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Nanshy Professional Makeup Brushes | Review & Why You Should Invest.

Holllllaaaa :) 

What a gloomy Monday it is!! 

Talk about April showers living up to its name today, I kind of like these types of days though, it has a cosy vibe to it. And lets face it whilst job searching those 'cosy' days are becoming more apparent. Ha. 

Oh FYI - the image above I did that myself free hand with makeup. A lot of people thought it was either a snapchat filter or done on a computer. Nope, that was my first attempt on my own. It needs perfecting though. :) 

Okay, so whilst makeup is obviously very important to a look that you're creating, so are the tools that you use. Now, I am not going to lie I basically used to use my hands to put my foundation on and to apply my eyeshadow. *Cringes* 

Come on, we have all done that right?! 

Over the last few years, I have really become passionate about makeup. I mean I have always been an avid fan of the coloured stuff but more so now and I could never get bored of it. Personally I don't think a girl could ever have enough or 'too much' makeup. I get so excited when I get new makeup and makeup brushes are no exception. 

I have always wanted the Zoeva Rose Gold (that figures) collection, both face and eyes but as of yet I haven't got them.

Another brand that I REALLY wanted was Nanshy. Now the first time I heard about them was when I was watching Emily Canham's video's ages ago and I fell in love. She really raved about them and I was sold completely. 

Nanshy pride themselves on producing extraordinary tools that are animal cruelty free and vegan friendly. Ace right?! Not only that their products are super well made and such good quality especially for the price which is really competitive. They are amazing for beginners as they are super versatile and they are championed by top bloggers/YouTubers and MUA's alike.  

I got my 'Masterful' set at Christmas just gone!!! Yes, I waited a long time. My parent's obviously read my wishlist and ordered those bad boys. And they are so beautiful.

I went for the white handles to match my room. Ha. Everything has to coordinate. 

I am currently affiliated with Nanshy and after reading this post, if you fancy getting these for yourselves you can use my exclusive code LELUROXX10 for 10% off your order. It's also free delivery on orders of £20+ and you can choose a free gift on orders of £30+. 

You can order here.

You can buy sets or you can order the brushes singularly in either black or white handles which is awesome! 

The brushes I will be showing are the singular brushes just so you get the gist. 

N/B - I was sent the single brushes the other day as I am working with them (affiliated) but this post is not sponsored I am doing it because I love the brand a lot, the set I am featuring was bought and I just wanted to share my love for these brushes and maybe you might fall in love with them as much as I did.
Top - Bottom: 'Masterful set', single brushes.


This is the Buffed Base RO1 face makeup brush. This has been on my 'NEED' list for months. I was so excited when I received this!! This can be used multiple ways, for instance you can use it to apply highlighter or you can use it to apply your foundation. If stippled it gives your base a flawless, streak free and full coverage look. 

I have to say as well, all these brushes are super soft which can be difficult to find when using synthetic brushes. Well played Nanshy (as she rubs all the brushes over her face).


Here we have the 'Precise Bent Eyeliner' EB01 eye makeup brush.

This is amazing for people who struggle applying liquid or gel eyeliner onto their lid. The bend in the brush enables you to work the liner how you want it which in turn leaves you with an effortless winged look. Thumbs up.


 These are the Blending Eyeshadow EB04 and Eye Crease EB05. As you are all aware I LOVE working on my eyes, I have currently been doing all my eye looks with 1 Barry M brush, so I have done pretty well! Now I have lots of eye brushes so hopefully my looks will appear more flawless.


These are the 'Flawless Foundation FO1' and the Conceal Perfector PO1'. The foundation brush is perfect for liquid foundation, sheer powders and blushers. These brushes are dense but are soft and have a lot of movement which is perfect when trying to use them for different applications. The conceal brush has a tapered tip to get into those hard to reach places to blend foundation, concealer and even tinted moisturise. 

Win win all round. They are freaking amazing!!

 The 'Masterful' set is what I really wanted at Christmas as it had an awesome blend of face, eye and lip brushes so you had the best of everything. 

The single brushes that were sent to me really make this collection for me. I don't think I will stop until I have every single brush. They are amazing!!  

I have only tried a couple of the brushes but I LOVE them so I know the one's I have been sent are going to be amazing too.

Eeekkkk I cannot wait to get all that fluffiness on my face!!! 

I hope this has helped you if you are looking into getting some brushes whether you're a beginner or a professional.

I will only ever give my 100% honest opinion. :) 

Until Thursday... 






  1. Looks like super good quality brushes! I'll have to look further into them! :)
    Great post as always.


    1. They really are!! I am really picky on what I spend my money on product wise and I love these and I only found out about them from YouTuber Emily Canham and since then I was addicted. If you do get any lovely use my code LELUROXX10 for 10% off your order. I love the fact you can choice the colour of your handle too. xx

  2. I love using Nanshy brushes to do my makeup, they give such a great finish!

    The makeup you did above looks amazing! Could you do a tutorial on it?


    1. Ahhhh awesome another fan!! They are great aren't they and so Instagramable!! I love the fact they are cruelty free!! Aww thank you it was my first ever attempt so it's not the best. But thank you. :) of course as in a blog post or YouTube? Xx

  3. Nice set of makeup brushes i love the color combination. Thanks for sharing these beautiful brushes..

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