Monday, 2 May 2016

Marble Nails | Instagram Worthy Dinkibelle Wraps | Giveaway.

Happy Bank Holiday Monday y'all!!! 

The weather in the UK is freaking awful today, so if you've been out and about, well... I hope you have had a nice time and not got too soaked. Ha. 

It's May for crying out loud... Where is the nice weather?!

What will brighten up your day however are these beautiful marble nails. 

I was on a Twitter chat the other day and the topic was about nails (how fitting) and we were talking about trends and I mentioned that I loved the marble effect nails and the glass shard nails that made an appearance briefly. 

The marble effect nails seemed to hit the spot with a lot of people, not just myself. 

A company called Dinkibelle kindly gifted me a pack of their nail wraps... And guess what? 


"Ohhhh yeaaahhh baby". 

They also gave me a pack of these to giveaway to one lucky winner. 

The T's&C's will be at the end of this post, so keep your peepers peeled!

Now, I have used nail wraps before and I have never got to grips on how to apply them. They either peeled straight off my natural nail or ended up looking like my dog had chewed them. 

I decided to put a fresh set of falsies on from Elegant Touch and apply the wraps to those. 

In all of the excitement I forgot to photograph the step-by-step images to show you but to be honest most of you would of applied wraps before. You don't need me to show you.

This is what I did. 

1. I buffed away all the shine from the top of the false nail. 

2. Picked a size wrap that would cover my nail right to the edges. 

3. Peeled away the plastic protector on the top, and then peeled away the wrap from the backing. 

4. Placed the sticky side of the wrap onto the buffed nail and pushed down, sweeping side-to-side as I go up the nail to ensure no creases are left. 

5. I cut around the edges of the nail to remove the excess wrap and then filed away the rest to complete the look. 

6. Applied a layer of Barry M's Gelly Top Coat to protect the wrap and add shine. 

That's it done.

Ha, when I actually got to my right hand, I had to call my mum to help me cut the excess wrap off around my nails as I am right handed. 

Oh my goodness, it was like asking a mole to cut them! I couldn't stop laughing until it got to the point that is was a complete joke that she couldn't frickin cut them. 

Instead of going in at an angle, she was aiming the scissors at my finger like she was about to dig a hole. 

All I kept saying was the following...


I had to do it myself in the end. 

And here's the finished look. Beautiful right?

You want my honest opinion? 


They are amazing guys. Once you get to grips with how you apply them, they are quick as hell to apply and so easy to use too. 

I loved the overall effect, if you make a placement mistake you can unpeel a few times and then reapply and I have had sooooo many compliments on them now. 

I went shopping yesterday and I had so many girls asking where I got my nails from. Obviously I told them and I felt very proud of my handy work. 

I am going to be gutted when I have to remove these nails as I would want to apply these wraps again. I am officially addicted. 

You can get them here and they retail at £6.99.

They have some beautiful designs on there. 

My picks are: Marble, Boom Pow, Candy Girl, Princess Sparkle, Steam Punk and Sea Foam Sparkle. 

I haven't seen marble wraps anywhere so Dinkibelle are a must have if you are after 'Instagramable' nails. ;) 


If you want to get your mits on a FREE pack of these Marbs wraps then all you need to do is follow me on Twitter & Instagram and that's it. Just let me know once you have done it. 

Open to UK residents only at the mo. I will announce a randomly selected winner on one of the platforms once enough people have entered. So spread the word.

Twitter & Instagram handle: leluroxxblogger

I hope you liked this post and I will see you again Thursday. 

Until then...




  1. I love those nails! They're super cute and I love how you used falsies to apply them. I would say I'm already entered since I am already following your twitter and Instagram but I guess living in the U.S. counts me out ;) Well done on a great post Leya and some beautiful nails! Good luck to the winner!:)


    1. Thanks lovely. I love the nail wraps too. Ha yeah I thought if I put them on falsies they are more likely to stay on and they have :) I would of done it internationally but I can't afford the shipping right now. :( I will look into it though because a lot of my readers are international. Xx

  2. I love the Marble wraps - I was torn between them and a couple of others when I was picking mine. I really loved my experience too - they're SO quick to apply and long lasting; it seems like a right ballache having to paint my nails with polish now :( So smudgey and chips after about a minute. Booo!

    N xx | Lovelaughslipstick x

    1. Heeeyyyyy :) yeah as soon as I saw them I was like "MINE" ha. I totally agree with the nail painting malarkey because since having those wraps on I haven't done my nails at all. Those wraps worked real well. Gutted they are gone. xx


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