Thursday, 7 April 2016

Rose Gold & Copper Haul | Budget Homeware And Accessories.

Ohhhhh hiiiiiiii!!! 

Are we all well? I hope so and that everyone is in good health?!

Now, I hit Twitter up with a poll to find out what you guys wanted my next post to be, from a choice of four possibilities. 

This one, as you can see made the cut and this is what you wanted next, I listened to the demand because I am a good egg like that and  so Bob's your Uncle. 

I am a sucker for anything rose gold or copper and as mentioned in previous posts this statement has occurred a number of times. 

I am literally a freak when it comes to it, I think it's becoming an unhealthy addiction. I am like a fly on shit when I see some rose gold/copper shining at me from across the yonder. I am over to that said item quicker than Usain Bolt. Period. 

Not great when you're in-between jobs because my bank account is SCREAMING AT ME... Literally screaming "you douche bag can't you give me a freaking break?!"

Sorry love, when it comes to this I can not! Ha. 

I will regret saying that soon. 

So my little peas, I have scratched around my room and collated all of my rose gold/copper pieces together to show you that you don't have to spend a lot to change the style of your room or life. 

All of what you're going to see is at budget prices but looks more expensive than it is. I am a stickler for that and pride myself on my great finds. These are just little accents that I have bought to my room/life to compliment the white and the accessories... Well they were a necessity. ;)  

Don't forget to comment if you have something I could get my hands on *covers eyes* and don't forget to subscribe to my blog here
Candle holders: £2 for a pack of 4 from B & M (UK)
Jewellery/Storage: £9.99 from The Range (UK)
Twigged Decor: £2 from The Range (UK)
Hair Brush: £1 from Primark
Eyeshadow Pallet: £10  from Boots (UK) - Looks great on my chest of drawers!
Candle Stick: £1.50 from B & M (UK) - Please ignore the text in the frame. I was going through a 'phase'.
Tea Light Holders: 2 for £3 from B&M (UK)
Gold Leaf Decor: £2.50 from The Range (UK)
Trinket Holder: £2  from H&M
Small Photo Frame: £1.99 from B&M (UK)
Large Photo Frame: £2.99 from B&M (UK)
Lamps: £6.99 from B&M (UK) I bought two.
Clock: £4.99 from B&M (UK)
Phone Case: £2.99 from Ebay
Nail Polish: £4.99 from Boots (UK)
Contour Brush: £18 (bought in the sale though) from Boots (UK)
Hangers: £3 from Primark
False Nails: £7.95 from Superdrug (UK)
Purses: Small - £2.75, Large £7.50 from Accessorize (UK) 

I hope you have enjoyed looking through some of the contents of my room. Ha. 

Let me know what you think! 

Also, if any of you lovelies shop at Shop Dixi or Nanshy I have some discount codes for you below. 





  1. I love this. Rose Gold is quickly becoming my favorite. I really can't wait to buy home ware stuff to decorate using Rose Gold. Absolutely loving the stuff you photographed. Great post :)


    1. Thanks beauty :) Yeah if you have a B&M near you go there, they so much copper and rose gold things! The Range have a few too!! I love the look of it. It jazzes up a room and makes it Instagram worthy!! :D Thanks for you comment X MWAH X

  2. You went to town with Rose Gold/Copper haha and I love it. Wish I could have your room honestly. I need that hair brush and the frames. SO PRETTY!

    1. Haha I know right. I love a bit of rose gold and copper. Seriously if you have a B&M by you it's worth going as most of my homeware was from there and it's a bargain. I found a ceiling lampshade the other day in copper. I had to walk past ha. X

  3. Eek! I love it all! B&M is so good for little decor bargains. I've tried to stay away from a theme because I'll collect it all, but loved looking at yours!

    Tina x

    1. Thanks lovely! :) yeah it's addictive isn't it?! I am drawn to it like a Magpie I spot something and bam I've bought it. Haha. Xx

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    Love from Royal Lady

  5. It's all so pretty! I love the lamp and frames :) Nice haul! xx

    Effi |

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