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Beauty Bay Haul & Experience | FT Morphe, Zoeva, Lit Cosmetics, Makeup Geek & LA Girl

Evening beauties!! 

I hope y'all are fine and dandy. 

I am a little fed up today. Ha. 

Trying to stay positive though as good things come to those who wait and all that. :) 

Yeah right! Ha, does anyone ever believe that?!

Is anyone in the UK suffering with this disgusting, muggy heat that we are experiencing at night?! 4 nights in a row now I haven't been able to sleep because of the suffocating warmth. Literally it has gotten to the point where you have removed every item of clothing and you're contemplating taking your skin off as well. 




I have been back and forth on whether I should order from Beauty Bay for a while now, if you don't know they are an online beauty retailer who stocks a lot of items in which you can't always get in the UK. I had placed many things in my basket but being jobless at the moment they kind of stayed there. I recently sold a lot of new makeup that I had and wasn't going to use so I thought I would buy the things in my basket at some point. I was in no rush.

I saw on Twitter that they were having a buy one get one free offer on the Makeup Geek eyeshadow pans and I was on that shit like a kid on cake. I was there. 

They were selling out MEGA QUICK but I managed to get the pans I wanted bar 2 which were - Creme Brulee and Roulette and I think there was actually a foiled one that disappeared too. They all ended up being half price because I think the day before the BOGOF offer wasn't working for people. 

I ordered 5 of the Makeup Geek eyeshadow pans, one of the Morphe pans, the rose gold Zoeva eye brush set, the Morphe 35B palette and blending crease brush, Lit Cosmetics glitter kit and LA Girls HD lose powder to bake with. I got a free gift with that too. 

I had to order the Morphe palette and brush separately as I was trying to keep my order to £100 but I put the others on my credit card. 


My order went through and I went off to the Busted gig and didn't think about it again... Until I hit social media that is. 

EVERYONE was kicking off about the Makeup Geek offer, I mean everyone. I wasn't too bothered as I got some that I wanted. Now what put the fear of God into me was that everyone was complaining that they hadn't received shipping confirmation for their next day deliveries. I hadn't either. 

I did panic a bit because some people were getting theirs the next day and mine still kept saying 'processing'. I ordered on the Saturday, I phoned them on the Monday as my order statuses hadn't changed at all. I was told I would receive my things on Tuesday. 

I was cool with that. 

I do think however the problem was the lack of communication from Beauty Bay in regards to deliveries and confirmations as I wouldn't of been worried if it wasn't for everyone else. It did put me off. 

I did feel for Beauty Bay though because everyone was kicking off at them and I don't think they realised how popular Makeup Geek was and a lot of people tried order but the site wouldn't let them and then they sold out. 

I am sure it will all be sorted. 

I was so excited when my parcels came on Tuesday and this is what I bought. 

A lot of the items were on my b'day wishlist in which I posted the other week. 

Enjoy :)

I cannot wait to use this pallet. I think I may do so tomorrow!! I love bright colours on the eyes A LOT!!! I want the much sort after 350 palette when it comes back into stock. 

If it ever does that is!

I have wanted these brushes for years now and have always been on a wishlist of some sort. So, seeing as I never got them I bought them as an early birthday present from me to me. 

Ha. As you do.

I thought I would see what all the hype was about with the Makeup Geek shadows. Can't wait to use these either! From top left to bottom right; Duochrome - Backlight, Peach Smoothie, foiled - Starry Eyed, Cocoa Bear and Bitten. I also got a single Morphe eyeshadow pan too.

 And there you have it. My quite expensive haul. 

I cannot wait to start using it all. Had to wait so I could take the pics for this post. 

It has killed me!! Ha. 

If you're a Beauty Bay shopper let me know your must have's for me to check out!! 

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Until next time...



  1. I love Beauty Bay at the moment!!!!! The best online beauty shopping page in my opinion....I leave in Greece and I always enjoy shopping there. Better prices and free shipping for orders bigger than 19€ are the main reason making me prefer it!

    1. Hey lovely :) Yeah, they aren't too shabby, I think the fiasco with the Makeup Geek stuff put me off a little but I will still shop there. :) And I agree the free shipping over £15 is great. Are there any things that you have bought that you recommend? I really want the Morphe 350 pallet!! xx

  2. Omg those zoeva brushes!! I really want the whole rose gold set including the face ones I've never tried zoeva though, I might have to ask for them for my birthday ha ha Great haul Hun.
    Kasie xo

    1. Hey beaut :) Thank you very much. It was an expensive one. *Covers eyes* ha. I have wanted those freaking brushes for years now. I sold some makeup so I thought why not!! :) I want the face brushes too. And plus, rose gold is a must have. I haven't used them yet as they are too pretty!! Have you bought from Beauty Bay before? xx

  3. Lovely hual �� I have my eyes on Morphe palette(which one is this BTW) and Zoeva brushes. x

    1. Thanks lovely :) I do love a good makeup haul :D That one is the 35B, I really want the 350 but it's constantly sold out. :( I haven't used the brushes yet as they are sooo pretty but I will do soon. Maybe today! :) x

  4. OMG that Morphe palette! I adore neon colours too! So far I've only found small palettes with a select few colours that I adore but I NEED THIS! <3

    1. I have never really tried Morphe before but this palette is life right now. Ha. They are so pigmented and blendable and you don't get too much fall out either. I really enjoy working with it. I really want the 350 palette (I say this to everyone all the time) ha. x

  5. I love beauty bay! Like you I love Morphe - so fab for the price and I also love Gerard Cosmetics their liquid lipsticks are incredible!

    1. I really like them too. I need more Morphe palettes like... NOW. Ha. I have been looking at the liquid lipsticks but I overdraw my top lip slightly to even the top and bottom out so usually just stick to matte because it's less noticeable then. Ha. So don't know if they would work for me or not? x


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