Monday, 20 June 2016

Makeup And Accessories Haul | NYX | New Look | Sleek | MAC | Primark

Oh 'hi' Monday we meet again. 

All the days roll into one for me at the moment because I am not working. Soon though, I will be dreading that Monday feeling and I will be right there with y'all!!

I hope y'all had a lovely weekend? I was meant to have an audition for The Voice on Saturday (just gone) but I ended up not going because my hay fever was being a right batch and decided to come on strong that day. 

Imagine the scene, I would be stood there about to audition for them and having to tell them to wait because I was about to sneeze or cough. Yeah I am sure that would of got me through to the next round. Ha. 

Hay fever lits is the life ruiner, I could be on my way to fame right about now but "OHHHH NOOOOOO!!!" 

Instead to cheer me up (even though I have no money) I went shopping to Merry Hill. I still have the Love 2 Shop gift card that I won with the L'Oreal competition so I have been using that to buy my bits and bobs. It soon goes down though, especially when you spend like £300 on 2 camera lenses and a ring light. Ha. 

It's needed and is an investment. 

So like I said, I hit up Mezza Hill with my hay fever nose, that was obviously training for a Olympic freaking run, and I proceeded to shop for the things I have been needing for a while. 

I will be honest with you, I was actually really disappointed with the Nyx stand in Boots because there was no one manning it, it was an absolute state... I mean testers all messy and in the wrong places and to top it off, there was hardly anything there. All the products I came in for weren't stocked. I wanted the electric blue Vivid Brights eyeliner, their glitter fix glue and some other bits and pieces. Basically, I went in with a list of around 15 items and come out with three. I was not impressed. If I was manning that stand it would look amazing!!

I also went on the hunt for some other beauty pieces and I managed to get my little mitts on them. 

Other than that, my main focus was primarily on getting an outfit for my Cousin's wedding which is this Friday and could I find an outfit that looked nice? 

Hell no, nothing fit properly, I spent AN AGE queuing to try things on and by the end of it all I gave up. Clothes shopping can be a right ball ache. 

I am such an Autumn/Winter fashion gal, I love the dark colouring, laying and cosiness. 

Ta'ra Summer. 

So here are the things I managed to pick up. 

Let me know what you think or if there is anything you think I should try next!

I noticed a while back MAC had a discount on these palettes and I actually don't own any MAC shadows, so when I saw the colour spectrum of this palette I was like "mine". It's going to be amazing for Autumn.

Okay, so Fix Plus, I have never tried this before but I have seen so many people use it. I am not entirely sure on how many ways you can use this product but the lovely lady at the MAC counter said one of the ways she uses it is with metallic eye shadow to make it pop.

 I bought this brush cleanser because I needed something to spot clean my brushes after use. I was trying to get some Isopropyl alcohol but no where freaking sells it. I am hoping this does the job of sanitising. 

*Update* I tried it and it's awful, I am sending it back. It just moves the product around on the brush and clumps it up. Quite disappointed.
I got these free with my purchases to try out.

As I previously mentioned, I went into Boots with a list of NYX products I wanted to get but most of it wasn't there :( So I bought two of the items off my list and the Vivid Brights colour was a substitute.
I have heard that this colour is a dupe for Kylie J's KoKo K I think. Let's see shall we?!

I love this little bag from New Look, it looks a lot more expensive than it was and it's just big enough to fit your daily essentials in. I was thinking of maybe carrying my new lenses in it?
Wedding hair possibilities? These hair rings are awesome.
My pops keeps taking off my black, fluffy pom pom off my car keys so I will be putting this on instead.

 I have searched high and low to get more of these lip pencils/crayons. My local Primark never stock this shade so when I was in Primark in Mezza I stocked up. I also bought a white liner for highlighting certain areas.
I got these to help create some makeup looks :)

 I already have one of these brushes but slightly smaller and not from Primark, so I wanted to try this bigger version to see if it's any good.

So this is all I bought when I was out on Saturday, as I said there was a lot more I was looking for but it just wasn't about. 

I seriously need to stop buying things now until I get a job at least. Although there are some lovely things I want on Beauty Bay. 

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  1. Oh I do love a good haul. Looks like you got quite a few bits! How much did you win the loreal competition and what did u have to do?

    1. Thank you :) I won a fair bit and I had to do a 'before blended contour' look X

  2. Great beauty haul! Mac's prep and prime spray is amazing <3 Followed you on Bloglovin' and Instagram, you have such a great style!

    1. Hey lovely :) thank you for the comment. I have never used it before. I ended up having to call Mac because the bottle wouldn't work and the cleaner wasn't great at all. Ha. How do you use your fix plus? And thank you for the kind words :) xx

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