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My Birthday Wishlist | Ft Foxylocks, Makeup Geek, Zoeva, Huda, ABH, New Look & More.

Evening my lovelies. 

I hope everyone is well? Lucky sods too because it's pay day weekend and bank holiday weekend all rolled into one!!! I have forgotten what it is like have a 'pay day' these days. Ha. 

I have an apology to make too, I bet some of you were wondering where Monday's post was? Unfortunately I came down with tonsillitis the night before. It was so sudden too. I noticed when I was trying to do a cover of Busted's '3am' my throat felt scratchy. I uploaded the vid anyway and heard it back the next day and had to take it down. It was freaking awful maaayynnn. Ha ha. 

But yeah, that night I had zero hours sleep and I was in so much pain and I couldn't swallow. I literally was all achy, had a headache, my throat was swollen and I couldn't swallow and to top it off I occurred a cold, so I couldn't breathe either. 

You okay there Mother Nature?!

Illness aside, it's my day of birth in a couple of months (August 7th to be exact) so what better time to think up a birthday wish list?! 

I love writing lists at the best of times, especially Christmas lists as it keeps me organised and I get all excited. I am literally a freak. Nothing new.

There are so many things (mainly makeup) that I am lusting after right now, some of which I have been eyeing up for quite a while. 

I will go through the picture situated at the top of the post from the top left all the way down to the bottom right.  

Let me know your thoughts on whether you have tried and have any of the items or if you haven't I would love to know what you want to try off the list. 

Here's to hoping that I may get some of these.

*fingers crossed*. 

1.Zoeva Rose Gold Eye Brush Set

I have wanted this eye brush set for freaking years now it's an absolute joke. I see so many people with the brushes and I am in awe. They are highly rated, rose gold (of course) and most of all THEY ARE SO PRETTY!! 

These have been on my Christmas list each year, so I am thinking that this year I may have to buy them myself. Job or no job. 

2. Morphe Eyeshadow Pallets - Warm and Brights.

I have been lusting after these pallets for a while now and the warm toned one (350) is always out of stock as it's extremely popular. I have heard mixed reviews about their eyeshadow's but I would like to try these myself and make up my own mind up. They are reasonably priced too which is 100% a score. Most of the makeup items are from Beauty Bay, I am on the waiting list for when the 350 comes back in. 

3. Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

If you have read my previous posts it's no secret that I love doing my eye makeup and everybody is harping on about Makeup Geek shadow pans. They are based in America I think but again you can get these shadows on Beauty Bay (thank the lord). There are a range of shades that I want, some being; Cocoa Bear, Bitten, Peach Smoothie, Duochrome Blacklight, foiled Grandstand and Creme Brulee. I love a lot of their bright colours too and their pigments. 

4. Lit Cosmetics

I head about this brand from Amysmakeupbox when I was watching one of her vids. They look amazing! They provide a glitter base (which is the clear stuff)and this awesome glitter. I love anything sparkly and again this was on Beauty Bay and I really want to try it. Let me know if any of you guys have!! 

5. Morphe Fan Brush

I keep seeing everyone use these fan brushes to apply their highlighter perfectly and yep I am jumping on that glowing train ride because I want one of those too. I don't know if this brush will be any good but it sure looks good. 

 6. Chaos Makeup 'Rainbow' Highlighter.

Oh my goodness how amazing does this highlighter look?!! It's what dreams are made of!! Actually Unicorns! I have seen it in action too and it's so freaking beautiful. Again it's from America ( I think) and I really want to get my hands on it. I think it's around $20 but I rarely buy from abroad because of the custom charges. I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!! 

7. Huda Lashes

I follow Huda Beauty on all Social Media accounts and I love her beauty range!!! Her lashes are super cute and everyone has them right now. 

8. ABH Dip Brow.

Wow I am believing in all the hypes going around at the moment as everyone is using this brow product and I want to try it. I don't know how well it would work on mine though as you can hardly see my brows, therefore leaving me looking like a hard boiled egg. 

9. Neewer Ring Light.

This is totally needed in my life, especially as I want to start recording more videos to put on my YouTube channel. I currently have one on there. Ha. And that's for a competition. I have a mini ring light that attaches to my camera lens and it makes me skin look lovely and my makeup pop. I WILL be getting this don't you worry!

10. Huda Lip Liner.

Need I say more? :) 

11. River Island Chain Belt.

I saw this belt today as I was browsing the web and thought that this belt is totally cool and something I could (hopefully) pull off. It's super cute and would be great teamed with some black ripped jeans or a pair of cut off shorts. Festival ready guys. 

12. Ikea Alex 9 Draws.

Again, these have been on my wishlist for ages now and I seriously need them as I have too much makeup and just general beauty items around my room. I would take great pleasure in organising these bad boys. Just wish there was a sale on them as they are too expensive for me right now. 

13. NYX Glitter.

As mentioned I love glitter and I love NYX and seeing as I don't currently have one near me I went searching in Merry Hill for these glitters and I couldn't see them there either. I was saddened by this. Ha. They seem so pigmented and just fun to work with. 

14. Black New Look Bomber Jacket.

Whether this would suit me I don't know as I like longer jackets/coats. I do however love black and New Look so this could be a win win situation. 

15. Too Faced Glitter Insurance.

I went into Merry Hill to get this and they didn't have it and then I went into my local TK Maxx to see if they had it and they had frickin sold it moments before I had arrived. I was gutted. I wanted this to keep the fallout of the glitter to a minimum when applied on my eyes! I will get my hands on this if it kills me. Any decent alternatives? 

16. Foxy Locks Extension.

I will only wear Foxy Locks extensions as I think they are the best. I have tried  few brands but nothing really compares. They are expensive but for the amount of hair you get for the price it's worth it. You don't get that anywhere else. My hair colour has changed so I need a new set but looks like I will need to get some once a job has landed my way. Ha. 

I have loads more items that I would of featured but you would of been here all day. 

I love chatting so please let me know your thoughts guys!! 

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Until next time...


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