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What I Got For My Birthday // The Lowdown!!

*DISCLAIMER* "I am in no way bragging about what I received/brought for my birthday. I like reading and watching posts like these and I thought it would be nice to follow up from my 'Birthday Wishlist'. Some people are interested in subjects like this as much as I am so I hope you enjoy reading this post and if any of you have post's like this I would love to read/watch them. Leave any links in my comments". 


The time had come to say "hello" to my birthday and "goodbye" just as quickly. 

I hate it when that happens. 

I get so excited about things really easily and remain that way for months until the day is finally upon me. 

Then I get the blues. 

So, here is the lowdown of the run up to my day of birth and the actual day I was popped out into the world. 

The week running up to my birthday I decided to get sick. I don't know what it was, some sort of bug but all I know was I felt extremely rotten. I had a constant sickness feeling so spent most of my time trying to sleep it off. I went off all food and drink and could barely move. The night before my birthday (6th August) I was meant to be going to the cinema with my brother and then grabbing a pizza after. That didn't happen because I was far too ill to leave the house, so we watched a movie in my room instead until like 2 am. 

The morning of my birthday I thought I would wake up feeling so much better. I was wrong, I still felt really rough. My parent's had to practically drag me out of bed to open my cards and presents. I was still excited though! :) 

This is what I came downstairs to.


My parents always make it pretty downstairs on my birthday. It reminds me of when I was younger and I am a stickler for tradition. In our household it's always tradition for mum and dad to keep things like this a secret and I am not allowed to come downstairs until the morning. 

I had mostly money and the couple of presents you see there are off my parents as little 'extra's'.

This is what they were.

My brother brought me THE BEST present EVER. And it was one of the main things I had put on my 'Wishlist' post. I will keep what he brought me a secret until the end of the post as an element of surprise for you!!! He tried to get it for me to open on my birthday but it had sold out everywhere in the shops so it was being delivered into store the next day. I was that shocked I cried a little (plus I was all emotional anyway due to feeling sick. Ha). 

Yeah, so I had brought a dress to wear specially on my birthday. Call it my 'birthday outfit'. And it's very different to what I usually wear, it's quite 'girly' for me and it was from Topshop. 

I fell in love with it when I saw it. Whether it suited me or not, I am not too sure.

By this point I was feeling a little better. I hadn't been shopping properly for ages and couldn't wait to get out of the house. I went to Merryhill (near Birmingham, UK) shopping centre as all the shops are indoors and it's always been a tradition for me to go there. I even got a free Krispy Kreme because it was my birthday. :)

The first place I ALWAYS wonder into is the Disney Store. I LOVE it in there, I am such a child, I walk in there and wish I had toys like that available when I was younger. Awesome place to unleash your inner child.

Next I stopped off at Lush!! The lady that served me in that store was a little rude, she kept staring at me and made me feel really uncomfortable. So I only brought one thing as I didn't want to stay there any longer. Not like the Bristol and Worcester stores who have super cool staff.

Not long after this I thought it was best to probably eat something as I hadn't eaten for a few days and I was hoping it wouldn't make me feel worse. It actually made me feel a lot better and it was really nice. I went to the food hall where they have loads of different canteens. There was Indian food, Chinese, Greek, Italian, a fish and chip shop and your good ol' faves like KFC and Burger King. I really liked the look of the Indian food so had a Chicken Tikka wrap with 'Aloo fries' (chips). I was going to go for the curry but I didn't want anything to heavy, it was really good, I took half of the chicken out as I am not a massive meat eater. But it did the trick. :)

I am now going to show you the rest of the morning snaps and what I brought that day. I didn't actually get as much as I thought I would as I started to flag towards the end of the afternoon. So I still have quite a bit of money left over. When I got home mum and dad put out little bits of party food and then I had my cake. It was a pretty good birthday all in all and I had some nice messages on Facebook and Twitter. 

I felt the love.

P.S. Don't forget to take a look at what my brother brought me at the end of this post!! :)

I brought the 'Sex Bomb' bath bomb.

I got a couple of things off my 'wishlist' but when visiting Superdrug to get the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, I came across this brand of makeup, Makeup Revolution to be exact. And apparently they come from the people who created MUA. The prices were great and the man at the till forgot to charge me for the 18 coloured eyeshadow pallete. SCORE. I didn't realise until I got out the store and checked my receipt. 

Thanks for my extra birthday present. *Thumbs up*.

The jumper and trousers were from H&M. Most of my clothes come from there, I love the shop although there sizes are real small. They don't size up very well. Anyway, the jumper was in the sale and the velvet textured stretchy jeans were new in. I fell in love with both. Can't wait to wear them!

What I got for my birthday in a nutshell. 

Now for the best present of all....

ufhyikhfihfshaodhyeihi (that is how excited I was/am).

YES!!! He brought me the frickin blue Fujifilm Instax Camera!!!

I haven't used it yet as I want to get more films for it, oh and a case and photo album. Seriously though, how expensive are the films!! Lower the price Fujifilm, no one likes overpriced items. 

Loved it all!! 

P.S. Leo's rule the world!! ;) X 

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