Thursday, 17 March 2016

Bleach London | Budget Hair Products At Its Finest | Review

Hello beautiful people. 

I hope y'all are having a good week? 

My week has been quite productive compared to the usual dancing around my room, singing and taking "selfies" - I tell you what I really don't like that word, there is something cringe about it. 

Anyway, I hope you have noticed that I now have a new blog design? I love it A LOT, it looks so much more professional and I kept with the monochrome look as it is super cool. I have all my social media feeds and links on there so you guys can follow away. AND to make my year I got Placebo concert tickets, this will be my forth show now and I literally cannot wait. December cannot come quick enough. 


As mentioned before I am a bit of a creative experimentalist and I love to change my look up and make the most out of 'being different'. I like to stand out which is quite ironic for someone who gets anxious about things. Ha. 

In my 'Best Budget Beauty Buys' (link) post I mentioned the brand, Bleach London and how I have only just discovered them. 

I am SO SO SO in love with this brand already and I have only used 2 of their products because unfortunately I don't have white blonde hair any more so I am restricted as to what I can use. That said, you brunettes out there don't let the fact that you're not blonde put you off buying their products. 

There is something for everyone. That's the beauty of this brand. 

Okay, so I firstly bought their Colour Crayon 'Rose' to try out as it's only £4, so it was hardly breaking the bank. And I loved it that much it's almost gone and I had to buy another shade to add to the collection. This time I bought 'The Big Pink'.

I love the packaging of this product with it's monochrome statement and then the pop of colour where their logo is. It's 100% Instagramable!

Now onto the part where these aren't just for the blondies out there. I used to have white, bleached blonde hair... Well it ended up being silver with the amount of purple shampoo I put on there. Actually, it ended up looking like I had a blue rinse. Ha. 

Not cool. I am now wanting to go back to white blonde again and I have looked into getting Bleach London to do it for me as they use Olaplex. 

Right now, my hair is a faded brown, think, light brown/different tones and I wanted to test these products to see how well they took on the darker haired lady. 

The consistency of this product is actually like a crayon, I thought it would be chalky and if I am completely honest with you I totally prefer the BL formula. It glides on the hair amazingly, it's super pigmented and it freaking covers my colour perfectly.

  Okay, so it won't be as saturated in appearance as it would on blonde hair. Duh, the science as to why is in your face but let me tell you this product is god damn awesome on darker hair. I didn't expect the results it gave.  It was consistent, even and lasted the duration.

 The 'Rose' shade is a light pink but this shows up in my hair slightly lilac. It's still a pastel shade and it's perfect for the Spring and then transitioning to 'The Big Pink' for Summer and the festival season. I braided my hair to show you how cool the colour looks mixed in with the braid. This is going to be my go to look for a while now. I can just see it. 

The shocking pink in 'The Big Pink' comes off as more of a magenta on my hair but who cares, my hair looks so quirky and I am all about the quirk. 

These last in your hair for around 3-4 washes (this will be advisory for bleached hair) it came out of mine in one wash which was great and as per any colour product, residue will be left on the hair so be careful with your clothes and furniture. 

As a final note I would like to say that I did phone the salon to see how much it would cost to bleach my hair white... Right now I am not divulging that info as my joblessness won't stretch that far but their customer service is excellent and the lady I spoke to was so helpful. 

If anyone has been contemplating using these crayon's do not hesitate any longer, they won't break the bank, they come in a range of colours and they are so versatile. Go to their website for more of their products in the range. 

Let me know in the comment's what you think if you have used Bleach London. I would love your opinion. :)





  1. This must of taken you ages to do! My auntie actually told me about these and I think I might pick up a purple one this weekend as I love that's it's temporary

    Leanne |

    1. Hi Leanne :) Which the blog post or the hair? :P The hair, it took around half an hour. It's the first time I attempted braids like that, I couldn't see what I was doing either so my arm ached a lot. Ha. It turned out better than I expected. Yes I definitely would, the light purple showing on my pics actually is 'rose' a pink but I love the fact they are temp too. It's good to try new things, otherwise I wouldn't of found this brand. Thank you for the comment lovely :) xx

  2. You've got gorgeous hair, and those braids are on point! I've heard so much about Bleach and their products and I'd really want to try some. I've currently got blonde hair but it's gone a little yellow. I was going for an ashy blonde look but the dyeing is really damaging my hair so I think I'll be going back to a light ginger-ish colour soon.

    1. Thank you lovely :) You should try their product's they are really good and affordable. I love experimenting and B L are great for that. xx

  3. Very beautiful, sexy and playful.


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