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My Skincare Routine FT Liz Earle | Top 5 Easy Skincare Tips.

Evening Amigo's!!! 

Woweeeee, what a nice day it has been weather wise throughout the UK today!! 

It's been mega hot where I am situated and for once I was able to actually go outside and enjoy it. 

When it's sunny I ALWAYS want to be outdoors and doing things. Being jobless kind of stunts that but who cares, the sun was out and I am happy! 

Happiness = positivity = Good Karma. 

It was just nice to have the sun rays on my face and the wind in my hair as incredibly cheesy as that sounds. 

Speaking of my face, I have a love hate relationship with my skin. My skin is nowhere near perfect, well nothing a bit of makeup can't fix anyway, but that is really not the point. Ha. 

Since I was young - lets say high school, I have had pretty good skin, never had breakouts, always been clear and blemish free. 

These days however, things have changed. Yeah thanks for that!
 I have never been one of those girls who has had a 'skin care routine' or really paid attention to my skin. So moisturisers weren't even on my radar let alone anything else. 

My skin now breaks out a lot, mainly around my t-zone and I have bad dark circles under my eyes, which have gotten worse because of my hayfever (or so my doctor say's) and to the point my dad informed me that I look like "I've been punched in the eyes". Ha. Cheers pops. 

I am also quite pale and have blemishes. I sound so attractive don't I. Ha. Thank goodness for makeup that's all I can say.
Yes, I have blonde eyebrows so it looks like I am a boiled egg. Hence why I draw them on. 

Nobody got time for that!! 

I have tried a few skincare products; cleansers, toners, moisturisers and even spot clearing products (which DO NOT clear the spots) but haven't found anything that I love as much as my ARK Cleansing Oil. 

I ventured into Boots the other week and stopped at the Liz Earle counter where I was greeted by a really lovely lady (I cannot for the life of me remember her name) and she sat me down and we went through the products and she gave me every piece of information that I needed, which was right for my skin type.   

I chose to buy their 'Try Me Kit' instead of the full-size just in case the products didn't agree with me. I now regret that because I have really started to love the products in the kit and I know I will run out pretty soon. They have so many products in their range and I want to try them all out. I never saw the massive hype on the brand until now and I am in love. 

This is what I bought :)

I just love this bag alone, I felt like a proper woman walking down the street with this. Ha. I am so sad!!! 

Now, when I asked to get the smaller versions of what the lady had showed me, I didn't expect it to actually be that small. This little pouch cost me £26 and the full size kit was around £45, in hindsight I regret not buying the bigger versions as I would of got a lot more product for my money. 

What's done is done. 

Never regret anything... Unless it's beauty related! :)

And regret I did not.

This is what is included within the 'Try Me Kit'.

They are so freaking cute and I love the whole colour scheme, it just emphasises the whole clean and fresh feeling the company projects, being it's main selling point. 

Even though the sizing is fairly small, there is actually quite a bit of product in them and it also comes with the muslin cloth and two sponges. 

Most of you guys reading this would of heard of Liz Earle and their products, their Cleanse and Polish being one of their biggest sellers.

I had certainly heard of them but never tried their products. So if like me you haven't tried them neither and want an honest review on what I thought and whether you should invest, read on and look out for my top 5 skincare tips at the end. 


Cleanse and Polish.

Oh hello miss popular, you are now in my possession.

I have wanted to try this product in like forreeevvverr!! In the kit you use this as step 1 in the routine. 

This product is suitable for all skin types, it contains Rosemary, Chamomile, Cocoa Butter and Eucalyptus Essential Oil. You can really smell that Eucalyptus coming through and it's glorious! 

This product removes daily grime and makeup in one quick step and that is literally by applying the cleansing cream onto your dry face (whether you have makeup on or not), if you do have makeup on you just apply the same way, pop it onto your face and rub into the skin. Next you soak your muslin cloth in hot water and proceed to wipe your face clean. 

This is my favourite step as the heat from the cloth draws out all the dirt and dead skin cells whilst the cleanser leaves your face feeling SO FRESH!!!

Beautiful fo'sure. 

Deep Cleansing Mask.

This Deep Cleansing Mask is a beast!!! I like this a lot. The formula appears to be thick but once applied evens out into a thin base.

This green clay mask has Manuka Honey, Propolis and Rose-Scented Geranium in it and you can really smell the Manuka Honey. This honey has so many healing properties, I am more familiar with it for my throat as I have a spoonful before I go on stage to sing. 

This product says it is not suitable for sensitive skin, now I class myself as having sensitive skin and it's been hunky dory with mine. 

The aim of this mask is to help draw out impurities "to leave skin balanced and calm".

You literally just smooth this on to your face and neck, avoiding your eyes and mouth 2-3 times a week, after you have cleansed and polished and leave on for 5-10 minutes. 

That is it, simple. Then you use the two sponges provided and sweep them across your face to remove the mask (obviously wet sponges). 

I love this product too a lot, it's such a treat for your face and it's great for when you want a pamper night!! You can feel it drawing the disgustingness from your skin. 

Instant Boost Skin Tonic.

This tonic is so refreshing you apply this as step 3 after you have used the mask or step 2 if your haven't used the mask. 

It contains Aloe Vera which is known for its calming abilities, Calendula, Rose-Scented Geranium, Cucumber and a natural source of Vitamin E. 

This is a floral scented toner which doesn't dry the skin after use and refreshes, soothes and brightens your skin. 

I actually notice this after using it, it leaves me with a subtle glow which is very welcomed on my dull skin. It doesn't sting and it doesn't irritate. I love this too.

You know what I love it all. 

You pour this onto a cotton pad and sweep it across your face covering all areas. 

That's it for this step. 

Skin Repair - Light Moisturiser.
    This product states that this is for use on combination/oily skin which is perfect for anyone really. 

This is the final stage in your skin routine and is applied after the tonic. 

The active ingredients in this product are; Borage and Avocado Oil, Echinacea, Beta-Carotene and natural Vitamin E. 

This moisturiser absorbs into your skin like a dream and feels so soft and luxurious. The aim of this product is to replace moisture and help protect your skin against dryness. 

It also has essential fatty acids which is a god send to your skin. 

What do I actually think of these products?

I just love how natural these products are and how great they make your skin feel and in turn it makes you feel so freaking good. 

Your skin is just revitalised and feels really prepped for makeup application. 

I love how these products in no way feel cheap (because they're not) and it really is a treat for your face and skin. I can be quite lazy when it comes to routines but I have actually been looking forward to getting up and doing my skincare and I have Liz Earle to thank for that... My skin thanks you too. :) 

I cannot pick an absolute favourite because I freaking love them a lot. 

Would I recommend? Hell yeah, the products I have used so far I think are super brilliant and I would definitely re-purchase (if my bank account would let me)ha.

Awesome brand. I have been using each of these products for a couple of weeks and I am addicted. 

Well played Liz Earle!

My Top 5 Skincare Tips.

1. Drink LOTS of water and keep off the fizzy drinks. 

- We all know water flushes out toxins, I can only drink plain water from a bottle so I make sure I am stocked up and drink lots of the good stuff. I have cut out fizzy drinks completely and I am less bloated too as a result! It helps clear skin and well as keeping it hydrated. Score. 

2. Exercise. 

- I have recently been getting back into my exercise routine (I will be doing a post on this in the next few weeks) and as much as it pains me to actually get up and do it exercise is really important to keep your body and skin maintained. You drink more water whilst exercising and your skin will really benefit from it. 

3. Take every last inch of makeup off before bed. 

- This is SO important, we have all paid the price for sleeping in last nights makeup after a night out and trust me your skin is cursing you. It hates you. This Liz Earle kit will ensure that all your makeup comes off in a quick sweep of a cloth which means you can sleep easy knowing you're less likely to have a break out and premature ageing!!

4. Do have a skin care routine. 

- I have learnt this is so important for your skin to help against signs of ageing and for just helping your skin look amazing and also feel amazing. It helps keep those bad boy spots at bay and helps renew your skin cells. 

5. Don't rub your skin whilst drying your face. 

- This is a NO NO - big time. It leaves your face feeling sore, dry and practically undoes all the care you have put into it before drying. What I do is dab it with a towel and I am extra careful around the eyes as the skin is so delicate. Mine more so as I rub them a lot through hay fever. 

Follow these easy steps and your skin and body will thank you. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post and have found my Liz Earle review helpful to you and heck you may even go and try it yourself. 

I would, you won't be disappointed. 

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Until next time... 



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