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Doll White Review // Home Whitening Kits, Are They Worth The Hype? // First Impressions.

Well hellllooooo!!! 

I hope everyone is well and not feeling the January blues too much. I have actually heard that tomorrow is officially the most depressing day of the month. 

I know... Apparently so!! Although lets be honest January is like the Monday of months. It's only good for Jan sales and even then that's a pain in the arse! Ha. 

It will be over soon. 

Okay, so, today I have a little old review for you on the Doll White Whitening Strips. 

Doll White were kind enough to send me 7 day's worth of strips for me to try and give my opinion on which was really nice of them. 

First off can I please say how frickin cute the packaging is!!! I love it. I love black and white and it's really simple looking but oh so eye-catching. It's highly cute!!
Look at it though!!! It's all shiny and I really love the fonts that they have used!! It's very Instagram, don't you agree?! 

The product comes in this packaging that opens up to reveal 7 little black pouches that have their logo on it.

In each of those pouches you will find the strips. The outside texture of these strips remind me of those shoe pads that you put in your heels on a night out. The gel is obviously on the inside where you place it on your teeth. 

You have a strip for the top of your teeth and a strip for the bottom which you line up to your gum line and push on to the teeth. You then fold the excess over the top of your teeth onto the back. 

This product doesn't have any peroxide in it to whiten your teeth so it is totally safe and great for those of us who has sensitive teeth. I do, so I was excited to try these as I knew there would be no damage. How they actually whiten your teeth I have no clue. It must be actual magic!!!


I have been using this product for 3 days now. I brush my teeth, use my mouthwash and then I will use some tissue to take any moisture off my teeth before applying the strips. 

I was quite nervous before using these for the first time as I have never tried to whiten my teeth at home. I only have been using a toothpaste that helps to whiten but that's it. 

I don't actually think I did it correctly the first time I used them as I didn't push them on to the teeth hard enough so there were gaps. 

When I first put them on I just kept dribbling as I was very aware I had something foreign in my mouth. They mould around your teeth and sit there like a mouth guard. You then leave it on for 30 minutes to do its thaaannnng.
I have the strips on in this picture.
I apologise for my face. Ha. 

I am getting more using to the feeling now so it's starting to feel a little more natural. 

When it's time to take the strips off you are left with the thin film to dispose of and a lot of gel on your teeth. I didn't like the sensation of the gel as it's quite thick but it didn't taste nasty or anything. I wiped the excess gel off with tissue and swilled my mouth out. It took a couple of attempts as it was a bitch to get it all out.

I will be honest my teeth aren't majorly white but they aren't majorly discoloured either. After trying this product out for the first time I didn't actually notice much of a difference in my teeth colour at all, apart from the two top front teeth, they seemed brighter. Plus as I mentioned I don't think I pushed them on correctly.
I've Snapchatted these babies a lot.

I have done my third day now and I have noticed a slight difference but I think in my head I was expecting it to be whiter. I have read on their website some reviews from other people that have used their product and they noticed a difference the first time they used it. 

I think personally, it is going to work differently on different people depending on how discoloured their teeth are. Mine weren't overly discoloured so I think that's why I haven't seen a major difference as of yet. I think if I were to use this product for a longer period I think it would actually have more of an affect on my teeth.

Please bear in mind these are my first impressions as I haven't used the product long enough to form a conclusive view. I really like this brand though and it's very popular within the celebrity culture, so I would like to continue using these when mine run out to see what the results would be. 

When I get a job that is! Ha. 

They are a great concept and as I have said I really like the brand and the product, I think I was just expecting Simon Cowell teeth on the first try. Ha ha. 

Check out Doll White here and go test them out for yourselves. Their prices are highly competitive and good value for money!!





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