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Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick // Review.

Hey ladies (possibly gents) I haven't written a post in like 5 days as I have been so busy and haven't had the time to stop and write a post properly. 

However, today I am doing a review on one of the products that most of the blogger's are raving about!

I am glad I am doing this post today as the time off has given me the chance to buy the shades that I wanted to try out.

I want to give an objective and realistic review, especially after trying out the different shades and wearing them long enough to form an opinion. 

And as stated in the title I will be reviewing the 'Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks'. 

I watch Gabby's (VelvetGh0st) YouTube channel religiously and I was sat there one day and thought to myself "I really like her lip colour, I wonder what lipstick that is?" and it turned out that she answered it in her video. Coincidence?

 The colour looked so vibrant and matte (my favourite type of lippy) and when she said the brand I thought I would go and get the colour that she was wearing. Which was... Shade 05 called 'OlĂ© flamingo!' I think that's what it was anyway.

I have been into both Superdrug and Boots a few times really wanting to try these lipsticks out but they are £8.99 each. I didn't want to buy it and then hate it like I did with the Revlon Matte Balms. So at first I went for just the one lipstick.

To be honest with you this product is more of a lip lacquer/gloss  than a lipstick before it dries, but it dries to like a matte lipstick so that's how I am going to describe it. 

When I did some swatches of it in the shop I LOVED how it glided on smoothly and actually did feel like velvet when you wiped it off. I was so excited to try this out. It comes in 8 different shades, ranging from vibrant reds, through to popping pinks and lastly mellow nudes. 

I am not going to lie I really did not like it at all when I first tried it out on my lips. The applicator was horrific to use, you couldn't get a nice outline with it and my lips just looked uneven and wobbly. I was so disappointed that I had bought another product that didn't live up to the hype of other blogger's. And that I had wasted my money. 

I left it for a couple of days and decided to go back to it, but this time use a lip liner brush with the product to line my lips first. 

This did the trick, I got some of the product and carefully outlined my lip so that all the lines were straight and my lips looked even. I then proceeded to use the original applicator to fill in my lips and do the finishing touches. The product glides on soooooo smoothly it's a dream. It feels so nice on your mouth and applies pretty evenly.

The consistency of the product is quite thick especially in appearance, but you can apply it either thinly or build it up to produce a more of a bright look. 

The colour payoff is true to how it looks in the packaging but only if you either layer it up or apply it super thick. If you want to go for a more subtle look then just apply a thin coat and it finishes with a softer tone.

Like it says, it dries to a matte finish and I LOVE IT!! It is true to its word. Sometimes you don't even notice you have anything on, but sometimes I a can apply it a little too thickly towards the inside of the lip. I then get that annoying thick rim which I have to try and remove or blend in. 

It has some staying power too, so when you eat or drink it doesn't really budge which is amazing and always a positive when buying a lip product. I am always eating something so I like to feel comfortable with my chosen lippy of the day. 

I loved the product that much I bought two more shades (they have an offer on at Superdrug currently for 'buy one get one half price').

I bought shade 03 'Hot Pepper'.

I think this shade is actually my favourite go to product currently. The colour is super vibrant and it dries to such a nice colour... Just like the picture. Love it.

The last colour I bought was shade 06 'Pink pong'.

I haven't tried this one yet.

I hope I have cleared up any of your doubts about the product and I would highly recommend using a lip brush to line the product as the applicator is too clumsy.

If you love the sound of this product but haven't yet tried it  then head on over to Superdrug and take up the offer.

Click here to view product. 

I will also insert a #OTTD (outfit of the day) picture now to show you what I teamed my makeup with.



  1. These look beautiful on you!Also you are so gorgeous!
    Keep in touch
    Antonella :)

  2. Absolutely love these lipsticks, the colours are so gorgeous. I’ve just done a review of them on my blog, which you can read here.

    Monica x

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