Monday, 18 April 2016

L'Oreal Paris Infallible #SculptYourWay Competition | I Won
Yo yo yo!!! 

Happy Monday... Said no one ever!! 

It's Monday funday again and I am still in my room bloody job searching my life away whist watching Gavin and Stacey on repeat. 

I now know all of the words. 

What is life? 

So last time I spoke I was informing y'all that my hay fever was really bad and my eyes were burning balls of fire. 

I couldn't take it no more as I felt that there was something more to it than it just being 'hayfever'. 

I made my way to the doctors, no makeup on (I looked like the walking dead) and my fake glasses on to try and disguise my kebab eyes. 

They were SO bad. 

The doctor took one look at them and was like "woah, they are dramatic". They were THAT swollen they were almost shut and I had to drive there too. I turns out I had an eye infection in both eyes on top of my hayfever. This infection was caused by some eyelash glue I had used. :( 

I full on had pink eye, I was a walking boiled egg with pink kebab eyes. So freaking attractive. 

*Insert disgusting photo of me*
This was the first day and it got a lot

On top of that, my car decided to break on me because the coil pack had gone and it had rusted my spark plugs so that cost me a fortune to fix. And with no job, Friday gone was a bad day. 

I am now on antibiotic drops, that I may add literally make its way to the back of my throat and it tastes like the gates of hell. RANK does not even describe it. They are meant to stay in my eye not go down my throat so I drink the vile stuff. 

The reason I am talking about my eyes is twofold as it brings me onto the actual point of this post. Y'all know I love to fill you in on my life. Or lack of it. Ha. 

So, I can't wear any of my prize and upload any looks just yet, all because I have this damned eye infection. Once that has cleared I am good to gooooo. 

Right, onto the fun stuff and what you have come here to read. 

A few weeks ago I entered a L'Oreal competition that was called #sculptyourway. It was in conjunction with Superdrug and was part of their new 'Infallible' range. 

I was watching a YouTuber's video on the range (Itssssabrina) and at the end there was a competition. I was EXTREMELY lucky to catch the video when I did because the competition ended the next day and it was 10.30 pm the previous night. 

The competition involved using their Infallible Sculpting kit to put on your contour and highlight and take a picture of your 'tribal stripes' before blending. Luckily for me I had this kit as it caught my eye in Superdrug. How freaking perfect and meant to be. 

I did it as to how I do my contour and highlight and entered onto Instrgram tagging Superdrug & L'Oreal into it.

I really wanted to win the competition but thought there was no way in hell that I would ever win, I never win anything big. 

The competition prize was HUGE. You could win L'Oreal's whole makeup portfolio (worth £2,500) and £2000 worth of Love2Shop vouchers. 

The competition ended and I heard nothing. I was gutted but really interested to find out who had won the prize. 

It turned out it was fricking ME!!! YES ME!!! I had forgotten about the comp and carried on with job finding. I found out a week after the comp had ended. I was minding my own business watching a horror film and right at a jumpy part of the film my phone buzzed and I literally crapped myself (well not literally, ha). I looked at my phone and saw that L'Oreal had commented on my Instagram picture saying I had won. 

I literally said out loud " No, this is obviously a spam account winding me up". 

It freaking wasn't, I had won. I was shocked, I was shaking, I just couldn't believe that they had picked me out of all of the entries. I was the only winner too, I felt so grateful and privileged. 

I kept it quiet until they told me I could announce it. 99.9% of people who commented were happy for me, but you will always get that one bitch that will leave a sarcastic and offish comment instead of being happy for you. 

Always happens. It's cool. 

A couple of weeks later my prize arrived and I was SO excited. 

Only 2 items were broken, due to transit but I am in love with it all. Obviously I cannot use some it it due to skin tone differences but I was so overwhelmed. Since getting it I have given some things to my mum. :) 

So here it is ladies and gents if you're interested to see! 

It came with a lovely little handwritten "congratulations" note and in these amazing vanity cases. I didn't expect that at all, I thought it would all just be in the box.


I bought these with some of my gift card. LOVE.

 I loved going through everything. Obviously my favourite sections are the eye ones but I am itching (excuse the eye pun) to get my hands on it all and create some super awesome looks. 

Keep an eye out on my social media for my makeup uploads. 

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Twitter: leluroxxblogger
Snapchat: blackeyedfox 

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I hope you enjoyed this post and seeing what I won and thank you again to L'Oreal for picking me as their winner!! 

Until Thursday...




  1. Omg this is the best prize!! Cograts on winning

    1. Hey lovely :) I know, I am sooooo very lucky. Cannot use any of it yet though because of my eyes. :( Thank you for your congrats :) xx

  2. Yay Leya! Congratulations on winning the competition! That must be so exciting. :)
    I'm sorry to hear about your awful hayfever AND eye infections. That stinks :( Hope you recover quickly! Can't wait to see the looks you'll make with the new stuff you have!


    1. Heeeyyyy beaut :) Thank you very much!!! Yeah, my eyes are slowly getting better now. I have never had an eye infection and I never want another again. Ha. They are so sore from rubbing them because they still itch because of the hayfever. I can't wait to do some looks either. Ha. :) xx

  3. OH WOW! What a fantastic prize! Massive congrats lady! I do hope you get better soon as well :( x

    1. Thank you lovely :) my eyes are slowly getting better they are still sore though because I keep rubbing them as they are itching. It's really not the best. Ha lol. Thank you for your well wishes! xx

  4. Such an amazing price!!!

  5. Wow! I feel you on the eye front - I've had a nasty eye condition for 12 weeks now and just been told its life long :-( So many drugs later and im on the mend, but well done on the loreal makeup - looks fab!!

    Leah x

    1. Ahhh your name is Leah too. Mines spelt differently but pronounced the same :) ohhh no what was wrong with yours? If you don't mind me asking that is. Glad your's are on the mend!! Thanks lovely. Haven't been able to use it yet ha. Xx


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