Saturday, 12 July 2014

My "Holy Grail" Eyeshadow Palette // The Ultimate Box of Tricks for Your Eyes!


I have decided to do a not so long (written) blog post like I usually do today, just to mix it up a little. I don't want to become too predictable now do I?! ;) 

I touched upon this product in my previous post which you can link to HERE
And I spoke about this product favourably in the 'eye' section, and how I am currently using it to create my smoky eye look. It is my holy grail of shadows at the mo.

It is a product made by the 'Front Cover' Brand and it is an awesome box full of super cool tools to make your eyes stand out beautifully. The box of tricks is called 'A Billion Stars' and after doing some research I cannot find this box anywhere on their website ( as when you click the 'shop' button it comes up with an error message. 
But you can pick it up on places like Ebay until the site is back up and running again. I did purchase mine a few years back now and it is still my favourite eyeshadow palette to use to date. 

This is what you get.

As you can see there is no palette in there. 
Well, that's because I am using it and it's in my hand bag as I type. AND the palette has a mirror inside. Score! 

The box contains.

. 4 shot silk effect eyeshadows.
. 4 domed twinkle baked powder eyeshadows.
4 satin pressed eyeshadows.
. 4 domed baked powder eyeshadows.
. Pot of silver stars. (Which I LOVE)
. Holographic glitter.
. 2 Iridescent pigments.
. Shadow base.
. Eye effects glue.
.Double ended eye applicator. 
. Front Cover to go compact. 

Some of the shadows are missing from the box, but here they are in my compact. 

I have been using these pots the most to create my smoky eye effect. I will do a tutorial soon on this look. Let me know what you think?

I love the little pot of stars and the glitters too!

It also comes with a makeup artists tips and  step by step photographic instructions to "let you achieve studio finish make-up". This is such a good idea, especially for beginners who are just starting out and experimenting with eye makeup. 
Well played... Well played.  

If you love makeup in general or you are wanting to experiment with different styles on your eyes and want a good quality product, then check this out. I love it and I think you would too. 


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