Sunday, 26 July 2015

Birthday Wishlist // ft. Makeup Revolution, MAC, Boohoo, Canon, Foxy Locks & More.

Birthday Wishlist

Afternoon guys!! 

Yay, it's 12 days until my birthday!! :D 

I don't know why I am saying yay as I am going to be turning 28 and that's no fun. I am still single and childless. My child is SO going to end up coming from a test tube the rate I am going... Anyway that's another story. 

Okay, so lets be positive about the situation. Well this weekend I am having a girly one with my friend, just chilling with junk food and movies. Looking forward to that. And yeah, the Friday after is my birthday (7th Aug). Yes, I am going shopping the same as I do every year. Boring I know, but I refuse to do nothing. I am going to the Safari Park the next day though which I am super excited about. Totally in my element there and I can take my DSLR and take some awesome pictures. It better not rain!!!

Above, I have collated some images into a montage of the items I have been wanting for a long while and will maybe get on my actual birthday. *I won't get it all though, I'll end up broke*

Going from left to right I will give you a little lowdown on why I have picked what I have. 

1. Canon EF 75-300 f/04 0-5.6 III Lens. I need some new lenses ready for the event I am going to in London (Sept) where I am booked as a photographer. I also REALLY want the Pancake lens, 40mm and 50mm. I also want a really good zoom lens. They are SO expensive though.

2. Foxy Locks Hair Extensions in 'Sunkissed Brown 230g'. Okay, so I had a lot hair cut off in March and I have gone this long without extensions. Granted my hair is still pretty long but for me not long enough. I want it a lot blonder than it is now but I don't want to damage my hair. I have had Foxy Locks for years now and for me they are the best on the market. 

3. Zoeva Rose Gold Eye Set. I have wanted these brushes for years!!! I would like the face brushes too. They aren't cheap but I know they are good. I think they are around £40 but they are definitely something I want in my brush collection sharpish. 

4. Mac Matte Lipsticks. I LOVE Mac lipsticks, I only wear matte formulas and these are some of the best. I am after shades, 'Honeylove', 'Lady Danger', 'Flat Out Fabulous' and 'Pink Pigeon'.

5. Mac Lip Liners. I love these liners, they are long wearing and durable. Yes they are pricey for a pencil but they last ages. Again I am after the shades 'Ruby Woo', 'Night Moth', 'Soar', 'Whirl', 'What A Blast', 'Magenta' and 'Shock Value'. Not a lot then :P

6. Mac Paint Pot in 'Painterly' and Mac 'Pale' Lip Erase. Again I have wanted these for quite a while too. 'Painterly' as it's a good eyeshadow base and lip erase as it takes the colour out from your lips to provide a good base for your lipsick. 

7. Dixi Ring. They have some beautiful sterling silver rings. I love anything that is colourful and stands out. 

8. Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Matte Lipsticks. There are five shades and I want to try them all. 

9. Makeup Revolution Concealer Corrector Pallet. This is new out and I really want to try it and see if it works for my blemishes and dark circles. It looks amazing. 

10. Instax Printer. I love this as you can link it to your phone and print out instax (Polaroid) sized pictures without the actual camera. It's quite pricey though. 

11. Nanshy Brushes. The face brushes look amazing. I need these in my life. I particually like the 'Luxury Makeup Brush Set' and the 'Masterful Collection- Pearlescent White'. 

12. Boohoo 'Jeeny' Camel coat. I am in love with this coat. It's perfect and a total staple for autumn/winter. 

13. Hand weights. My current weights are MASSIVE and SO heavy. I need some smaller ones for every day use. 

14. Ikea Alex Makeup Storage Drawers. I have wanted these for SO long, they are so clean and pretty looking. Every girl has these and I need to be one of them. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and maybe given you some idea's for your own wish list. 

Until later... Adios. 

L x


Sunday, 12 July 2015

Makeup Revolution Mermaids vs Unicorns Palette // Drugstore Beauty At Its Best!!!

leya hutton

It's a Sunday afternoon, the windows are open, the sun is kind of shining and my hay fever has taken it upon itself to torment me majorly. 

This only means one thing, blogging time. 

Today ladies I have a makeup related post (my favourite thing since curry).

I have dedicated this post to a fairly new brand called Makeup Revolution, which in my opinion doesn't get enough credit. 

I love their products!!! Literally these are a really good drugstore brand with a vast array of affordable products and contain many a dupe for some of the high end makeup items on the market. 

I have 9 of their eyeshadow palettes and I love them all. They are highly pigmented and have some super-watt staying power even without a primer. 

The palette I am currently reaching for A LOT at the moment is the...

Mermaids vs Unicorns. 

leya hutton

It has a captivating array of greens and blues merging its way to purple and pinks. Myself, I am a Mermaid girl. I LOVE the blues and greens in this palette. 

I have quite blue eyes and I find the blues in this palette really make my eyes pop. I LOVE the bright, bold blue especially to add depth and saturation. 

At a steal this palette is only £4. Yes, you heard me correctly, £4. And there is a lot of product in the palette too. 

I love all of their products (I know I have said that before), especially their eyeshadow's and I am completely on board with the brand. You can find Makeup Revolution in Superdrug or at their online store. 

leya hutton

leya hutton

leya hutton

leya hutton

leya hutton

leya hutton

leya hutton

leya hutton

L x

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Barry M Stiletto Nails // With Collection Glitter Tips.

I am not usually a "girly girl" but recently I have been loving doing my nails!!

Now my nails never grow nicely, they are thin and weak and break very easily. I have now taken a liking to wearing false nails, which are probably not helping my natural nails to strengthen, but hey I am impatient.

I am not so much into the square style nails or really long ones either and I am not a fan of going to the salon when you can get the same effect at home. Cheapskate! 

I have been reaching for mainly oval falsies but I thought this time I would try out the 'stiletto' style nails. 

I suck my thumb when I am tired so I had to cut the one thumb down as it was stabbing the roof of my mouth. Pain in the arse.

I went for a nude base with faded glitter tips for this look as it goes with everything and I fancied experimenting. :) 

For this look I used Elegant Touch 'Totally Bare' Stiletto false nails in 003 short.Barry M's 'Sunset Daylight Curing' nail paint which teamed with the topcoat creates a salon worthy gel sheen without the UV lamp. The daylight sets it. The base is shade is 509 'Like A Nude' and the topcoat is 512. For the tips I tried out Collection's 'long Lasting Nail Effects'in shade 31 'Touch of Glamour'.

This is the end result and I love it. With a little bit more practise I think it would look perfect. 

Go on try it yourself, it's easy peasy. 

L x

P.S. I used my phone cam for these pics (I was being lazy and didn't use my DSLR)



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