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Slendertoxtea - Review Edition // The Taste Test.

We are now into a new year, the festive period has gone, we have over indulged and we have refrained from any form of exercise as possible. 

I am not into this whole " new year, new me" bull. I am still the same old fabulous person that I was last year. Ha. 

Although, with that being said, I did consume an awful lot of crap in 2015. I just don't know what was wrong with me, I just kept eating like... Everything!!! Eating my feelings most probably. Ha. 

A detox is always a good idea (or so I have been told) to participate in when you are feeling a little sluggish, bloated and just damn right awful. It's meant to help take all those nasty little toxins out of your body and in return you feel and see "a better you". 

I have never been a fan of 'detoxing', I mean I have tried drinking herbal teas and quite frankly I have found it highly horrific. 

Why would you want to drink a cup of cardboard? It's beyond me! 

Anything healthy, nine times out of ten, tastes awful. 

Seeing as it is the new year I thought it might be time for me to try and give this whole tea drinking thing another go. 

I have been in contact with Slendertoxtea who provides all sorts of detoxing beverages. Their products range from herbal teas, milkshakes and coffees. Basically they cater for everyone.

They have a Sleeptox range, a Daytox range, Slender patches, Slender shakes, Acai Slenderpowder and Slender coffee's. 

Slendertox tea have kindly gifted me their Daytox and Sleeptox products for me to give my honest review on, whether it was positive or not. 

There product's aim is to aid in a healthy lifestyle for the individual. It contains ingredients only from natural herbs and plants that are designed to help you lose weight. It is a no calorie supplement "hurrraaaayyy" with ingredients that cleanses the colon to improve metabolism and your overall health. 

What a frickin awesome product already. Literally the sound of that had got me interested on its own.

I am a slim person anyway but I have put some weight on *cough, cough* so this product is ideal for me to combine into my diet to keep me all balanced. 

Now I tried the product yesterday (09.01.16) with quite low expectations to be honest. I was just expecting it to smell and taste of vile... Well, nothing actually. 

The first thing I will say is that I really like the packaging. It's really easy on the eye with a great blend of colours, has a simple design, the font is very readable and I love the shiny texture.

I was given a two week supply of the 'Daytox' which you have a cup of that a day. The 'Sleeptox' product you take every other night, it states 7 day's worth on the packet but effectively you get two weeks worth as well. 

On opening the product, I had a little sniff (as you do) and I was like "oh no, it smells like herbs and I know what this means!" I then proceeded to go downstairs and boil the kettle.  

I waited for the water to cool before I put the tea bag in as you're not meant to put it in boiling water. Once in the water the tea actually smelt like a normal cup of tea, as if you have put a PG Tips in the cup. I liked that a lot. It didn't smell medical. Ha.

I think I actually left my tea bag in a little long because I was singing and completely forgot it was in there.

Whoops. :) 

Okay,so the taste test... Are you ready?!

I absolutely.... LOVED it!! Yes, you heard me I really did. 

I was drinking it whilst singing and it was doing wonders for my throat and really soothing. Granted it did have a 'green tea' taste BUT it wasn't over powering, it was subtle and it wasn't offensive in anyway. 

I am a stickler for textures and tastes and the smallest thing can put me off. No ingredient in this product made me gag!

High five!! 

I was so pleased with myself that I finished the cup of tea. I was then really excited to try the 'Sleeptox'.

'Sleeptox' - the one that you take at bedtime only (every other night) seemed amazing. 

It keeps you calm and relaxed and aids sleep, which is a god send for me at the moment as I have insomnia.

It contains a Hawthorn grain which helps lower your blood pressure and studies have suggested it is beneficial in lowering your anxiety levels. 

This product is for me as I have suffered with anxiety for years! 

I thought that with this product maybe being stronger I wouldn't like the taste, but O.M.G this one tastes AMAZING!! No joke now, it tasted quite sweet and when I read the ingredients it has orange in it. Out of the two this one wins hands down for the taste factor!!

I am a little worried now because I think I may become addicted to this product and all it's health benefits and that's not going to be good as I am job hunting. Ha. 

 I will definitely need to get some more when I run out!!! 

I will NEVER falsely review a product just because a company has sent me something to review. I will always give you my 100% honest opinion and I was prepared to write a bad one about this, but I literally have nothing bad to say. It's great. I have found it's given me energy too and I have only been drinking it for 2 days. 

It does mention on the back about side effects of using the product as obviously this helps cleanse the colon so you could end up with toilet issues (like running to it, ha.) I so far, "touch wood" haven't had any toilet issues. All is good in the hood. 

If you would like to give this product a go and I promise you it is totally worth it. You can purchase their products on their website: 

The package I was sent is 14 days worth retailing at £19.99 and for me I think that's totally worth it especially as you know that all that is going into your body is natural ingredients, no calories and it's detoxing your body and soul. 

It aids in slimming too which is what us women look for a lot of the time when dieting or detoxing. 

It's of the cheapest and best on the market, so don't miss out!! 

So what are you waiting for, go get that stuff and reap the benefits, because I am!!

All the love. 



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  1. I've always wondered about these 'detoxes' and tea remedies, but after hearing that you loved it, I think I'm more likely to give them a go now! Loved this honest review Leya! (Your pictures are gorgeous too, so glad I found your blog!) x


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