Friday, 29 January 2016

Magnitone Bare Faced // Unboxing And First Impressions!!!


I hope everyone is well?! It's pay day weekend too for most of you... "whoooo". For me, not so much. I am still job hunting and it sucks!!!

Someone please give me a job in London!!! Ha. Help a brother out. 

Anyway, today I am bringing to you lovely lot a little unboxing/first impressions post. 

The gorgeous brand Magnitone kindly sent me their stunning 'BareFaced! Vibra-Sonic Daily Face Brush'to review. This was awfully kind of them and I feel privileged when any brand sends me one of their products. 

So thank you! :) 

My mum brought up the parcel and the box was massive and as I wasn't expecting anything I wondered what this was. Then I remembered and I got very excited indeed!!

And when I opened the package I saw one of the cutest things ever.

I mean come on, how well presented was this package?!! I was just expecting it to come in just its original packaging. Nope, this was wrapped in pink tissue paper with a lovely black bow and the inside of the box was so pretty. 

This is by far the best presented package I have received in a long while!!

When I opened it I was so happy because it was pink!!! It co-ordinates with my room perfectly. I LOVE the packaging on this too.

The packaging (to me) represents cleanliness and the pastel pink against the white gives a lovely contrast. Even the font is frickin cute man!! 

On the front you will find the awards stamp which the company and product has received. This gives me extra security that this product is going to be super good!! 

On the back there is a break down of what this little contraption does. I apologise for that photo as I have been struggling to get a decent picture with this nasty natural lighting at the moment. In fact if anyone knows where I can get any decent but cheap-ish soft box lighting & a ring light please let me know!! 

Now onto opening the box!!!


This box just gets better and better!! I cannot believe how much effort has been put into the whole of the product.

Okay, so the deets! 

Inside the box you get: 

. The two mode facial brush
. A wireless USB travel charger 
. Splashproof travel pouch
. Active clean brush head 
. 12 month warranty
. And a 'MyMagnitone' membership.

This retails at £70 in the UK so I think this price is pretty damn good for what you are getting. I have always wanted one of these and now I finally have one! :) 

This product boasts a lot of benefits to your skin with regular use and results can be seen just after day. Errrr that sounds amazing!! 

It's 100% waterproof, which obviously means you can use it in the shower, it has a toning mode and just after a minute of use this wonder worker empties out your pores and tones skin. 

YAAASSS!! Where have you been all of my life?! 

Oh and also you can change the heads to suit your skin type. I have the head that is suitable for all. I might need to get the sensitive heads as my skin is really prone to break outs if upset.

I haven't had chance to use it properly yet as I didn't have a cleanser to hand to use with it. I did stroke it across my face though (as you do) with it switched on and oh my goodness it's so freaking soft!!! Everyone needs one just for that aspect!!!

So I went out an bought some today. I literally cannot wait to use it. After seeing how much effort that's been put into the product development and the packaging, as well as the glowing reviews, I am sure this product is going to be one of my favourite gadgets of all time. 

I will be doing a skin care routine post soon and this BareFaced beauty will totally be involved. Keep your eye peeled! 

If you fancy one of these for yourselves, just head over to
 the website is really user friendly too!!
Sorry about my pale face. Wasn't well that day!

Sleep well beauties. (I wrote this in the AM. Ha.)




Saturday, 23 January 2016

OOTD // Monochrome Chic Slays The January Blues!


January is almost over!! YAAASSS!!! 

I am hoping to find a job in London A.S.A.P so I can move there!!! I just want to be in a city with more prospects, life and fun, but whilst I am still in the countryside I thought I would take advantage of the scenery and do an OOTD for you lovelies. 

As mentioned in a previous post, I am a massive fan of black and black is my happy colour. I also love to chuck in a white tee now and then to, you know, shake it up a bit!! As you do!! 

I have noticed (as I can't stop looking at him and a little bit addicted) that Harry Styles actually has a similar dress sense to moi. Mainly black skinnies with a white t-shirt and boots. Pretty simple yet highly fashionable, chic and low maintenance. 

I love this look and currently for me, this style and look is completely on point. It stands out but is pretty low key, a lot of contradictions that actually work in your favour. 

This look would work on pretty much anyone male (hence the ref to Hazza) or female so if you haven't already go give it a try. 

Go on, get out of your comfort zone. 

P.S. I will leave a list at the bottom of the post as to what makeup I am wearing and where I got the outfit from. 


Some not so professional looking phone pics :D


HAT: Stolen from my brother
White T-Shirt: Primark
Leather Jacket: H & M (studded it myself)
Scarf: Primark
Jeans: New Look
Boots: New Look
Rings: Accessorize


Concealer: Collection Lasting Perfection ( fair)

Foundation: Maybelline 24 hr Stay (010 Ivory)

Finishing Powder: Rimmel Stay Matte (Sandstorm)

Bronzer: Collection Bronze Glow

Blush: Makeup Revolution Blush in 'Wow' 

Brows: MUA Pencil (Dark Brown) & Makeup Revolution Brow Kit

Eyes: Rimmel 'Exaggerate' Liquid Liner (Black)
Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Pencil (Black) 
Rimmel Exaggerate 'Smoke & Shine' Gel Eyeliner (copper Bling)
MAC False Lash Extreme Black Mascara
Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara (Black)
Makeup Revolution Matte Eyeshadow Pallet
Kiko Colour Sphere Eyeshadow (05)

Lips: Primark PS. Lip Liner Crayon (Nude)
MAC 'Honeylove' Matte Lipstick


Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Kiko Milano Haul // Copper Isn't Just For Pennies!!

Well hello there!!! 

Guys, it's no secret that I have a major love for all things makeup. I don't think it's anything new to any of us ladies to be honest, if we really think about it! 

Myself though, I am a keen bean when it comes to buying the stuff. If there is anything new out by one of my (many) favourite brands I need to get it. I seem to be growing quite a bit of a collection these days compared to when I first started acquiring makeup. 

We can all relate (if you are my age that is) to when we were in high school and you weren't allowed to look at makeup let alone attempt to wear it. 
And lets be honest we all went through the phase of wearing blue eyeliner, electric blue mascara, glitter eyeshadow and a load of lip gloss that could of replicated fly paper it was THAT sticky! Ha.

What were we thinking? Actually, what was I thinking?!! 

Over the Christmas period I discovered the brand Kiko in its entirety. I had heard of them before when I have received free gifts in my Glamour/Cosmo magazines. I think I got a felt tip eyeliner which I really liked. 

I ventured to Merry Hill over Christmas to do some Christmas shopping... At that point, I only left with things for myself (as you do) and some of the products I left with were Kiko related. Their store had not long opened there and when I saw it I beelined straight through the doors.

It's only a small store there but I was in my element, there was so much to look at. I love working with my eyes the most so I was looking to invest in eye products mainly. 

I have a thing for copper/rose gold and I LOVE coppers and warmer tones on my eyes at the moment. Even though I am a pale face those tones seem to work with my skin and make my eyes pop. 

They definitely weren't short of copper inspired items. 

So lets have a look at what I bought!

That day I bought 4 products just to test out the brand.

First off I purchased the Kiko 'Colour Sphere' Eyeshadow in shade (05). It's a deep copper hue with a small amount of shimmer in it. It has a baked element to it too.  

The packaging is pretty cool, the base has a slight rubbery feel and the lid is more of a clear perspex. It's simple and cute.

As you can see the colour appears highly pigmented and it's true to its appearance. The colour pay off is really good and it's especially blendable which is 100% what you're looking for in a shadow. I really love this. 

Next, is the Kiko 'Eyetech Look' Eyeshadow in shade (104). Again this is in a copper shade, but in a slightly lighter hue and it's in a screw pen form.

This product is pretty small and the shadow is in the unscrewed base, the sponge applicator I find for me, difficult to work with but that's because I really only use brushes. It's a beautiful colour and so frickin handy to pop in your bag!! 

This is a handbag essential! 

The third product I picked was... And you guessed it... A copper shaded eyeliner. 

This is from their 'Intense Colour' range in shade (03)

This is a really lovely product, it has a nice creamy texture when applying so you don't really get much drag when working around your waterline. The opposite end has a mini blending sponge to help create that 'smokey eye' look. The colour pay off again is pretty darn good, it works really well with the other products I bought from them. 

And finally, the last product I grabbed was the Kiko 'Cream Crush' Lasting Colour Eyeshadow in shade (05). 

Now this one, isn't within the copper theme and I actually picked it up and decided not to get it. I walked out of the store but I kept thinking about how pretty it was so I went back in and gave in to my demands. Ha.

This was the most expensive out of them all but when I swatched it in the shop I thought it was so pretty. It was a subtle sparkle that is in the texture of a cream, but applied as if it was a dust. 

I thought it would look beautiful on the eyes with a nude lip. I don't really work with cream shadows so I think this is a case of tap and go in regards to application. 

I love each and every one of these products and I desperately want to try more of their range, I think they are good value for money and are a great quality brand. I have seen that they do a red eyeliner but I cannot find it in store. 

That is next on my list. 

I love to experiment me!! 

If you haven't already go check them out because in my eyes they are pretty huge!! 


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