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Rant // My Current Pet Peeves.

Evening. :) 

Do you ever have those days where you literally just want to scream into open space to the point your lungs almost pop out of your throat?!! 

Well I am getting this at the moment. I am generally a happy, lively person, who loves to laugh and have fun, until life rears its damn right ugly head and you wish you could face plant it off the floor. 

Come on, face it, we British people love to have a moan about anything and everything. Myself, well if I am ever in a mood I am easily snapped out of it within, lets say five minutes. 

Right now however, I have written a list of my current pet peeves that at this minute are grinding my gears, so much so that I have to share it with you. Ha. 

Pssst... If you didn't know, when I am mad I turn into The Hulk... And that my friends is deadly. ;) 

Recruitment Agencies - Are You Serious?!

As most of my readers know (and if you're new you will find out now) that I am currently job searching. At the best of times it is not in any way fun. In fact, it's one of THE worst things ever. It's that boring I end up falling asleep because it's always the same old drivel on every page. Now, I apply for hundreds of jobs and have been since waaaaayyyy before Christmas. We are now in March and I have hardly heard anything. Are you kidding me?!

I have figured out why... It's those sly bloody recruitment agencies thinking that they are God and have the power over whether someone gets a job or not. The amount of freaking times I have had emails off recruitment agencies saying the following...

Errrrrrr, no I will not be coming in to see you guys because I have had another million other agencies doing the same god damn thing. I have had more emails/phone calls like this than I have had replies off the employers!!!! It defeats the object of me keep travelling to see you when I need a job. Duh! JUST FORWARD MY FREAKING CV ACROSS!!! You can see my qualifications and experience, I obviously fit the criteria otherwise I wouldn't be applying for the job. Why is the government making it so hard for people like me to get work? I want to work so what's the problem. I know what the problem is, the recruitment agencies obviously work off commission and I for one don't give two craps. I am applying because I need money and you are refusing me that until I come into your office where I am tested on my literacy and typing skills. Some how if I didn't have those skills you wouldn't be calling me because YOU WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO READ MY CV!!! They are having a bubble bath. Today. That has tipped me right over the edge. 

Job Searching - Snore. 

Whilst we are on the subject, you apply for millions of jobs. Hear nothing back. You apply for the jobs that you have loads of experience in and can do with your eyes closed. Hear nothing back. Apply for a real awful job because you're getting desperate. Hear back... And they take the p**s. " Yeah we pay like £2 an hour because you would be like an apprentice...." Yeah you can stop right there love. 

For one... Your advertisement did not state what you have quite matter-so-factly just told me and you want to pay how much for the amount of work you are expecting me to do. No thanks. 

I tell you what ladies and gents do not bother with a degree because it gets you bloody nowhere... Unless you want to count nowhere as stuck in your room writing this post because otherwise you are going to go crazy. That's me.

I just want a job with good pay for the amount of work, I want to be somewhere where I can have a career and I would like to work somewhere where people don't bitch as soon as your back is turned. Is that so much to ask for?! Obviously.

People are missing a trick with me because I am bloody good at a lot of things. 

Potential central. Ha. 

 Larry Is Real - This Again?!
The picture speaks volumes. :D 

It's no secret that I am completely attracted to little old Haribo, so it's no surprise that I follow him on Twitter and Instagram. 

I am not an avid fan of the band and have only just started to listen to their stuff, I just like to have a little stalk now and then on Harry's profile to see what cryptic Tweet he has sent out. 

When Harry or any of the 1D guys tweet or Instagram the 'Directioners' go cray cray. And when I say that, I mean beyond what is acceptable. I have never seen anything like it. It's nice that they have such attentive fans but some of the things that are posted I actually cringe at. I am sick of seeing these words.

 "Larry is real" 

They are some serious shippers, no doubt about it and they mean business. Guys, get in the real world... Harry and Co are human beings, they are people just like everyone else and they have feelings. Suggesting that Harry and Louis are gay and that Louis's baby isn't real and photoshopping some pretty grotesque photo's does not make you a fan it makes you borderline insane. And it just hurts people's feelings. Imagine hearing/seeing negative things constantly and worst of all it's all bloody sweeping statements with no anchor to them at all. I mean I am full on into conspiracy theories but these guys think up some weirdo sheeeet man. Leave the poor guy(s) alone. 

He tweets, maybe tweet something nice instead of "Larry is real" it's boring and that sure as hell won't get him to reply to you. 

(I'll be waiting for the influx of hate.Ha.)

Men - Really Are From Mars.

Whoever said men were "simple" (most probs a man) was lying out of their ass. They are in fact the most complicated creatures ever to grace my presence. 

I am pretty straightforward, I say it how it is, I can take banter and I can take criticism. 

Why oh why do they just behave strangely without any warning as to what the issue is? Why do they take a million years to text you back or suddenly just ghost you?
Kanye's English took a hit there. *Covers eyes*. 

I don't like the guy but this tweet is on point. *Ref image above*.

Either I am meeting jerks or this is becoming a running trend amongst the male species.

My scenario...

 You're friends with someone for years, you get on really well, you hook up now and then and you both have great banter. Then suddenly... That said friend comes to your home, you chill, you have a laugh, you're comfortable, everything is cool. Or so you thought and then he goes back home and you don't hear from him again. The bitch has just ghosted you and chucked a lot of years of friendship down the drain. Huh?! You're left there scratching your head on what the hell you've done wrong, try to talk to them and you get ignored and then you pass the point of being sad and cut him the hell off.

WTF? What is your childhood trauma because that was a loser move! 

I still to this minute don't know what the hell his problem was but I KNOW fo'sure it wasn't me and that gives me some satisfaction. That's just a male friend... Guys you're seeing, dating, having a relationship with do it too. 

How I see it is, grow some balls, tell me what your issue is, don't go and text me, I then reply and then you read and ignore the message for days/months/years, that will just make me go off you and make you look like a knob. You want to date me say, you don't that's cool too. Stop the mixed signals and take me as I am... Or watch me as I leave. 

Ta ra. 

Followers - Or Lack Of. 

I do not understand how so many people are getting thousands of followers on Twitter/Instagram & their blog. 

I am working my ass off trying to post creative and interesting posts and pictures and my follow base is on an all time low. Come on... Someone tell me what the secret is because I am baffled?! 

Blog wise, brands won't work with you unless you have thousands of followers... I get thousands of readers but hardly any subscribers/follows. Would someone be so kind to tell me what I am doing wrong please? I am getting sick of people following me one minute then unfollowing me... Then following me and then doing the same. You either want to follow me on social media or you don't. I interact, I post current things and I get involved yet I bet if I get my boobs out in a picture I would get a lot of followers then. Sex sells right? Well that won't be happening but you get my drift. 

Maybe some of them buy followers? Who knows. 

Kayne West.

You're not Jesus. 

That is all. 

David Cameron - Is He Still In Power? 

He is the biggest dickhead walking. Apart from Kayne. I knew he would go back on his policies and lets be honest I don't actually think he knows how to run a country let alone his own brain. He is just making life extremely difficult for everyone. I have massive views on a lot of political subjects but I won't air them on here due to the fact it will cause controversy so those things are best left unsaid. What I will say though is that Cameron needs to go jump in the massive hole he is digging and never come out. 

Ass Hole Drivers. 

How some people have passed their driving test I do not know. I am constantly in a fit of road rage when I am in the car which in turn deters me from driving because I am always behind some idiot. 

Use your god damn indicators, stop breaking round every bend or when a vehicle comes past you. Don't do freaking 30mph in a 60 and then 40mph in a 30, when I over take don't put your lights on full beam just because you're pee'd that my 1.2 overtook your slow ass Audi. And most of all open your freaking eyes, the amount of times I have almost been killed due to a driver not looking where they are going or just pulling out on me. I have no time for idiots. 

Companies - Rip Off Britain.

One major pet peeve is companies trying to rip you off with their shoddy products. The amount of times I have had to complain about things I have bought which has been off, broke, arrived not as described. You name it, I have received it.

One culprit is Asda, they constantly sell out of date products, do they ever do some sort of stock rotation? I have picked up meat and fish which are days past their use by date, mouldy items, out of date by months crisps, chocolate and cakes. It's disgusting and we as consumers are buying into this. When you are shopping in a rush you will expect what you are buying to be relatively fresh, you shouldn't have to go through layers of the same product to find something in date. I have to do this every time I shop now. AND, they never have anything in stock. I go in there, and I am fobbed off by the staff saying they haven't got something when I ask. I go and hunt for it myself and I find it. Lazy ass company. 

I have a lot of issues with Accessorize, H & M and Burgess Pet Care too, but what I will say is when I do have a problem their customer service is amazing. They bend over backwards to solve your issues and that to me is awesome and keeps my custom because of it.  

Abbie Branning - Eastenders. 

Please kill her off. 

And Whitney too. Thanks. 

There's a lot more I could list off but I would be here all day. 

It would be cool to hear what pee's you guys off, don't forget to leave your comments and subscribe. Help a brother out. :) 



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