Thursday, 14 April 2016

Drugstore Matte Lip Products | Primark, Maybelline & Bourjois

Evening guys. 

I hope you're all well? 

I am good apart from the fact I have THE WORST hay fever ever and I am not even joking right now. My eyes are THAT sore, itchy, bloodshot and swollen I just want to rip my face off. 

Nothing is dealing with the fact that my little peepers are looking like freaking kebabs right now. 


Just imagine having a squad of fleas in your eyes and then someone suddenly lights a flame to burn those suckers out and then your eyes are on fire. 

Yeah that. 

Yesterday, I hit Twitter up with one of my many tweets and asked you guys what you wanted to see again for tonight's post. 

So again, by popular demand here is the post you most wanted to see. 

It's no secret that I am a fan of matte lip products. More so because I over draw my top lip which I really dislike doing. I JUST WANT BIG LIPS MAAYYYNNN!! I am thinking about trying those Full Lip Enhancer lip sucky things but I am scared that I will end up looking look those fools on YouTube whos lips then engulf their face. 

*oh the shame*

Or, I would actually like my top lip done to even it out but Papa Hutt would actually do his nut if I ever did that. 

He would go all Jackie Chan on ma ass!!

I did a recent post on my MAC matte lipstick and liner collection but lets face it, they aren't the cheapest of products and there are plenty of drugstore beauties that do just the same thing... If not better, for a fraction of the price. 

You feeling me? 

I can hear your purses singing a song of praise at me right now. 

You're welcome. 

So here you go, you asked for it... Drugstore matte lip products that really do make the grade.

 I cannot remember when I first saw these but I think I may have noticed them in Superdrug and swatched them there and then. I really liked the formula and the colour pay off was pretty true to the packaging colour label itself. 

These are Maybelline's Colour Sensation Matte and were new in at the time. 

The burgundy shade is pretty close to MAC's 'Diva' but at a kinder price. I always find though that burgundy shades are never as matte as they could be. 

Sort it out guys!! 

These glide on really nicely and are not drying at all. Again the colour pay off is pretty good, strong in composition and easy to apply.

Superdrug currently have a 3 for 2 across makeup, nails and lashes at the moment, so if you like these three shades then go and grab them. They have a couple more but these caught my eye the most.

 These are just gorgeous, it's just like applying velvet to your lips!!! 

Heaven on a wand.

These Bourjois Velvet Editions are a liquid lipstick and for a drugstore brand they are pretty high on my list for a few reasons. 

The colour is buildable, which for me is a must as you can go low key or in your face 'WOW'. They apply like a dream and they last all freaking day without the need to reapply. 

They can be a little tricky to go round your lip line neatly so what I tend to do is get my lip brush and outline with the product, then fill in with the wand. 

They dry matte but they aren't drying in the slightest. I did have a forth one somewhere but I cannot for the life of me work out where I have put it. 

Typical me.

 These are by far my favourite out of the bunch and the cheapest too. Wahey!! 

Primark have not failed me in the lip department at all. 

Seriously guys, if you haven't yet tried their lip liners or matte lip crayons, where the hell have you been? You are SERIOUSLY missing out. 

They are ahhhhhmazzinnngg!!

I have found the perfect dupe for MAC's 'Honeylove' in their 'Nude' matte lip crayon. 

The thing is the Primark where I live never has up to date products so I was actually shocked that they had these in. 

The crayons are £2 and the liners are £1 and they last for fricking ages!!! 

The apply matte, but have a super nice formula and the liners don't drag which lets be honest is a god damn bitch when that happens. Goodbye neat and perfect line. Ha. 

10/10 for me on these and they come in a range of colours. 

All of these lip products are great and aren't hyper drying either which is great for me at the moment due to the state of my lips!! 

Oh, if anyone has a solution to stop my lips drying out that would be great! *Thumbs up*. 

Thanks for reading lovelies, all of the products are currently in store so let me know what you think if you purchase anything. 

Shameless plug alert. 

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Until next time...





  1. Great post hun, I love a matte lip as well as I also massively overdraw my top lip lol.
    I really need to check out these lip liners from Primark!!! x

    1. Thank you lovely :) haha matte lips always work the best. I just want my top lip to match my bottom. Lol. Yeah do, they are amazing. I thought they would be crap but nope. :) xx

  2. I hope your hayfever improves! It's no fun. I need to check out the Primark mattes. - Amy


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