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Healthy Eating With Slendertox Superfoods | First Impressions

Happy Monday guys!! 

I hope you had a lovely weekend. 

Mine was actually pretty boring and chilled really. I have just been watching films and doing my makeup! 

I am in a good mood today because a couple of my favourite brands followed me on Twitter which is freaking awesome! Liz Earle, Lush and Collection followed me. A lot of people I love have followed me back recently and I have almost 30,000 readers on my blog. 

Happy little bee! :)

Okay, so it's meant to be Summer now and since I have been job searching I haven't been as active or healthy as I would of like to have been. I needed to start eating healthier and gather some energy to start exercising again. 

Y'all know what I mean, it seems a lot more appealing to plonk your ass down, eat a pizza and just chill right?! That's what I have been doing for months practically. Ha. 


And slowly it has and my body is loving me for it.

If you're looking to get fitter and healthier then look no further and read on as to why the following products are super good for you.

I have worked with Slendertox before where they sent me their detox teas and I LOVED them. I do miss those teas, they made me feel great. 

They recently got back in contact with me to see if I wanted to try and review some of their new 'Superfoods' in their collection. 

Of course I agreed because I loved their teas so much. 

They sent me their Chia Seeds.

They also sent me their raw Maca powder and raw Spirulina.

These superfoods sounded amazing and have sooooo many health benefits to them. I couldn't wait to try them and add them to my diet. 

I will give you the lowdown on each of them.

Chia Seeds

. High source of protein 
.Growth in muscle mass
.Maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels 
. Can improve exercise performance
.Healthy skin, hair and nails
.Improved digestion
.Feel fuller for longer

Raw Maca Powder

.Helps clear skin blemishes & decrease skin sensitivity
.Helps mood - increases mental energy, focus and balancing hormones
.Boosts libido, increases endurance, increases fertility
.Relieves menstrual cramps, hot flashes and balances mood

Raw Spirulina  

. Helps remove toxins from the blood and boost the immune system
. Help digestion
. Reduces inflammation 
. Increased energy levels
. Increases fat burning during exercise

All of these properties sound magical, I need them all in my body maaannnnn! 
 There are so many things that my body could benefit from by taking these superfoods and I was really hoping that I liked them all.

I tried the raw Chia seeds first of all and they literally taste of nothing which means you can add them to most meals and snacks. 

These are hands down my favourite out of the three because they add a lovely crunch to your food and are so good for you body. 

I have been adding them to salads, yogurts, curries... You name it its been in there.
To create this delicious salad I added Iceberg lettuce, chopped tomatoes, chopped red pepper, cut up white cabbage, finely chopped hot green chillies, sprinkled fresh out of the oven roast chicken and then added the Chia Seeds. I added some Pizza Express house dressing on there too as it's bloody gorgeous. 

Love this meal A LOT. All fresh and all clean!

This is another dish that I am obsessed with and it's Jalfrezi, roast chicken curry. With the added Chia seeds it just makes it perfect. 

Adding hot chillies helps maintain your metabolism which in turn helps you lose weight!  

Next, I wanted to try out the Maca powder mixed into my fruit juice to see what it tasted like and if it worked. 

I will be honest, I don't like the smell of this powder and I am not fond of the taste either. Why does healthy always taste like the gates of hell? Ha.

I cannot describe the taste or smell but my pallet doesn't like it at all. I could taste it in the drink slightly but it was bearable.

I really want to like this one as I suffer with my monthlies and this helps a lot so I need to find a way to incorporate this within my diet so I get my daily intake without the feeling of wanting to vomit. 

I wonder if there is a natural flavouring that could take the taste away?

Ha, so we are down to the last product. The Spirulina. 

What can I say about this product? 


I am not even over exaggerating it smells like fish food with a hint of pond and it literally made me heave and almost vom when I tried it. 

It's the worst tasting thing I have EVER tried. Now this is only because I am not used to 'healthy' products, it's nothing to do with Slendertox it's my own taste buds. 

I was an idiot and decided to put a big teaspoon full in to my fruit juice and my yogurt. BIG MISTAKE. 

Everything went green and when I tried the drink, it tasted okay at first, so I thought I would down it. 

Will I ever learn? 

I heaved so badly, it was rank. 

If death tasted like anything then it would be that. - Do not add this to normal fruit juice or yogurt. It doesn't taste that great.

Finally, as a last ditch attempt I decided I would try adding the Spirulina, Maca and Chia seeds into a fresh, homemade smoothie. 

I made two whilst my parents were out of the house so they didn't cry about the mess that was about to go down. Ha. 

The first one I made was a mango and passion fruit one. 

My mango wasn't ripe, typical, so I salvaged what I could from that and added it to the blender, I then added 1 passion fruit, frozen banana, chopped Pink Lady apple, a couple of strawbs, some natural honey, a couple of spoonfuls of natural Greek yogurt and some mango juice. I then added the Maca and Chia seeds and blended it all together. 

It wasn't that bad tasting, I just didn't like the texture, it was really frothy and I don't know if it was meant to be like that.

The last smoothie I made was to include the Spirulina and I wanted to try and disguise the taste. 

I have never made smoothies before so I didn't really know what I was doing. You can tell from the ingredients that I use in this smoothie. Ha ha.

I used frozen banana, Pink Lady apple, cucumber, strawberries, natural honey, Greek yogurt and apple juice. 

Okay, so this hid the taste of the Spirulina and I think the cucumber was the one to blame because that's all I could taste and it started to make me feel sick. 

Safe to say... Smoothie fail.

After all of the experimenting I will 100% keep adding the Chia Seeds to my food and as far as the Maca & Spirulina go I think I might try buying pre-made smoothies to add it to them and see if that works. 

I am not a faffer so doing fresh smoothies every day will kill me. 

Other than that, if anyone has any tips or sure ways of getting rid of the Spirulina taste that would be spiffing. Ha. AND if you have any awesome recipes I can try please let me know. 

All in all I think these are really amazing products and are key to staying healthy. I want to carry on trying them because I want all the health benefits. 

They are amazingly priced too which is a bonus and you can get them here if you fancy trying them. 

Please bare in mind that I am a fussy eater and there a lot of tastes and textures I don't like so just because I don't like something doesn't mean that you won't. So give them a go because I love the brand and their products! 

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