Thursday, 21 April 2016

What's In My Bag | Everyday Essentials.

Well hello there!!! 

Welcome back to my blog. :) 

Finally my eyes are getting better. YAAYYYY!! Just in time too as I am off to a gig tonight to see Counterfeit play! If you don't know who they are then they are Jamie Campbell Bower's band. And if you don't know who he is (which you should because he is extremely talented and hot) he was in the Twilight saga, Sweeney Todd and Immortal Instruments.  

He is my new man addiction fo'sure. 

I am meeting him tonight and I am SO nervous about it and I don't know why?! Most likely because he is beautiful and I am barely going to be able to breathe let alone speak to him!! 

I am going on my own as I always do, I just hope people don't mosh around me because I don't want a broken face. Ha. 

I have put some 'stiletto' false nails on and I cannot for the life of me type with them!!! I wanted to bish bash bosh this post out so I can get organised for tonight but so far the 'backspace' is being used hella a lot. 


Okay, so I LOVE bags and purses and if I buy a bag I will have to buy a new purse and visa versa. I am currently waiting for a bag in Accessorize to go into sale because there is nothing worse than buying something full price and then the next day "oh hello" it's gone into sale.  

Are you kidding me?! 

I love to see what people have in their bags, call me nosey... That's because I am. Ha. 

Lets not beat around the bush.

So, today for all of you beautiful people I am presenting you with the contents of my very own bag and what I carry around on a day to day basis. Essential central right here. 

My bag is a Primark one I bought a while ago and I have currently gone back to it because it's the most practical until I get a new one. 

1,2,3... GOOOOOOO.

I ALWAYS carry my Real Techniques 'Expert Face' brush around with me. It's just handy to have as sometimes under my eyes needs touching up or around my nose because my hay fever ends up with me rubbing half of my makeup off.

Again, I carry this around for the same reasons as I carry my brush. You can never be TOO prepared ya know.

I wear a nude lip almost every time I wear makeup, these are totally my go to products as they are the perfect combination.

Concealer, in case a spot needs covering or I am re-doing my lips, eyeliner & eyebrow for obvious reasons and my matte powder to make my lips extra matte. And I wonder why I have dry lips all the time. 

I will never learn. Ha.

When you're out and about, touching things or eating it's good to keep hygienic and with my little hand gel I do just that. I do not want any extra germs thank you very muchly! I keep my Carmex with me to hydrate my lips when they are a little sore. Perfect travel sizes.

I keep these in my bag for when I am having my Superman to Clark Kent moment. Ha. If I am wearing no makeup and want to hide the hideousness of my 'natural' face I will pop these bad boys on. I will also wear these if I want to switch my look up.

"Mirror mirror on the way, who's the fairest of them all?" 

No one likes lipstick on their teeth, so this little flip mirror gets carried around everywhere. You never know when you will need it. 

You could end up on an island and need to make a fire using the sun and this mirror. Practical thinking.

This power bank is a life saver, I am always running out of my phone battery as I am on it so much. So this is great in those emergencies. I got it from New Look and I LOVE the colour. It's super pretty for Spring.

I cannot stand knotty hair and because mine is long it gets hella knotty. This is a god send.

I will obviously have my purse with me, it rarely has cash in it because I never really carry it. I will spend it if it's there. Papa Hutt always tells me off for having no cash. That's how my plan works... I want to order pizza... Oh no I have no cash... "DAAADDDDD". :) 

I have my drivers license in there, some business cards and my bank cards. Not at all interesting.

This is the most important item in my bag because it contains my life. Ha. All my blog notes, photo's and memories, contact to the outer world and of course my Spotify playlist. If I am out and about I always have my music on. Love it.

I carry this little card wallet because it carries the majority of my business cards and other cards I rarely use. I always like to be prepared.

I like to smell nice okay?!

As mentioned I am waiting for a bag I want to go into sale so I carry these around just in case that day finally happens.

I don't know why these are in my bag, the Topshop card has like £1 on it and the wallet is from Christmas. Ha.

We are at the dregs now. I HAVE to have tissue in my bag at all times because of my sneezing and the rest is just crap.

The little card I carry around with me because my nan gave it me!!! I always have a sharpener in case my lip pencils go blunt and yes you can see correctly, that is a needle and thread. Some of my trousers split because of my fat ass, so that has come in handy quite a few times. 

There you have it. The contents of my bag. 

This might of been quite boring for you so my apologies if so but  I love looking at other's bag contents. I find it interesting. 

I will update you over on my social media accounts about the gig tonight is you're interested. 

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Until next time...




  1. Great post! I love seeing what people carry around in their bag! Your bag looks super expensive, Primark have some amazing bags! Your iPhone is such an amazing colour. Have fun at the gig tonight, your right he's massively hot! :) xxx

    1. Thank you lovely :) ha me too!! Yeah Primark do have some good ones. I have a knack of finding that's that look more expensive than they are. Ha. The gig was on Thursday lovely and it was AMAZING!! I met him too. Unfortunately he has a gf so a marriage proposal was off the cards. Ha ha. He's beautiful and even hotter on stage. Xxx


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