Wednesday, 10 February 2016

My Top Ten Tips On How To Survive Valentine's Day // Single Girl Problems.

Hello rock stars. :) 

Valentine's Day is literally days away. I literally dread this time of year. Not that I am bitter about it at all. Ha. 

This is my seventh Valentine's Day on my own. I am such a single little prawn these days it's a joke. 

You know, it's fine the first year or so, but come on is cupid having a joke up there or something?! I mean SEVEN YEARS!!! Just, wow. 

So if you are like me this year and single (again) and all you are seeing around you is loved up couples, "look at what my boyfriend/girlfriend got me" and PDA's then you have come to the right place. 

Here, we can all wallow for a second on being a big fat joke in the world of 'love', sitting on our own with our meals for one. It's quite sickening really. 

But that second is now over and we are going to frickin embrace being single for this day if it kills us!! 

Single girl problems are a reality when it comes to the dreaded 'V' day when you won't be getting any of the 'D' and your friends are. Ha. True story though. 

So what if you don't have a secret admirer or cards and flowers sent to you (even though you really do wish that would happen).Follow my top ten tips on how to survive Valentines Day as if it were a zombie apocalypse and you will come out the other end alive to fight another day.

1. Avoid social media like the god damn plague. There is nothing worse than scrolling through your home pages and seeing all the statuses of lovey dovey shit. No way. It makes my eyes want to bleed profusely. Turn it all off, mute your notifications and pretend Facebook, Twitter and everything media related wasn't invented. That's what I am going to do and that way I won't want to gouge my eyes out. 

2. Run a bath and pop in a Lush bubble bar/bath bomb. No showers allowed. You my girl/boy need to relax and let the stench of bitterness soak away. There isn't anything more satisfying than floating in a hot bubble bath with candles flickering away. It's one of my favourite things to do. Just don't think of which hot man could be joining you at that point in time. *Covers eyes*.

3. Pamper night. Get those face masks, nail polishes and body creams out and enjoy you 'me' time. I do this a hell of a lot as it is because I am always on my own, "yes get the violins out". You will feel so much better for it and your body will love you. Again, just don't imagine the hot guy!! 

4. Dig out those horror and gore movies. Yes, you heard me. Nobody got time for romance films on Valentine's Day when you're a single pringle. You will want blood shed, twisted plots and messed up story lines. This is a sure way to get you out of any depressive mood. Trust me it works.

5. Make your cheat day Valentine's Day. It falls on a Sunday this year, order that fail safe takeaway, crack open those calorific cakes and indulge in so much chocolate that you want to be sick in your mouth. Lets face it, if you're going to throw up from anything it should be that and not everyone's 'date night' pics. Fact.

6. Put on the cheesiest, old school tunes you can find and dance around like no one is watching. The fact of the matter is... No one will actually be watching. It's a gift in disguise for most non-dancers.  

7. Invite your lady friends around. If you (by some miracle) have other friends that are single. Invite them round to join in with the merriment. Single girl problems all round. YAS. 

8. Get creative. Keeping your mind busy will pass the hours quicker than you can say "bore off St. Valentines". Get painting, whip out that adult colouring book (we all jumped on that crazy bandwagon) or get busy on a scrapbook.

9. Exercise. Exercising releases endorphins, the body happy drug. Do not however go to the gym as it will most likely be empty and you don't want to be a public loser now do you. Think wisely. YouTube have some great intense training vids.

10. Treat yourself to something. You've been looking at that dress/bag/shoes/makeup forever. Take the plunge and get it. An appreciation gift from me to me.  There you go, you have something to get excited about. Fool proof.   

I hope these little tips help you get through hell day and it's important to know that you're not on your own. You could be be. Ha. 





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