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Busted Pigs Can Fly Tour | My Two Night Stand With The Busted Boys | They're On Fire!

Hellooooooo!!! Welcome back. 

These weeks are going SO quickly right now, it's cray cray (yep I just used that wording. Forgive me. Ha.)

The weather in the UK is also crazy right now, it's so freaking hot!! I can never regulate my body temperature, I am either too cold or too hot. Right now I am soooo hot I feel like I am melting from the inside out!! 

Woaaahhh man!! Just think of the episode of Friends when the boiler broke at their Christmas party. Yep that's how I am currently. 

Now onto the good stuff!!! 

Y'all know that Busted are BACK!!!! 

If you don't.... Just get out. 

Now, lets paint the picture... I was what 16-17 when I was into Busted. I am almost 29 now and my love for the boys never vanished along with their quitting of the band.

I was totally smitten with Matt when I first heard their first song 'What I go to school for'. Then it switched to James then Charlie (in Fightstar). Now after seeing them all these years later... They are all freaking equally hot. They have done a good job of ageing!! 

But none of them are single!! "Booo". Ha.

Well played!

I follow their accounts on Twitter, so when I saw that they were making a comeback after performing with McFly as McBusted in the previous months I freaked out!! 

Lits freaked out!! They were god damn touring!!!

I never got to see them when I was younger so I had to take this chance and go!! I bought the tickets back in Jan I think and the other week I went to their first concert. 

I got seats in the upper tiers, now I prefer to be right at the front of gigs because of my passion for taking awesome gig pics to capture certain moments. At this point I was just happy I was there.


It was AMAZING!!! I am not even exaggerating... IT WAS AWESOME!!

The atmosphere was electric and in a weird way slightly emotional because after 12 years they were back and better than ever. They had new material too which I LOVE. And since then I have learnt that they are bringing out a new album in 2016. I am so happy and I will be the first to buy it! 

The way the tour has been set up is fantastic. Such thought had gone into the staging, dramatics and everything about it was exciting.

The tour is obviously called 'Pigs Can Fly' and there was this huge light up pig floating around the arena. Loved it.

Wheatus and Emma Blackberry were support and they were great too. 

Leading up to Busted actually coming on stage the lights would flicker and so would the video footage on stage. This was one of my favourite parts. It built up the momentum.

When the concert actually started the video footage would come on with this music theme that gave me goosebumps. The music arrangement to the lead up made it all so dramatic, I literally could of cried. History in the making for me. The screen shot to Matt, James and Charlie taking their pig masks off and then it went dark and the curtains fell to reveal the 'Pig Sty' on stage with fans (they had bought seperate tickets to be there) and their pig masks staring out at us. Just writing this is giving me goosebumps. 

* I did try to insert the video but it wouldn't load*

The crowd went wild, me included and then the boys came out of trap doors straight in front of their mics. 

They stood still. 

I lost my voice. Ha. 

And so it began! 

They started with their new song 'Coming Home' and I loved it.
 The energy was soul grabbing. I don't think I ever got it back. Ha. They played a whole lot of their old stuff which was amazing because they listened to the fans on Twitter when they asked what we wanted to hear and their new songs are really catchy and have some great hooks.

When they sang 'Sleeping With The Lights On' the whole place went dark and each and everyone of us in that stadium had their phone lights on and were waving them the the beat of the song. 

This was magical and for me the pinnacle of the whole concert. It just showed a whole lot of love for the boys and that even though they have been out of the game for 12 years it's made no difference to the dedication we all have for the band. 

I didn't want the concert to end. 

Obviously it did and I was a mixture of happy and sad because I wanted to see them again!

Oh yeah...

I DID!!! 

That's right, they were THAT good I had to do it. 

They were going to the Barclay Card Arena in Birmingham and I tweeted to say I was really tempted to go. That's when Charlie tweeted me and said "do it". 

So I did! Easily persuaded. 

I couldn't afford to go but the seats were ground level near the stage. Papa Hutt wasn't best pleased he had to take me again (as there was no way I was driving to Birmingham) but I told him that Charlie told me to "do it" so I have to. :D

It worked. 

I was not prepared on Saturday (just gone) to find out where my seats were.

I was a little lost and when I asked a random fan if they knew where I was going she pointed to the seats right in front of the OMFG zone. I was thinking 'this cannot be right' and was worried at any moment someone would tell me to move. Ha.

The main stage was a little further back (not much) and then the OMFG zone was in the middle then the stage again in front of me. 

I was stoked man. I was so freaking happy that I could finally get some decent pictures and see them so close up. 

James's mic was right in front of me, then Charlie and Matt was furthest away.

Watching them perform this time was even better. I just wish I had got to meet them.
Because I am a singer I always have a little day dream when I'm at a concert, of me singing/performing on the stage with the artist right there and then. 

Again, my dreams are bigger than my boobs. :) 

All in all it was the best money I have ever spent and yes that is over all the makeup I buy. Ha. 

The only thing that could of topped those nights would of been to attend a Michael Jackson concert and that ain't going to happen any time soon. 

Although, (I still think he's alive living in Bahrain)but that's another story!

Their vocals were on par, their banter was on point, the love was immense, the songs bought back so many memories for me and all in all I have fallen in love with them all over again.

I still have their calendar and albums under my bed. After all those years! 

I cannot wait to attend the tour of their new album! 

Busted... You are and were on FIRE!!

 I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

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