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My Best Budget Beauty Buys // Ft. Bleach London, Makeup Revolution & More.

Hello beauties.

Is it spring yet? As much as I dislike the Spring/Summer months because of my hay fever, I am kind of looking forward to it this year because there is so much that I want to do. Job pending that is. London being one of them. 

Yep I am still on that ship. Ha.

I love beauty products and I rarely buy high end brands because how I see it is that there are many perfectly amazing budget, high street brands that are just as good. Don't get me wrong, I do like high end brands too but your purse strings don't always stretch that far, so I thought I would show you some of the best products I have found. 

I am very picky when it comes to guys, products and food, so if I say something is super awesome it's got to be good!! I like to try new things but I also like to stick to what I know works. 

There is nothing worse than going out... And lets talk about, say, food for this point I am making, ordering a curry that you have never tried before because you're trying to be adventurous. When it arrives at the table, it looks weird, tastes nasty and you have just wasted a load of money on something that you wish you never ordered. 

What I am trying to say is, stick to what you know a lot of the time because life is full of disappointments and you don't want beauty to be one of them. 

Try these following products out because they are great and 100% purse friendly and I will tell you for free, you will wonder why you never tried them before. 

Hair - What's Hot?

I have seen recently this brand around (never when I have white hair though, typical). 

 I follow Lou Teasdale on Instagram, herself and Lottie Tomlinson   ( Louis's little sister - 1D) have been posting images and videos of them using their products and I loved it. 

Prior to me seeing this information, I had strolled into Boots a few times and had seen these hair crayons but because my hair isn't white I didn't think it would show on my hair. My hair has lightened a lot since I last dyed it so when I was in Boots again this week I headed over to where these were and grabbed one. I originally wanted the mint green coloured one but they are either sold out or idiot people have tested them and ruined it. I went for the 'Rose' colour as it's a cute pastel and would be great for the look I wanted to achieve. 

I LOVE this hair crayon. It glides on lovely and it adds such a nice pigmented colour on to your hair that lasts. I think if I had white blonde hair again I don't know what the heck I would look like because I would be having colour's popping out left, right and centre. 

I 100% want more of these to play with and I am actually contemplating trying to go blonde again (my hair dresser is screaming as I type. I can hear it.Ha.) 

Oh, and a major awesome point is this is product is only £4 which I think is super affordable and provides you with a lot of fun and creativity.

I love to try new products on my hair because since having around 8 inches chopped off a year ago now, I have been trying to get it in good condition and grow the bitch out. It's been a struggle because for some unknown reason I will cut my hair blunt but it always grows out wispy on the ends. Why?!!! So annoying. 

I need some new Foxy Locks extensions but at £150 a pop I need to wait until I have a job first. So for months now I have been walking around with  my natural hair and trying to embrace it. 

Recently I have noticed that my roots keep getting greasy quickly, more so than ever before and again I don't know why. So I picked this up in Superdrug as it was on offer for £3.99. 

I haven't actually used this yet, so I cannot tell you whether it works or not but I am mentioning this because Superdrug and Savers often have offers on for this brand and it's really good value for money. For instance it will be buy one get one free or two for £6 which to me is pretty good. I tend to go between this brand, Garnier and John Frieda. 

Skin Care - What's Hot?

I have been using this product for a couple of years now and I love it. This is a well know product and I think most women use it these days due to it's effectiveness and quickness of getting your makeup off.

You can now get it in a travel size which is so cute and a freaking god send because you can just chuck it in your bag and go. 

I will get this from a drug store called Savers here in the UK which sells discounted items (legit products) but for way cheaper than say in Boots and Superdrug. 

This was £1 and the full size is £2.99. Total score and it leaves your face feeling so clean and fresh. One of the best Micellar waters around.

Again another brand I love! I have been a fan of Simple Skincare for a while now because of the fact it doesn't irritate my skin.  I have for the last couple of months really got into my skincare routine where I am double cleansing and using my Magnitone. I did have some breakouts but I am hoping that they start to calm down now I have been doing the routine for a while. 

Once I have cleansed I will always use my 'Replenishing' day cream by Simple on my face before I apply my makeup. I actually treat this as a primer as well as a moisturiser because it actually works pretty well as one. I no longer use primer at the moment and find this works just as well. 

I just love their whole range and so does my mum, I actually think she has everything. Ha. 

Prices range from £1 - £7 (depending on what store you go to).

I am not one of those girls who tan a lot, if ever really, but recently I have been liking the effects more than I should be ha. 

I bought this Dove self tanner again from Savers for £2 as it was on offer and I think it's a really good, all round self tanner. If you haven't tried it before it's a gradual self tanner and I always go for the shade 'medium to dark' because I find it develops into a tan you can see. It applies relatively evenly and quite quickly for a grad tanner. I love how natural my skin looks once the colour has developed and it leaves me with a nice sun-kissed glow. The only thing I would say is it a little sticky until it dries, other than that I think it's a great budget product if you are on the look out for something more natural and buildable.

Beauty - What's Hot?

This is my holy grail product, one of which I can never live without. I have been using this Collection concealer for years and years now before it even became a 'thing'. It's highly mentioned throughout my blog posts and for me and many others it's the best drug store concealer around. It's high coverage, comes in a range of shades to suit all skin types and it comes in at £4.19 in Superdrug. I use it almost every day, around my eyes, nose, forehead, chin and on any blemishes & spots and I would say it lasts me just over a month give or take. 

If you haven't tried it yet you really need to because it's a saviour.

Again, this foundation has been mentioned in many of my posts but that's because I really do love this foundation. 

I have used high end foundations before one of which being E.Lauder's 'Double Wear' for me this a one of the best dupes for it. 

It's high coverage, comes in a range of shades, a matte finish and best of all it's under £10. I have been using this for years too and never looked back. I touch my face a lot and this doesn't leave me with finger print marks.

This Collection 'Bronze Glow' is cute little bronzer which I have been using every day in my makeup routine. 

I use this around my face with my Kabuki brush and then around my cheekbones to add definition and contour. 

It's only £2.99 too and it blends into the skin perfectly.

Makeup Revolution are my top drug store brand, especially where their eyeshadow pallets are concerned. 

They are SO SO SO freaking good you wouldn't expect them to be the price that they are. I mean the two pictures above are priced at £4 each, I mean come on it's an absolute steal. 

Again I talk about this brand A LOT and if I like something I like something. I used these pallets in my very first picture on this post. Every eye look I do, either shown on my blog or via Twitter/ Instagram is created using their pallets. I practically have them all. They are highly pigmented, blendable and there is such a vast range and there is something for everyone. I have their pallets, eye foil, blushers, lipsticks, highlighter, correction pallet, lip lacquers, chubby sticks. You name it I have it. 

Again if you haven't tried this brand, where have you been. Get on this sheeettt now!!

My brother bought me this whilst we were Christmas shopping last year as it caught my eye. I have only just started using it and I wish I had way before now. This is the greatest box of eye products. I usually without fail use Rimmel eyeliner's and my usual one has run out and gone dry, so I thought I would us this little set and give it a try. 

I don't usually use felt liners as they drag on my eyes and cause liner snags. The 'Supercat' liner is a beaut, I love it. It glides on lovely and is so easy to work with and creates lovely definition to the eye. It is quickly becoming a fave. 

The well renowned 'Brow Archery' is actually pretty good too. I have to draw my brows on because they are blonde and you can barely see them. I use both ends to try and create fine hairs and fill in the gaps. I need to get used to this more as I am so used to using powder and an angled brush, but I am enjoying it a lot. 

As for the mascara and Kohl eye liner they are also good products. For me, my lashes are a bitch to try and do anything with but this does the job of coating them and the liner works the same as any other drug store liner. 

This is such a lovely gift and for £18 it's really good for your money as the 'Brow Archery' comes in at £10 on its own. 

I do like this brand a lot and have a lot of their skincare gift sets.

Getting the attack of the spots? No problem, this little lady reduces those bad boys until they are almost non-existent. 

I swear by this cream for a lot of different things but mainly it's used on my spots. If you are like me and get those really sore one's now and then that sit under the skin and feel bruised this is the product for you. It drops the redness, swelling and allows (and this is gross) for you to pop them. 

It's inexpensive and can be used for a lot of mishaps.

I have never been really interested in Primark's 'PS. Love' range but when they bought out their lip liners and matte crayon range I had to get my hands on all colours. The liners are £1 only and last for aaaggggesssss and the crayons are £2 each.

I tell you something now, if you haven't bought into these yet you're missing a trick because they are SO good. I literally have all the ones that my store stock (they haven't got the new range of colours in yet). The one's that I use on a daily basis is the nudes. The 'nude' liner and 'nude' crayon. The crayon is literally a dupe for my favourite MAC lipstick 'Honeylove'. It's such a nice nude. I love it that much I have had to buy back ups because the nude liner disappears quickly in my store. 

I have the shades in  wine/burgundy, red, coral, bright pink, nude, brown, pink nude and I swear I have another one but I can't remember. 

Love love love.
Sorry about this pic quality, my SLR battery ran out.

These little shadow pans are so cute, transportable, highly pigmented and long lasting. 

I love these to take around with me in my makeup bag because they are so cool. I had the two middle one's in my Christmas stocking off Mum and Dad. Everyone who knows me, knows that I love rose gold and copper shades and these are no exception. The shade on the first left is a matte nude which I use as my base shade. The one of the far right is just a white shadow which I use around my brow bone and the two middle ones are so pigmented you hardly need any on your brush. I lOVE the copper shade (second left) and use that a lot when I am doing my warm, smoky eye. 

These are £1 each. 

I hope you liked this post and let me know if you have tried any of these and what you think about them. 

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