Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas Is The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!! // Bedroom Festive Décor.

Ohhhhh hi!!! :) 

It has been sooooooooooooo long since I last wrote a post. Actually it's not been that long, but long enough. 

Today I am back with a post, which if you know me, you will know that this will be about one of my favourite topics. 


This year has gone so quickly, I cannot believe it's the 6th of December already. It is just flying by. In a way I am excited because it's nearing actual Christmas day, but then it kind of makes me sad because once Christmas is over it's the new year and I cannot stand the beginning of the new year. 

Look at me being a Debbie Downer. Ha. 

Over the last couple of months whilst I haven't been blogging I have in fact been re-decorating my room and buying lots of new Christmas decorations. I have completely got rid of the purple and black walls (what was I thinking when I chose those colours?! Yuk) and I now have a white and rose gold/copper themed room. 

This year for Christmas I wanted a full on Christmas coloured theme, so I have gone for white, red and gold. I have a new white wardrobe and chest of drawers, a new bed and a new dressing table & mirror. I just need white bedside tables and lamps and white storage for my DVD's & CD's as my TV is going to go on my wall. 

Cannot deal with the brown furniture.  

So, now that my room is decorated I thought I would show you all of the Christmas things I have put out to make my room all Christmassy and festive. 

On a side note, I do have to take my frickin Christmas tree back to Asda as it's faulty :( I am so sad about this as I will have to take all of the decorations off to get it exchanged and then re-decorate it. Oh the lights don't work, that's why it' faulty. 

Even Cody has been colour coordinated.
And so is Bear <3


Sunday, 4 October 2015

Halloween Makeup // A Simple And Effective D.I.Y Look If You're On A Budget!!!

It's almost frickin Halloween guys!!!! Literally, I love this season so much. And next it is CHRISTMAS!!! I know I say this in almost every post recently but I am seriously so excited. 

I believe that Halloween is what it is, if you're going on a night out and you're dressing up you should represent "HALLOWEEN" and go out looking like the living dead!!! I wanted my face to say it all. 

Tonight's post is going to show you a Halloween look that I created previously. It's a look that has maximum effect with little effort. Perfect right?! I don't know what kind of creature I was meant to look like, maybe a Zombie. Who knows. Ha. 

All that was used was some dark eyeshadow (from the Makeup Revolution pallet's) and red lipstick, that was it!!! And if I am being honest I think the final look is mega creepy and that's what I was aiming for!! 

This isn't a tutorial post, just a pictorial one that will hopefully give you some inspiration for your own Halloween look this year.

L x

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Bloggers London Fashion Week #BLFW // My first ever event!!

Afternoon :) 

So on Monday (just gone) I traveled from the Shire to London taaaaawn to attend my first ever blogger's event. 

It was held at the Oxo Tower (2nd floor) right next to the River Thames, hosted by The Bloggers Hangout. 

It took me a good few hours to get down there and MAN weren't there a lot of A-hole drivers on the motorway. At one point I didn't think I was going to make it, it was THAT BAD!!! 

Yeah, so, the dress code was to be all in black, which is pretty easy for me as 90% of my wardrobe is black. :D I was booked as a photographer for the event which I was extremely grateful for, so I was all equipped with my IPhone and my DSLR. I tend to wear my hair in a side plait most of the time until it grows to the length I am happy with. This time though I wanted to change the style up a bit so I started with a french plait and then proceeded onto a 'pull-through' braid. (I will insert a picture below). I kept to my usual day look of a smokey eye and I was practically done :)

Typically, my name wasn't on the list as 'LEYA', so the security guard at the event couldn't find me. There was however a 'Leah' which I gathered was me. It was 12 pm when we were all allowed in and I was SO tired as I had been up at 5.30 am. Zonked. 

The room was mainly white and it was filled with lots of different brands and companies eager to show everyone their products and to inform us about their companies. It had a chilled and relaxed atmosphere which was nice because I was pretty anxious. I talked to A LOT of people that day and everyone was lovely. There was music playing by a live DJ and drinks were being served. It was very classy and Instagramable. <- I know that isn't a word. :D

I didn't realise there was a 'gifting' room where brands gift you their products to try out and possibly review so I hit that room last. It was nice finding out about companies that I haven't heard of before and to try their products out. 

My favourite brand by far was 'With Love Lilly' and they are a mother & daughter owned company who create and make to fit, lingerie. The pieces that they make are adorable, unique and so feminine. They are so unique and beautiful, as soon as I saw the rail with them all on I shot straight over to them. They weren't gifting that day as their products are made to fit but a few minutes after I had left, the mum came over and gave me one of the bra's I loved as a gift from herself and her daughter. I was so shocked as I wasn't expecting that at all and I was so thankful. I liked a lot of their products so I didn't know until I got home on which one I was gifted.
This one is out in October and I am in LOVE with it.
How beautiful is this bra. Sorry for the revealing picture but it was too cute not to show!!

The event had some great beauty brands there, I love nail polish and there were two brands there that I hadn't heard of that I really liked and then there was good old Barry M. 

The two brands are 'Little Ondine' and 'True Brit'. Little Ondine pride themselves on the fact that their polishes are "composed of natural resin, organic colourants and water". That means no nasty polish smell!! I really liked this idea as it is nicer for your nail and not so harsh. And apparently their polish just peels off. I am yet to try the product but it sounds really good. 

True Brit have a similar stance on what the polish components consist of. Their product is "exclusively blended with Natural Flower Oils, Vitamin E, Elderflower and Rose. It sounds so luxurious".

Two really nice brands. I cannot wait to try the products I was given.

As far as skin care goes, there were a couple of brands that gifted me and those were 'Kleem Organics' and 'Heaven by Deborah Mitchell' 

Kleem Organics gave me a Vitamin C Serum that is an all-in-one anti-aging product that smells of oranges. It reminded me of the Vitamin C range in The Body Shop. The texture of the serum is so soft and doesn't leave a sticky residue. The product is also cruelty free and not tested on animals which is AMAZING, as everyone knows I am against testing on animals. I can't wait to use this product properly. 

Heaven by Deborah Mitchell is a brand that is currently being used by the Royal Family, Camilla in particular. I have never heard of this brand before but it seems like a luxury brand one of which I can imagine being quite pricey. I haven't got any leaflets about the product but they are cute.

A brand called Miglio Designer Jewellery had some beautiful pieces on show too, I especially loved the rose gold finish products.

Oooohhh another brand I like is Berrywhite Organic drinks. Their product contains organic fruits with white tea and herbal extracts. They are sugar free too. I dislike sugar free drinks as they have that nasty aftertaste but these drinks don't. I had a taste of the blueberry and pomegranate sparkling drink and I really liked it. They also gave me some products to take home and try.


Pudology were also there and I used to deal with the company at my old place of work. They started following me on Twitter, where I realised that their products are gluten and dairy free which I was really happy about. Lucy Wager who is the director had a lovely chat with me about the company when I asked her some questions. I tried the Millionaire pudding and it was awesome. I expected it to taste horrible because it was 'free' from a lot of things but it just tasted like a normal pudding but without all of the crap. I need to buy this product!!!

Other brands that were there included: 

Halo hair extensions

Fleur of England - A lingerie brand

Motel Rocks



Paul & Joe


Barry M

Maison Ves- Candle Company

The rest of the day

My gifts
I got gifted so much <3

I missed the fashion catwalk as I had to leave early due to the fact I had a hospital appointment for a scan early the next morning and papa Hutt was driving. I would like to say a massive thank you to The Bloggers Hangout for booking me as a photographer for the event and for the goody bag at the end too. They organised and put on a cracking event and I loved every minute of it. 

Also a massive thank you to the Oxo Tower for letting all us bloggers into your venue for the day and a HUGE thank you to all the brands that gifted me and who I spoke to. 

I hope you like this post and I can't wait for the next event.

L <3 

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