner.

Helloooooo beautiful people of the world!!!
It's that time of week again where it's almost weekend.

Speaking of weekend, I have been selected to audition for The Voice and my audition is this Saturday. I haven't prepared or anything so I don't know if I should go or not? I have been before so I know the process and that is what scares me. Ha. 

I want to sing something different but when you are singing acapella you really do need to choose the right song. 

If you read this in time, let me know what you think I should do. 

Help a brother out. :) 

Now, you may think I am a little sad for saying this but I am not a Summer bunny at all, I prefer Autumn and say this all the time so the rainy weather has been welcomed as it has made me feel less guilty for staying inside. 

Y'all feeling me right?! 

As the weather has been so dull it has made me even more  susceptible to running baths. Baths are one of my favourite things in the world. It is my go to place whenever I am feeling crappy, worn out or emotional. I just love the feeling of sinking into a nice hot bubble bath with my Lush bath bombs floating about, it gives me a sense of tranquillity. 

To go alongside my bath routine I like to clean myself with super awesome products that leave me feeling squeaky clean and refreshed. 

For quite a few years now I have been using Soap and Glory's products. I seem to get a lot of their things around Christmas time as they are either on my 'wishlist' or family members have spontaneously bought them me. 

They are amazingly priced, so why not? 

Christmas just gone I received their limited edition set which was in a popcorn bucket case. I actually asked for this on said 'wishlist' and mum and dad got it for me. 


I have been using it ever since I had it. I quickly fell in love with their ' Clean On Me' body wash and 'Scrub Of Your Life' body scrub. The one's in this kit are only dinky in size so the amount I was using it, it was bound to run out. 

It did and I had no choice but to buy the full size versions as I was obsessed.

I hit my local Boots up and headed straight for the Soap And Glory section and man weren't there loads to chose from. I never realised they had so many variations of their products.

I picked up the full size (with pump) 'Clean On Me' and decided to get the 'Sugar Crush' body scrub purely because it smells SO FREAKING DELICIOUS!!!

I am not even over exaggerating, if you haven't got this scrub you need to. The smell is super divine. I could eat it. It's made with smashed brown sugar and sweet lime, almond oil and macadamia grains.

See I told you you could eat it! 

The smell is true to the ingredients and it potent with the lime. If you're not into sweet smelling things this won't be for you but with all that goodness in it your skin will be loving you. It's very thick in consistency which makes it feel like a luxurious product and is priced at £8 I believe.

I love opening the tub as it greets you with a satisfying crunch as the lid grinds round. 

Little things.  

Now, the creamy clarifying shower gel/body wash is just beautiful, its packaging is super cute (all of their packaging is, so aesthetically pleasing) and it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and soooo clean.

This product actually has natural mandarin peel extract in it along with built in body lotion. 

Well played guys! My skin is that hot it could met butter. Ha. ;)

For a 500ml bottle I think it was around £6-7.50. 

Last but not least. One of my current faves and go to products. 

Yes, it's the Supercat eyeliner.

This eyeliner pen is da bomb in every way. I first tried this in their eye kit my brother got me for Christmas and I fell instantly in love. However, I did get an eye infection and this was one of the products I had used prior to that and I didn't want to re-use it in case it had bacteria on it. 

So I went out and bought a new one. These three products were on a 3 for 2 offer in Boots so it worked out spectacularly for me.

I just love how this liner glides on, it's extremely black and you can use the thin tip for precision or the thicker sides for a more dramatic look. Whenever I do my makeup looks now I always reach for this. It's only £6 too which is a right steal!!

If you're not a pro at winging the liner this pen is 100% for you it's so easy to work with. It's so sharp on the liner tip. 

If you haven't picked up these three items yet guys you really need to do so. I would tell you if they were the slightest bit shitty but they are absolutely not.

There are so many more of their products I want to try and test out, especially their 'Kick Ass' concealer! 

Ahhh totally obsessed and addicted! 

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