Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Playboy Makeup. #PlayboyPinUpChallenge

Ladies this is a different post from normal as I have been kindly sent some 'Playboy' makeup gifts from Aqua PR.

They are hosting a 'Playboy Pin Up Challenge' where they want to see what I can create with the range of cosmetics they have sent me. It was really kind of them to send me these and I will be giving a mini review on what I thought of these products and then showing you the look I created. 

Firstly I will start with the mascara. 

This is the Playboy 'Sleek Lashes' lengthening mascara. The box packaging is super pretty and eye-cathing. I love the colour too. The actual mascara packaging is simple yet the brand is clearly visible and it makes the logo stand out.

I always have a problem with mascaras... Yes, in the fact that they never work on my eye lashes. My lashes are the worst, they never curl, they never thicken and they never lengthen with a mascara. Nothing has ever worked on them.

Unfortunately this mascara wasn't any different.

Now just because it didn't make a difference to my lashes doesn't mean it wouldn't for anyone else. I just have stubborn ones. It did sit nicely on my lashes and didn't feel heavy, but for me it did the same as the rest and darkened my lashes and nothing more.

Next in the package was the lipstick (I was quite excited by this).

Again the box packaging retains the same design as the mascara but this time in red and this lipstick is called 'Perfect Kiss' intense lipstick. The lipstick packaging carries the same branded design. 

 I didn't have a clue on what the colour was going to be, I had seen on their twitter account @PlayboyMakeupUK a bright pink lipstick which looked cute so I thought I might get that. 

They know me so well :) 

It was a funky red one!! 

      I didn't know they did a red one so I was super excited to try this as I do love a red lipstick. It smelt really nice too, like perfume scented. I did think it was going to be a matte finish but it wasn't. I love matte lipsticks as for me they give a better finish on my lips, this one was a little glossy for my liking but the colour payoff was brilliant and true to the lipstick itself. It felt nice on my lips too but for me I don't like a shine. I will be wearing this again though as it's a really good lipstick. 

I don't know how much these products retail at, but this lippy would definitely be worth buying. In any of their colours!! I want the bright pink one next. 

Finally I was sent an awesome nail polish. 

I love anything glittery and shiny. And I love this colour.
The polish is called 'Billionaire' which is a rather fitting name for the shade it is. It applies really nicely and there is a lot of glitter which is good, I don't like it when the glitter is sparse. The only downfall I will say is that it takes FOREVER to dry and I have smudged it on a couple of nails now. If you're in a rush this won't be the polish for you. If you aren't in a rush though this nail varnish is awesome. The colour is so nice when dried and it's subtle in appearance but the when the flecks catch the light it glistens. 

I really like this polish a lot. It dries as a warm gold and would be perfect for Autumn/Winter. Oh and CHRISTMAS!!

Now on to the look I created with the products they sent me. I have gone for a vampy/classic pin up look, which is my favourite and the products they sent me work very well with this. 

I have done a step by step in picures. 


(I would like to apologise for the picture quality. It was raining all day where I live in the UK and it was soooo dark in my room. I worked with what I had.)

I have applied my base here. I had a tester of Clarins BB cream so I used that and my trusty Collection 2000 concealer in 'fair' and blended with a mini Bobbi Brown brush.

Ha, my eyebrows are that light it looks like I haven't got any!!

Next I fill in my eyebrows. I have switched to using eyeshadow and an angled brush rather than a pencil to provide a more natural look. I went for heavier eyebrows for this look today.

I then started drawing on my 'cat flicks' with an eye liner pen. I used the Eyeko felt tip style liner. 

I then went into my tight line and waterline with my Rimmel 'Scandleyes' khol pencil liner to define my eyes and blend in the lash liner. 

The next step is to use the mascara on the tops of my lashes to darken them and fill in any gaps. Here I am using the Playboy mascara that I was sent. 

This is my completed eye look. I took the liner around the bottom of my eyes to create a more feline look and it makes the blue really stand out. 

This is what it looks like with the eyes closed. A clean eye liner line. Plain and simple. 

To finalise the makeup look I took my Playboy lipstick that was sent to me and filled my lips in. First I used my Rimmel lip liner to line my lips as it stops the lipstick from bleeding.

The finishing touches to my vampy pin up look were my nails and again I used the nail varnish that was sent to me from Aqua PR.

My Completed Look.

I hope you enjoyed my little tutorial/ Playboy Pin Up Challenge look. 

If you like any of these products that I have used contact @PlayboyMakeupUK to find out where your nearest stockist is. 



  1. The look you created looks great - I looooooooooooove red lipstick and dark hair, nice work!

    1. Thank you very much Lipstickbones :) I love the look, it's my favourite at the moment. :)

  2. What a lovely lipstick shade you received! The mascara didn't do much for me either x

    tmzn loves x


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