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Placebo Concert March 2015 // The Best Night Of My Life!!!

I have decided to do a different kind of post today and it's about something pretty close to my heart. 

Some of you may have heard of the amazing band Placebo and for those of you who have not... Where have you been all your life?! 

Words cannot really describe how much I love this band, they produce the most technically awesome music out there and even if you don't know who they are, you are bound to know one of their songs. 

I am not going to give you their biography, so what you waiting for? Go Google them!!:)

The hot front man Brian Molko, has the most alluring voice and a somewhat hypnotising stage presence. You cannot help but stare at him and even if he wasn't in a band he would still have the same effect on me. Why are all the good ones untouchable?! *sighs*

Brian writes frickin awesome songs that will always resonate with what ever you are feeling at the particular time, it's a skill not many musicians possess within the 'pop culture' this is real. 

Placebo as a band (who consist of Brian, Stefan and now Matt) produces 'real' music and when performing with the touring members you can feel a strong connection that makes live shows INCREDIBLE!!


On the 18th March 2015 I saw them live again for the 3rd time at the O2 Academy in Birmingham and it was THE best night of my life!!


This story is a crazy one with lots of pictures!

It's going to be good!!

I wanted to get to the gig early so I had a chance to get as near to the front as possible, I managed to arrive at 5.30 pm and the queue was pretty small. 

Ha, I decided I needed to be tall that night so I wasn't stuck behind some person with mega height on them. I had a bright idea to wear these...

Yeah... Not so bright, because let me tell you, even though these gave me the height I needed boy didn't they kill my feet and legs off!! 

Anyway, I stood waiting until the doors opened at 7 pm and by that time my feet were already hurting. Placebo played at the O2 Academy just over a year ago so I knew how small the place was. 

I walked through the doors and there was the stage with just a handful of people around it (the lucky buggers with O2 Priority passes I may add), and I knew where Brian was going to have his mic placed so I made sure I got a spot around there. I was literally like 3 people width wise away from the front and I was stood in front of lots of shorter people. Score.

And then 'BOOM' a frickin tree stands right in front of me. Turns out the girl in front of me needed her boyfriend to hug her throughout the gig (I mean seriously)! I met this real nice couple next to me who I spoke to on and off and there was this older guy next to me on the right who announced that his two cups of beer's he was holding cost £19!! I almost choked when I heard that. Is he mad?!

I had my ear plugs in and this 'beer guy' kept trying to talk to me. I was more worried that his drinks were going to go flying over me when the music started than what he was actually asking me. 
I have a real dry sense of humour so can come across quite sarcastic sometimes, he asked me whether I had a boyfriend. I said "I don't have one" and put my ear plugs back in and turned away before he asked me anything else, I was going to say that I was a lesbian but he might of liked that idea so I thought, keep it short and sweet. Ha. 

There is always one.

The lights went dim and all I could see was the stage lights getting brighter. It was starting. 

At this point I was breathing through the pain of my feet and then the supporting band come on stage and graced me with their presence. 

'The Mirror Trap' was the name of the band and I had never heard of them before and I tell you now they are and were AWESOME!! 

Their music to me is quite similar to Placebo's in the guitar riffs and the genre. They are a five piece band and had amazing stage presence. 

My camera always makes me look further away from the stage than I actually am and I struggled to take totally clear pictures. Why would my phone even frickin do that?! Always at gigs. 

As I was saying, these guys were great. The front man Garry was very charismatic, had some god damn quirky dance moves (I loved it) and the songs were memorable and catchy, plus Garry is HOT!!

Don't quote me on this but I think they played 5 or 6 songs one of which was called 'Piranha'- that is probably incorrect, I had my ear plugs in. Ha. I also remember 'Killing Time'. I was a bloody idiot though because I forgot to pick up their EP at the end of the gig. 

Their set lasted around an hour and they interacted with the crowd brilliantly. They have definitely gained a fan in me and I don't just like any kind of music!! 

Well done boys, I hope to see you guys again soon!! 


My feet were hurting so bad by this point I actually did think I wouldn't be able to make it through Placebo's set. 

I wasn't going to let it defeat me so I carried on like the trooper I am. I had to wait like another hour before Placebo came on. 

Again the lights went dark behind me and the stage lit up. Now I was full on excited, I had little butterflies going on inside and everything. Ha. I cannot even remember who came on first but all I remember was seeing Brian standing in front of me and that was it, I was a goner. He has this weird affect on me, I don't know what it is or how to explain it but this guy literally just 'has' me. I was literally mesmerised throughout the whole gig, it's sad to admit this but I love everything about this man and his band. I just wanted to get up on stage and rock out with them, the stage is where I want to be and they just make me want it even more. 

It's Placebo's 20th anniversary and they played songs from their newest album 'Loud Like Love' back to 'Battle for the Sun' 'Meds' and even 'Black Market Music'. The set was god damn beautiful, there was sooooo much energy coming off that stage and Brian and the rest of the guys were on top form. 

 Steve Forrest who recently left the band as the drummer has been replaced by a guy called Matt... He was actually really good and it didn't feel 'different' at all. It was still Placebo. 

Stefan, Fiona, Nick and Bill were also amazing nothing to fault at all and man can't they work their instruments!! 

I did notice something was up with Nick at a certain point of the gig and I thought he wasn't well, I later found out that he fell over on stage. I didn't see it but I think it knocked him about a bit. :( 

I had soooo many people waving their arms into my head and smacking into me it was difficult at times but it's a gig and that's what happens. It got really hot in there I don't think I have sweated so much in my life literally I was dripping everywhere. I thought I was going to pass out at one point. Brian was pouring with sweat I could see it drip of his hair and everything, it must be so hard playing a guitar, singing and being extremely hot. I didn't envy him at that point, although it just made him look even hotter. :)

The couple I was talking to at the beginning of the gig had re-shuffled and the lady was in front of me. I had some girls behind me push me into her and I apologised to her and told her what happened and the next thing I knew she grabbed me and pulled me in front of her. I was at the front. I couldn't believe it, it was the nicest thing and I was shocked she even contemplated it. I was so grateful to her. 

Last year (probs like a year and three months actually) I didn't make it to the end of the gig as a fight broke out and I was in the middle, so I left before I got hurt. This year I made it to the end and it was without a doubt the best gig I have ever been to of theirs and in general. They were amazing and even if you aren't sure of their music when you hear it on a C.D, go and see them live because you have seen nothing yet. 

I forgot my good camera so had to make do with the Iphone. It let me down big time. Honestly I was nearer to the stage than it looks. 

I have been a fan for 10 years and when I finally got to see the end of the show up close where they all held hands and bowed to the audience it was the best 'complete' feeling. It made me sad though because it was over and for a moment I was in their bubble and living their music with them.

They bowed and left the stage waving. I was so happy!

Then I realised... My feet. I could barely walk by this point and was walking like I seriously had something wrong with me. Ha. 

Now this is the BEST bit. 

Mum and dad met me outside the arena where I took my shoes off. Bliss pure bliss. 

I walked to where the tour buses were and to my car (where my dad had parked it between the buses) and I saw a friend waiting, I went over to speak to her and we noticed the security guys putting the barriers up . My friend said to me "they usually do that if Brian is going to come out" we walked over to the barriers and then everyone started rushing up. I was worried my feet were going to get crushed if Brian did make an appearance, so asked my dad for my shoes. 

My feet started cramping and after around 25 minutes of waiting I couldn't wait any more as my legs were about to give way. I called the security guy over and asked him if it would be okay if I came through the barriers to my car as I could no longer stand. 

He looked suspiciously at me, which is understandable but I reassured him I am not a crazy fan I just need to get to my car and that he can escort me if needed. He helped me walk to my car and said "I don't know why you guys wait, it's just a person" and I turned to him and said " I have waited 10 years to meet Brian and it would just be my luck that when I go he will come out". 

I got in my car and almost went to leave and the same security guard came running up and said to me "want to know a little secret, Brian is coming out now" I didn't know what to do with myself, the backstage door was inches from me and my dad was like "LEYA GET OUT OF THE CAR!!!" I hobbled out shoeless and waited at the barrier next to the door and it was just me stood there, the others were still down at the other end. 

Then it happened!!
The door flew open, a guy came out and looked at me as if to say "hey I wasn't expecting anyone to be here" and then BRIAN CAME OUT!!! hdjudsbgubgfjdbnjgvbnjfd. 

I can't remember a lot of this but dad said he looked up out of his hood at me. All I remember was looking at him thinking "oh my god, Brian is in front of me, I look a mess, marry me, me and Brian are face to face one on one and I have waited so long for this moment". Now I am not a stereotypical fan that would jump on the guy, ask for a picture, cry and say I love him (even though I wanted to do all of those) and instead said "hi" ha ha ha, yeah I was so shocked at it all I said "hi" he came over and signed my ticket and out of all of the things I could talk to him about I decided I would tell him about my crippled feet!!!

YES MY FEET!!! Why can't I ever come out with something good?! I said thanks for signing my ticket and the concert was amazing, he smiled and nodded before he was ushered off to the other people. 

I would of loved to of had an actual conversation with him, he really intrigues me but obviously that wasn't going to happen. 

Maybe next time... On the tour bus? 

I will keep dreaming.   

And that was that, I got back into the car and went home a VERY happy woman with my autographed ticket. 

I will never forget that night or meeting Brian. I can't help but wonder if he will ever remember meeting me?

If he thinks of feet or red lipstick then maybe so. Ha. 

If you want to hear clips of me singing their songs you can find them...



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