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Nail haul Elegant Touch & MUA // Be Your Own Nail Technician.

Morning ladies and possibly gents (who knows?)

I haven't written a post for a couple of days because I have been having a traumatic time with Cody :( so that has pre-occupied my mind. For those of you who don't know who Cody is, he is in fact my guinea pig :)I have written our story here if you would like to find out what the deal is with him. 

I will be writing an updated post in the next few days about what's been happening with him since. 

I thought I would just let y'all know that's where I have been anyway. :) 

Today's post is, as you can see from the above pic, nail related (ignore the concealer and the lip balm, I changed my post idea last minute). 

I would love to visit the nail salon every few weeks like a lot of women do, but I for one could not afford it. How I see it is, yes, some nail techs are pretty awesome at creating beautiful nails. But there are also some pretty awesome falsies about that give you the exactly same effect at a fraction of the price!!

I went to Superdrug (UK drugstore) the other day and wanted to treat myself to some new bit 'n' bobs, inexpensive for sure, as you all know I am currently jobless which sucks ass big time. And as I was walking around I came to the MUA (Makeup Academy) stand and noticed they had some new pastel coloured nail polishes in. I am into pastel colours at the moment as they are completely summery and fresh looking. And I also find that they are super flattering to whoever is wearing it. 

Their basic nail polish range is only £1 and I couldn't decide which colours to go for. The mint colour was an obvious choice for me as I LOVE that colour and the pastel blue was next in line. Then I thought "what the hell" just get all four. So I did.

Again, 'Blogger' has a right old knack of changing the colour of my picture uploads, but as you can see the polishes are highly pigmented. Which is nice to see of course, but what every girl wonders is, what's the colour payoff like once applied to the nail and how many coats to achieve an even finish?

Well, the mint and the blue actually finish up pretty nicely, I applied two coats when using each colour and when dry it's fairly even and the colour payoff is true to the bottle. The mint wins though out of all four. Now the baby pink polish is a right let down. The colour payoff is awful and you would have to apply more than two coats to remotely get a slightly even finish. Not a fan of this polish at all, in every aspect of testing. They are only £1 though so my expectations weren't high, but I have tried cheap nail polishes before and got a way better result. 

I haven't tried the purple as of yet but I can only imagine it's going to go the same way as the pink colour I am afraid. 


P.S. They are also pretty shiny when dry which is nice and if you are amazing at paining your own nails, and you have nice nails (unlike me) then you could get away with using these polishes or any other instead of visiting a salon.

D.I.Y is the best form of learning!

How frickin awful are my nails. They are so thin and break constantly. 


Elegant Touch are by far my favourite brand of false nails. They are so versatile in design, shapes, colours and lengths there is something for everyone. Some of their nails are a little over priced I think, but the plain ones that you can paint yourself aren't too bad. 

 I usually buy the square 'bare' ones in extra short as they were the only ones in this brand that you can paint. This time round though, I noticed they had brought out two new 'bare' ones in 'oval' and 'stiletto'. I spent bloody ages in that isle trying to decide between the two. The 'oval' pack looked more natural, which I liked, but I have always wanted to try the 'stiletto' design that you can only usually get in the salon. 

I went for the stiletto, why play it safe?

I am yet to put these on, but I cannot wait until I do. 

I feel like a proper lady when I have false nails one. It's really sad. 

The little things in life. 
I am easily pleased!

They look super pretty even unpainted.

If you would like to purchase some you can do so here. They are £4.65 and in a 'short' length.

Next, I brought two different Elegant Touch nail packs but this time from Savers (a discounted shop in the UK). 

I love going into Savers as they always have some cool nails in stock that are WAY cheaper than Boots & Superdrug. I picked these up on passing through the store.

Believe it or not these were £1.99 each...I repeat £1.99 each!! 
I couldn't believe it because in the other stores they would of easily been around £6-7, so I made a massive saving. 

I loved the silver glittery ones on the right and these would be perfect for a night out or thinking waaaayyyy into the future, Christmas or New Years. 

The pink ones are really lovely in real life and really subtle. I was trying to decide between this rose pink colour and a lavender, but the pink won! I hate wearing pink clothing but I love it on nails and lips. Strange. 

Both packs have adhesive tabs attached to the nails, so no glue is involved. This is great for people who have never worn false nails before or dislike what the glue does to their natural nail on removal. I personally, don't like the tabs as I find they don't stick down for very long so I end up sticking some nail glue on as well.

There is a false nail pack or nail polish out there for everyone. If you are on a budget or don't fancy a nail bar then I would highly recommend trying out Elegant Touch nails. As for nail polish, the MUA brand are totally not that bad for budget, it hardly breaks the bank and the overall finish is standard. 

Give them a go, you have nothing to lose! 


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