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Makeup Revolution Haul // Who Says Drugstore Makeup Can't Compete?!

I's no secret that Makeup Revolution are currently my favourite drugstore brand. And they have just launched the brand in the US!!!

Congratulations :) 

I am in love with their eyeshadow palettes. I actually didn't bother wearing any eyeshadow really for a while, that was until I tried this brand out and fell head over heels. 

Quite a few of my posts have mentioned this brand and that is because all I have to say is good. 

Their pallets range from £4 to £8 and there are many dupes in there for some of the high brand items on the market. I literally cannot get over how amazing they are. 

It's not just the eyeshadow that they do and that I love, they also do eyebrow kits, lipsticks, lip glosses, blushes, bronzers, highlighters... Seriously the list is endless. 

For you today I have a Makeup Revolution haul where I have collected the items over the space of a few months. It is all still current and on the market, so either pop onto their website here...

Or visit your nearest Superdrug.

I have a mixture of matte and shimmer pallets as well as ones boasting neutral shades and beautiful brights. They are so easy to blend to, especially into the crease and with the vast array of colours within the pallets you can create some super cool looks. I will add one of the looks to the bottom of this post. :)

It's my day of birth on the 7th August so I will no doubt be buying more. 

My Palette Collection.
Highlighter = Golden Lights £3 Pink Blush 'Wow' £1 Peach Blush 'Now' £1
This highlighter is SUPER AMAZING!! It seriously gives the nicest highlight on your face for a natural glow. The 'Wow' blush is another fave as you can build up the intensity of the colour.
'Rose Gold' £5

This is so beautiful this colour. I LOVE anything rose gold and this isn't an exception. It sits lovely on your eyes and it portrays such a sunkissed look.
Flawless Matte Palette £8 = 32 shades.

This palette is gorgeous. I only bought it on Friday so I am yet to use it, but if it's like my other palettes, I am very excited to create some looks. Again the rose gold packaging helped sell this to me.
Eyes Like Angels £8 = 32 shades

I love the little pops of bright colours within this palette. I used the orange to create the look at the end of this post. The colours in each palette are so pigmented and you can layer the colour to how intense you want it.
Blush Stick 'Matte Malibu' £5

This is meant to be used as a blush (I gather by the title) but I have actually bought it as contour product. It's amazing at creating shadows in the places that require depth on my face. Definitely great to use as a contour stick and at a fraction of the price of many sticks out there.
Essential Mattes £4

Since I have bought this I have been using it every day to create a a smokey eye look. (If I can find a picture of this look I will insert it at the end)I love this palette A LOT. It's so versatile. I use this one and the Mermaids & Unicorn palette the most.
Redemption Palette Iconic 2 £4 *Dupe for Naked 2*
Iconic Pro 1 £6.99
Run Boy Run Palette £6

You can tell I love my nudes/neutral colours. :D
Focus and Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit 'Dark' £2.50

This is the only product I use for my brows (they also have an eyebrow stick which is also good, as I have used it). It contains everything you need. If you want good brow game this is the product to use.
Matte Lipsticks 'Beloved' 'Divine' & 'Nude' £1 each
These are such pretty shades and you know me I love a matte lipstick as it's the only formula I will wear. These aren't matte enough for me as I like them to be REALLY matte. I do however want to try out the Iconic Pro Lipsticks. These along with some other products are on my previous blog post 'Birthday Wishlist. Go check it out. 

I haven't included a picture of everything but you get the gist of how amazing this company is. They are so underrated and I LOVE them. 

Check out some of my looks below, created with some of their products. 

L x


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