Thursday, 14 August 2014

H&M Dress Of The Month // And Some Other Vitals

It's no secret that I am a massive fan of H@M clothing!! 
They always have some really nice pieces in there and I could literally spend a fortune. 

There is one item of clothing that really stood out to me when I last visited the store (before my birthday) and one of which I actually regret not buying. 

The reason that I did not buy I will tell you shortly. 

Nevertheless, I did and have fallen in love with this item and I think it's something that you girls would want in your wardrobe. 

It's super pretty and eye-catching. 

And the item in question is this dress...

I really love this dress. It's a full sleeve, super low back bodycon dress in a black and white, paint swipe/abstract effect. I am wearing either XS or S in size here, I cannot remember as I tried both. The fit is really good and it's only £14.99.

The downfall to this dress though and the reason why I never brought the dress in the end as much as I loved it, was because the material was seriously thin and under bright lights the fabric became see through. 

The dress is backless so wearing a bra is not an option, when I removed my bra and looked in the mirror you could seriously see EVERYTHING including nipple!! This is not what you want to see when trying a stunning dress on. I turned around and the same thing happened in the bum area...You could see my underwear. 

I was gutted because there was no way around the situation. I mean if you are comfortable with that kind of exposure. Cool. But I wasn't and couldn't bring myself to buy it and take the risk. If the material was a little thicker it would have been perfect. 

I am in two minds now whether to still get it because I had a lot of compliments on the pictures above. I just don't know if I should risk it. 

With all this said, it is still a super hot dress and if you can pull it off get it. I don't know what it would be like on a night out because it is dark so you could get away with see throughness. The print is so eye-catching but not seriously in your face and teamed with red lipstick it projects a really classy look. 

Definitely my dress of the month purely on appearance!!


H&M Black Bralet. 
Brought it for around £12.99 which is a steal. It's a classy bra that would go amazingly under a slinky shirt/blouse.

H&M Knuckle Ring.

Brought in the sale for £2. I love the Aztec style/colouring of this piece. 

H&M Sweat Top.

I love their sweat top range they have some really cool designs and they are only £5.99 which shocked me a little as I thought they would have been around the £14 mark. Bargain. I have a couple of these now. 

This is in a Size Large.

The fit. Slightly slouchy and more of a lounge piece.


I Love it. 

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  1. Such a shame that the dress was too sheer :( Love the knuckle ring you picked up- such a bargain! Xxx

    Alice Adores Apparel


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