Thursday, 12 May 2016

High Street Beauty Haul | Nyx, Mac, Urban Decay, Primark, The Balm, New Look, Adell And More.

Morning beauties. 

We meet again. I am sorry that this post is going up later than usual, you can blame freaking Apple for that. 

For almost a week now I have been on the phone to them to try and get a replacement Iphone because mine is seriously overheating, the batteries draining, it's freezing, not loading the net properly. 

Loads of issues. I have spoken to 10 different people, been misinformed with information given and to be honest with you I am completely at the end of my tether now with them. I am going round in circles and considering that it's a HEALTH AND SAFETY issue they are really beating around the bush. 

So Apple, if my phone blows up in my face, you are totally to blame because of your shoddy customer service. 

It's like I am trying to get through the MI5 as it's become a military mission to get a handset replaced when I am still under warranty and my phone is 100% not fit for purpose. 


I could rant on about even more to this story but you would be here all day. 

What you are here for though is my lovely little haul. Well, I say little, it's more like alottle. Ha. 

Seriously, I am not materialistic but whoever said money can't buy you happiness obviously doesn't like shopping because when I shop for things I have had my eye on for a while. Well, that makes me happy. 

This haul is mainly beauty but there is some homeware and accessories chucked in there as well. Ya know, to mix it up a bit. 

There are a couple of things that aren't included in this post as I had to order some NYX products whilst I was in the Boots store, they have my order now but I can't collect it until the afternoon. 

90% of the things bought were from my gift card that I won in the L'Oreal competition. 

I hope you like what I have purchased. Let me know if you have any of the items shown or if you haven't tried something let me know too. I love to chat. 

I thought this note book was super cute, bought it to write my songs in.
C'mon it had to be done. I haven't read this yet but I SO can't wait to.
I have wanted these nails since Christmas and I have never found them in store until now. :)
I got this to put a load of photograph memories in it, I have since done it and it's super cool!
I got this free as there was no more makeup bags left in Superdrug.
I went to the Merry Hill store and there was an amazing pink shade in this style but it was out of stock, this one though was soooo hot!!
There were  a lot of MAC products that I wanted but most of them were in the 'Pro' range which you can only get in London so I bought a paint pot in 'Soft Ochre', a glitter pigment in 'Bronze' and another 'HoneyLove' lipstick.
I had never seen this before and this is £12... Yes £12, so freaking expensive! I got this free though in Superdrug. I didn't mind so much. You put it on your lips and it's meant to be really good. It should be for the price.
Everyone has been raving about this highlighter so I thought I would pick it up in Superdrug. I had to ask security to get this though because it was locked up due to people stealing it. :D
I have wanted to try NYX products for sooo long now and finally managed to get to a Boots that had it. A lot of things I wanted haven't hit the UK fully yet. I want the 'Neutral Warm' and 'Brights' pallets amongst some other things.
This is actually a bright orange colour but hasn't show up properly. I also have this is bright red and you can use it on your eyes and lips. Score.
I originally bought the boxset that was in one of the first pictures but didn't realise a new one had been released with all of the series in so I swapped it. 

 As I said there are a couple of things that I haven't been able to include in this haul post because I haven't got them yet. 

Again, I am sorry about the lateness of this post and tomorrow I am going in hard on Apple because I refuse to spend another day sat on or by the phone waiting for callbacks that aren't going to happen. Ha. 

I hope you liked going through what I have bought and I would love to hear your thoughts!! 

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Until next time... 





  1. Great haul didn't know SuperDrug sold the balm. That's also really cheap for all the pretty little liars series!

    1. Thanks lovely :) yeah they do. I don't think all stores do but I got that one from the Merry Hill branch. :) I was gutted when I saw the new box set out when I had bought the previous. Luckily I hadn't opened it so I was able to swap it for the new one. :) x

  2. Amazing haul! Love the sound of the HoneyLove lipstick and the Mary Lou-Manizer!

    The Modern Audrey

    1. Thank you lovely. Seriously if you get the chance get it. It's such a perfect nude. Especially for paler skin. :) I haven't used the Mary Lou-Manizer yet but I can't wait to. My hayfever is putting me off everything. Ha. Xx


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