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What's In My Primark Handbag? My Daily Essentials.

I have seen a lot of these posts flying about on YouTube and seeing as I haven't got a new camera yet, I thought I would do a written version instead. 

I hope you don't mind? :) 

The above bag is from Primark and this was featured in my Primark haul which you can find here.

I love this bag, it looks a lot more expensive than it was (well I think it does anyway) and it doesn't really look like a Primark creation either. It literally goes with everything I wear. I have a teeny obsession with bags and purses. If I buy a new bag I have to find a purse that goes with it and visa versa. 

Today ladies you will see what I carry around on a daily basis and what I call my 'essentials'. It can get pretty heavy in there, let me tell you. 

So here we goooooooo!!!

Oooohh!! Sneak peak of what's inside! 
Can you tell I just chuck it in?! Whoops.

The most important thing in my bag is my purse for obvious reasons. It has everything in there. The whole of the contents in my bag is highly important but where would we be without our purses 'aye? 

I have had this purse sat on my dressing table for like a year now because I had used my last one to death. And I love this one even more so. It's so girly and sparkly and the patent effect really brings out the glitter. It was from Claire's Accessories at around £12-£14.

I Love how my account number and sort code are showing. I didn't see that!! Ha, feel free to put some money in guys! JOKES.

The layout of the inside. I rarely carry money on me because I spend it.

This is my new little notebook & pen that I brought the other week as I go through my notebooks more than I brush my hair. I am constantly writing notes. I love it... Writing notes that is. This picture makes the notebook look more red than it is. It is actually a burgundy colour but Blogger seems to change the colours and exposure quite a bit on upload and I don't know why. Anyway this little book comes everywhere with me so I can write my blogging notes down on ideas for my next posts.

Ha ha, yes what you see before your eyes is a bunch of snotty tissue!!! (Not really this lot hasn't been used... Yet) 

Due to having reeeeeeeaaaallly bad hay fever I have to carry A LOT of tissue around because I am constantly sneezing and my nose just pours out like Niagara Falls. It is so not attractive, and it really bugs me because I end up wiping half of my make up off. *sobs*

So this is definitely an essential for me to have in my bag, I just never know when I am going to be caught out.

Mother Nature is a pure bitch. Fact.
To coincide with the tissue here are my 'meds', bloody hay fever meds and currently they are doing jack to help me. I used to really rate the tablets as they are like 180mg which are strong and I used to be on 10mg and they used to work. This year, not so much. And they have changed the steroid nasal spray too. The only thing that actually works is the eye drops for my hay fever eyes, but they god damn sting. Anywho, they are locked to my bag I will always need these in the summer.

 Yup, next we have my sunnies and my car keys. I got a new car (a 10 plate, practically brand new black Corsa Energy) and then I got made redundant. Ha. That will serve me right for getting rid of Rusty (my old car, this one is called Brian after the lead singer of my FAVOURITE BAND EVER Placebo. If you haven't heard of them, go check them out. They are amazing). Nonetheless I love my shiny car and you will find both of these swimming amongst my crap in my handbag.

Floating around are my 13' Christmas vouchers and some money from my nan, I haven't spent it yet. Well the voucher I did. I brought an awesome pineapple cup (which you can see on my Instagram account: anythingbutordinaryleya) from New Look but it was broken when I inspected it properly at home, and they didn't have another one in store. So it currently has like £6 on the card. 

I carry these around in case I need them. :)

Here she is... My makeup bag. Again I have written a blog post about this and you can find that here.
I obviously carry this beaut around as I constantly need to touch up my makeup thanks to my hay fever face. I swap and change what I carry around day to day but this is another permanent to my handbag.

I love my Ipod and I love music. This is an essential! Excuse the dirty headphones, my makeup constantly transfers onto them. I have had this Ipod for like 10 years I swear, I had it free with a mobile phone contract I took out. You don't get that these days. But yeah, I need this for journeys, or for blocking people and the world out for a while.

I don't really need to explain these. 
My back-combing combs. The pink one from Primark £1 and the black one is a hairdressing one. Simple, must-haves in my bag.

Yup, I have carex, who doesn't in their handbag? You don't know what you're touching out there guys. Keep clean! I use this stuff to death because I handle my hamsters, then my guinea pig and then my dog. I use it after touching each one so not to spread germs. And before I eat obvz. Then Vaseline for dry lips and my roll on deodorant for those 'hot' times. I don't use sprays any more as my animals inhale it.

I always carry a mirror. I am not amazingly vain but I do have to check everything is tip top with my face. My mum and dad brought me this from H M Samuel a few Christmases ago and I use this one on special occasions. As I am clumsy and will probably break it. It's super pretty.

 This is pure jokes. It's a fluffy monster phone protector!!! I love this! When I worked at Claire's Accessories I wanted this so much as it was cute. So my brother got it me as one of my gifts for Christmas last year!!! He has to go in now and then.

And that's it guys. The tour is over. My handbag is completely empty.

If you enjoyed scrolling through this post leave me a cheeky comment or give me a subscribe. I am pretty scarce on both of those. 

What do you carry in your handbag? 



  1. Amazing blog post :) had a great read :)

    I have just uploaded a new blog post would mean a lot if you was to check it out

    have a nice day


    1. Thank you Jade :) I will sure to have a look at your blog too :) x

  2. I love your heart notebook it's so cute. I don't cary a lot of stuff in my bag. I carry my wallet, mp4, small notebook, sunglasses, phone...Stuff I actually need-because I don't like heavy bags. Great job on the post.


    1. Thanks hun, it's from The Works (UK) at like £2.99 so a bargain!! :) Yeah I don't either they hurt my back so I swap the contents around sometimes to make it a little lighter!! x

  3. love your daily essentials! mine is much less organised haha

    from helen at

    ps. there's a cute Dahlia trench coat giveaway on my blog at the moment, click here!


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