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Beauty Blogger Tag | Get To Know What Makes This Face.

"Happy Monday"... Said no one ever! 

Ha, heeyyyyy guys. We meet again and it's another week gone by. Seriously though, how quick are these weeks and months going. It's my day of birth in what? 3 months. I seriously better get a job soon. I need to do some serious shopping then. Ha. 

It will be Christmas before too long and I for one cannot wait. Sorry to all you sun bunnies who live and dream for the hotter days but for me it is a long 7 months of face agony because of my hayfever.

Speaking of that, I have ANOTHER eye infection. I meant WTF! How?! It's seriously putting me off applying makeup now, I originally thought my eyes were burning and itching because I had been in fields with horses that I had found and thought the pollen had got to me. 


Ha, yes I wanted to go outside, so I stole my brothers swimmings gogs and went outside to protect my peepers from the pollen.

Me being the worrier that I am thought ahead and got my doc to re-prescribe my antibiotic eye drops and mass cell eye drops "just in case", turns out I did need them. So I am back on those bad boys for 7 days now. My eyes are a mess, literally so sore. The funny... Well not funny thing, is that I was using a new L'Oreal eye pencil and I used it in my waterline and noticed as soon as I had applied it that my eyes were burning. I wiped it off. Next thing I know I have freaking pink eye again and he fleas with burning torches of flames returned to have a party in my eyes. 

Last week was a complete write off. 

This was nothing. This was before my eyes got worse and
a lot more puffy. 

Positive thinking for better things to come. :)

Right then, I have been nominated by the lovely, talented and beautiful Chanel of Chanelsbeautybible to take part in the 'Beauty Blogger Tag'. I don't actually think I have taken part in a tag like this before unless you include the 'Liebster Awards' post I did the other month? 

Anyway, I was excited to receive this tag via Twitter by Chanel because of course I love all things beauty related. 

It's a great thing these tags because you get to know a lot about how the blogger you're reading about ticks. 

I am pretty straight forward but ya know we all like to chat about ourselves now and then right?! :) 

Right, the important stuff. 

The Rules

. Tag the blogger who nominated you.

.Answer the questions you were given. 

.Nominate 3 beauty/fashion/lifestyle bloggers.

.Ask them 10 original questions.

. Let the guys know you have tagged them otherwise this won't work, duh.

So, here we go. These are my nominated questions and you lucky lot get to see my answers. 

Have fun. 

1. What is your favourite makeup brand?

A. This is such a hard question for me to answer as there are SO many that I could pick. I love brands such as NYX, Urban Decay, MAC, Maybelline, Rimmel and Sleek... But if I have to pick just one it would defiantly be Makeup Revolution fo'sure. I just LOVE their products, they are so affordable and their eyeshadow pallets are to die for. They are really great quality and so easy to work with. I am so glad I have found that brand. 

Look created with Makeup Revolutions 'Acid Brights' & 'Colour Chaos' pallet. 

2. If you could only use 3 makeup products for the rest of your life what would they be? 

A. Okay, again this is hard because there are so many things I need. Ha. I would 100% use concealer - Collection's Lasting Perfection in 'Fair' for my first choice. My Maybelline 24 Hour foundation in 010 'Ivory' and finally my Primark 'Nude' lip liner. 

The thing is all these would be fine to use for the rest of my life but then again I would sooo look like a boiled egg without my eyebrow pencil... I would sneak that in somehow but "shhhhh". 

3. How long does it take to do your makeup on a regular day? 

A. Now this depends on whether I am doing a no makeup - makeup look or whether I am going full throttle and doing a full face. 

If am going in hard I would say around an hour but if I am just being a plain Jane that day I would day fifteen mins to half an hour. 

4. Could you leave the house without makeup on?

A. Yes, I have done and will do again. This isn't to say that I felt totally comfortable with that decision because quite frankly I get a bit self concious. I will only do so if I am going to the docs, popping to the shop quickly or something like that. I tend to whack on my geek glasses when I have no makeup on. They hide half of my face. Ha. 

5. What is your all time favourite makeup product? 

A. Ahhh man these are hard to answer as I have a few. 


I would actually have to pick two as they work together so really it's classed as one. Ha. I am such a cheater. :D 

I would pick my Primark 'Nude' lip liner and MAC's 'Honeylove' matte lipstick. This combo is literally my go to lip without a doubt most days. 

6. Do you remove your makeup when you get home or before bed?

A. It depends what kind of day I have had. If I am working, I will come home do all the bits and bobs I need to do and then I will take all of my makeup off. 

If it's a weekend I will take it off right before I go to sleep. 

I used to be sooo bad and sleep in my makeup and take it off the next morning. 

No. Big mistake. Never do that now. 

7. What is your worst beauty fall? 

A. I would say that my worst beauty fall is picking my spots and rubbing my eyes to an inch of their life when I have hayfever. 

I sometimes make the spots worse and they can scar if I am not careful and yeah my hayfever makes me rub my eyes and I have such bad dark circles because of it. I need more willpower. Ha.

8. Clothes Shopping or makeup shopping? 

A. I would say 60/40 - that being makeup shopping at the top of my list. I do love clothes shopping but I am really particular in what I am looking for in clothing and a lot of the time I cannot find it and it frustrates me until I end up making it myself. So for me makeup shopping wins as I get SO excited when I get new makeup to try out. I tend to hoard though because I like to get excited all over again in say a weeks time. 


9. Mascara or falsies? 

A. I don't really like falsies because they irritate me. I constantly know something is there but mascara does nothing to my lashes as they are so stubby and poker straight. Out of the two I would pick falsies as at least it would look like I have some. Lol. 

10. What do you love about blogging? 

A. I love a lot of things, I love the fact I can vent in my 'life' posts, write passionately about all the things I love, share my thoughts to the whole world, meet and chat to all the other lovely bloggers ( I feel like I have a lot of friends now) and it opens me up to some great opportunities that wouldn't of been there before. 

It's my little getaway from the real world. The blogging community is so supportive and positive it really is amazing, I love seeing my blog and social media grow and I love the fact so many people have the same passions as myself. I am able to project my personality and take a hella load of photos. 

Ladies and gents my 10 questions have been answered and I hope you liked my response. Great questions Chanel! 

Right my nominees are: 

Jade Mogan from Wingitwithjade

Charlene McElhinney from Charlenemcelhinney

Lizee Barry from Vanityfrills

Here are your 10 questions. 

1. How has blogging had a positive effect on you? 

2. What is your go to makeup product?

3. If you could recommend the best lipstick ever what would it be? 

4. Do you have a skincare routine? If so, what are your steps?

5. If you had to pick either eyelashes or eyebrows to live without which would you choose? 

6. What is your biggest beauty hangup? 

7. Do you have a special makeup tip that you use without fail? If so, what is it? 

8. What 3 products would you never buy again? 

9. What is your signature makeup look? 

10. If you could pick a celebrity that projects your look/style who would it be and why? 

Thank you again Chanel for nominating me. I love answering questions a lot so this was hella fun to do. I hope my nominated ladies love it just as much. 

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Until next time...





  1. Love this post, just found your blog on bloglovin will deffo be a regular reader! X

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