Sunday, 19 October 2014

Christmas Haul // Holiday's are coming!!!

It's 66 days, 10 hours and 30 minutes until CHRISTMAS!!!

(At the time of writing this) 

I am SO excited!!!!

If you have been reading my other posts' you will probably notice I mention Christmas A LOT. I get so excited you would actually think I was a child and not 27!! I just love the atmosphere. People seem a lot more happier, the Christmas lights when you are walking down a street just makes everything magical. And for someone who really dislikes the cold, I love to be outside all wrapped up buying presents for my family and friends. 

It's the best time!! Period. 

Recently, whilst I have been out shopping I have been picking up some Christmas related items, mostly for my bedroom but a couple for myself. 

One thing I did buy yesterday actually, won't be featured on this post as I have to take it back to the shop to be exchanged for something else. Those would be Pyjama's. I bought some red and white 'legging' style PJ's with Reindeers on and they were massive on me and I decided I didn't like them.

But here are some of the things I have been collecting. 

Primark Battery Lights.


I love these little battery lights. I already have some butterfly shaped one's and these are star's, I thought these would be perfect in my room at Christmas draped around my bed. Nice & cosy.

B & M Christmas Mug


Everyone need's a Christmas mug in their lives. 
Well I do anyway.

This is going to be perfect when I come home from work on a cold evening, and stick some hot chocolate, squirty cream and marshmallows' in it. 


B & M Heart Mug


This isn't exactly 'Christmas' themed this mug but it did kind of remind me of it. I think it's the colours. I bought this mug for work to have my hot chocolate in. 

I don't even drink a lot of hot drinks, yet I love buying mugs. 

Weirdo :) 

B & M Cushion


I LOVE this cushion!! I have been looking for one of these for ages. A pillow that will go with the colour scheme of my room and one that screams the festive season. 

It's really pretty and a fairly good size. I think it is really Christmasy too. I am planning on getting some more. 

Primark Christmas Jumper


How cute is this jumper?!
 I bought this because I have a Christmas jumper day at work on the 12th December and I also love the fact that if you press a button, the jumper start's playing 'Jingle Bells' (I think that's what it was). 

Teamed with my blue coat and knitted hat I think this is the perfect Christmas look if you are out Christmas shopping. 

B & M Wall Hanging Decoration


This is super cute! 

I want it to be December so I can hang this up by my bed!!!

B & M Christmas Candle Set.


I think these are going to look really pretty around my room. I literally love candles at the moment, I don't know what these smell of but if they smell nasty then I will swap the candles over with my Yankee's.

B & M 'Merry Christmas' Sign.


This is awesome. It stands out so much against my wall!!!

The glitter goes everywhere though, but who doesn't love a bit of glitter at that time of year?! 

New Look Backpack. 


I have been carrying this around with me everywhere. This backpack is perfect for the winter months, it keeps your arms free for when you have all those shopping bags hanging off them. 

I love the muted colours too, so it goes with practically everything. The gold hardware adds sophistication and makes it look more expensive than it really is. 

A must have this winter.

I did have some other little bits like some socks and candles but I didn't think you'd be all that interested in those. Slowly but surely though I am building on my 'Christmas' collection and when I get paid I am sure I will be buying some more. 

I hope you are as excited about Christmas as I am and I would love to see other Christmas related posts!!! Link me in if you have written one. :) 


Sunday, 5 October 2014

Primark, Lush & Superdrug Haul // Autumn Style!!!


I am sooooo sorry that I haven't written a post in over a week. I have been super busy with my new job and it has left me exhausted. Today however, I made it my mission to get everything I needed to get done in the morning so I had some "me" time this evening. 

You will like to know though that this weekend I couldn't help but buy myself some treats. 

I think I have deserved it!!! 

I was after a couple of things that I had made a mental note of during the week and made it my mission to find them. 

I LOVE this time of year, I used to be a Summer lover but as time has passed I am really into Autumn especially and Winter. This season means lots of hot chocolate's (with squirty cream), beautifully scented candles, hot water bottles, long hot bubble baths. Halloween, Hocus Pocus ( I am watching it now) cosy bed days, crunchy autumn leaf walks, layering, Bonfire night, darker makeup & CHRISTMAS!!  

With this in mind I took a little visit into Lush, Primark and Superdrug. 

I will start with my FAVOURITE place EVER...


Lush have brought out their long awaited Halloween and Christmas range. I have been super excited for this day for weeks now and I made it my task to buy some of it.

I am not kidding you their new products are AMAZING. I love all of Lush's stuff anyway but I am a massive Halloween and Christmas enthusiast and I wanted it ALL. I was like a child in a sweet shop. I will be buying so much more next weekend, it's inevitable. Ha. 

Want to see what I bought?

I thought so :)

I went for two Halloween and two Christmas ones.
I really want the Santa one's, the purple stick and the silver star. 

Next time.

This one is the 'Christmas Eve' Bubble Bar and you guessed it, I will be using this exactly on Christmas Eve with my new Yankee (Christmas tree smelling) candle. I love the colours & the smell and I cannot wait to use this. It gets me really excited for Christmas now.

Hello there 'Candy Mountain' this was the last one left of these Bubble Bars and I snagged that right up. It does literally smell of candy, I could sniff it all day long. It's really girly and I bet it creates the most gorgeous bubbles!!

This is the 'Cinders' Bath Bomb and I am super excited to try this as it contains popping candy, cinnamon leaf oil ( I am a sucker for warming cinnamon smells) and is perfect for those cold Autumn nights leading up to Halloween.

WOW!!! This Bubble Bar is beautiful!!

The 'Sparkly Pumpkin' is 100% going to be used on Halloween night!!! I got told the glitter won't leave me like Edward Cullen which I am quite happy about and it smells lovely. 

I cannot wait to use this either. 


When describing all the things I love about this season cosy jumpers hats, PJ's & accessories are a fashion must have and I picked up some cuties from Primark.

Christmas PJ Bottoms - £6

Cosy Heart Jumper - £14

Knitted Bobble Hat - £3

Christmas Socks £2.50 (pack of 2)

Hair Scrunchies £1.50

I love this look and you can never go wrong with a bit of black and white. Monochrome is totally in this winter and you can mix it in with some berry colours to make your outfit extra Autumn looking. 

I do love my makeup and I buy a lot of it. I saw an advert on the television the other night advertising Loréal's new red, matte lipstick range. I spotted a shade I really liked and I only wear matte so I had to go and see what these were about.

LoréalColour Riche Collection Privée Red Lipstick
in 'Liya' - £6.99

I also picked up...

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 hour Cream Eyeshadow 
in 'On and On Bronze' - £4.99

I am loving earthy tones on my eyes at the moment so I wanted to try a cream eyeshadow and the Maybelline one is in a really nice shade. I have never worked with cream shadow before so I will see how it goes and I really liked the brown eyeliner, it compliments the shadow and my blue eyes. 

So that's it ladies and gents. 

I hope you liked what I bought this weekend and that some of it has caught your eye for you to buy yourself?

Let me know what you think. 

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