Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Primark Haul // And Some Other Fun Bits!!

Hey lovely people!!

I haven't posted for a couple of days because I have been feeling really unwell. :( I have a bug of some sort and it's my birthday tomorrow (7th Aug) so I am hoping when I wake up it's gone away. 

To try and take my mind of feeling constantly sick I have decided to post my Primark haul. It's only a small one as I brought this stuff a couple of weeks ago now and thought you guys should see it. I have some other things that I have brought, that isn't Primark related so I will add those in too. :) 

Enjoy :)

I LOVE this baby blue/pastel boyfriend coat!!! I have been looking for one EVERYWHERE. I did want the pink version but they didn't have it in stock, so I tried this one on and fell in love with it. Even the colour. It's so soft and definitely doesn't look like a Primark number. Obviously it's a little pre-mature for me to buy a coat whilst we are still in summer. But I like to think ahead and I couldn't let this beauty slip through my fingers. It only cost £23 too which is a complete steal where coats are concerned. 

Love it.

The coat is amazing quality and I cannot wait to wear it in the winter/fall. I got mine in a size 8 and as it's a boyfriend fit it will come up a little larger as that's the style. So I would definitely try it on for fit.

I found this in the Pyjama section so I am gathering it's like a night t-shirt. I tried to get it in a bigger size so it came up like a nighty in length. Evidently even though I brought it in like a size 16 it still came up short. 

I loved the little quote on it and the marble effect. It cost only £5 so not breaking the bank at all and the material is pretty thick so it isn't of cheap quality but thin enough to wear in the summer. 

Just a nice little bedtime comfy staple to wear on it's own or with PJ bottoms.

I have been after some fairy lights to put in my room because I am re-decorating it. These are battery operated ones but I do want some decent plug in ones eventually. But for £3 these are actually pretty decent. You get 20 in the pack and when tested they all worked. 

Not a bad job Primarni!

They look super pretty when turned on!

 This is the final thing that I brought from Primark and it was £1 and it is the best smelling bubble bath ever!! This was the last one and I can see why. It smells like sweets and comes out bright pink. 

A girls dream.

I quickly popped into Superdrug when I was in Birmingham for my brother's birthday and saw the 'Look' makeup stand. Everything was half price as they were discontinuing the brand and this was the only product left. They did have an awesome bright pink lip liner to go with this but it had gone. :(

So yeah, as I have kind of given it away already this is a bright pink lipstick and cost £3.50. They did have the products still on the website when I last looked. It might have changed now though. I haven't tried this lipstick yet because it looks so pretty but I am sure it will be good. It has some cool packaging and the colour is highly pigmented so I am hoping the colour payoff will be the same.

I brought the next items and I will be honest with you, I don't see what the hype is with these Revlon Colourburst Matte Balms. I didn't like how they looked on swatch and it wasn't as matte as I expected them to be. 

I am not a fan and won't be using them.

Obviously I took a little stroll into Lush. Of course. And re-purchased the 'Butterball' as it was so amazing. I will add a little video of me using it at the end of this post. :) 

I also decided to try a bubble Bar called 'Creamy Candy' and it smelt really nice. I wasn't sure if I liked that I had to crumble it into my bath as I burnt my hands a few times. In the end I just did it under the cold water. Since using it though I will definitely be buying some more.

As you can see I went a little overboard with the bubbles.

I hope you enjoyed my haul and I will be back with my birthday one shortly. :) 


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