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MUA Luxe Matte Lip Lacquer Review // Is it all it's cracked up to be?

Hey guys!

Today I have decided to review a product out of the MUA Luxe Range!
 They have not long brought this new range out in their collection, which you can find in Supedrug (UK) and I want to give you my honest opinion on one of their lip products. 

The said product is the 'Velvet Lip Lacquer' in the colour 'Criminal'.

I find MUA as a brand can be a little hit and miss at times. Some of their products I really love, whilst others can be a little disappointing. If you don't have this makeup brand available to you across the pond, then I will give you the low down. 

In short, they are a 'budget brand' a lot of their products such as the nail varnishes, eyeliners, eyebrow pencils and lipsticks are like £1 which is super cheap. And to be honest, even though their products are a steal some of them are actually really good. 
How I see it, is why spend a lot of money on a high end product when a budget brand can give you the same results? 
It is total logic. 

Now, this new 'Luxe' range, is a little more expensive than their usual £1 bracket. And most of this range start off at £3 which is still a good deal. I have brought a couple of products from this range, one of which I am yet to try out. 

The packaging is a lot more fancy and I would say kind of expensive looking. They have really put a lot of effort into the appearance of this range and I suppose that is what caught my eye. And I LOVE the frosted glass packaging the product is encased in. Very original.

This lip lacquer comes in 9 different 'vampy' colours ranging from neutrals to popping bright's, you can see for yourself here. I couldn't decide between 'Kooky' or the 'Criminal' but went for the bright pink because I like my lip colour to stand out. The purple would just make me look like a goth, which I will repeat I am not. :)

This is what the product claims to do.

A lot of lip products claim to do the whole "kiss proof" thaaang but very few come out of it alive. This lip lacquer however survived the test of fate. Now, when I say "survived the test" I don't mean I have been going around kissing boys, because lets be honest, I have been a lone ranger when it comes to guys for a few years. So of course I had to do the 'blotting' test on my hand for signs of transfer. Nada, zilch.

"Awesome" you say?
Not so much! 

The product may not transfer easily off the mouth but it dries on horrifically!

Urrgghh, even thinking about it makes me uncomfortable, and that is the correct adjective I will use for this product. Uncomfortable. 
Yes, like the company say's it "glides on effortlessly" which in fact it does. I will give it that, it is one of the best lip products I have used for that side of thing. The initial application is brilliant, but where it states that it quickly dries into the matte finish, I think that is where the problem lies.

It dries onto your lips far too quickly leaving you with an extra dry texture, where your lips feel really tight and you end up with that annoying dried lipstick rim on the inside of your mouth. 
Girls, you should know what I mean when I explain that,where you have to scrape it off with your nail (well I do anyway)and it hasn't blended in. It just dries into the ring of lipstick death.



When you apply the lip lacquer initially it seems on application to glide on evenly and you think "la lala leeeelaaa" I am liking this product. 

But then it dries. 
And it is patchy.
And I am like "FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!"

I am sorry MUA but this is not I wanted as an end result. It applied thick in some places and thin in others. 
This is obviously a close up and doesn't look as bad from a distance, but please, this is a tad nasty on the finale!

So basically if you are wanting a flawless looking end result from your lip lacquer, this isn't the product to go for. 
It was £3, what was I expecting really?! 

Ha, I will just edit the photo to show you how I kind of thought it would turn out.

The overall turn out isn't super bad for this product as the colour is highly pigmented and doesn't change in tone when applied. But it isn't the greatest lip lacquer I have tried to date, it makes the 'Rimmel Apocalypse' lip lacquers look amazing compared. 

Oh, hello ye old dead hand...We meet again!! I am going to stop doing swatches if this is what happens every time.
I really do have normal hands with blood running through it!!  
I am sorry if this swatch offends you. It does me. Ha. 

Someone please enlighten me to why it does this?!

All in all, for me, it's a 'slate' not 'rate' product I am afraid. Yes it does most of the things it claims to do, but by'eck does it leave you with a gross feeling mouth, "velvety texture" nope, more of a "I need to get this off instantly" feel! Oh, and another thing, when removing it, it leaves you with a non-budge stain AND it crumbles and falls off your lips. What the?! 

I am glad I didn't get another shade from this collection as it turns out this product is quite disappointing. It would be okay left on for an hour or so, but throughout the day. No way hosay. 
The packaging is deceptive. It is still a cheap product!
 I suppose you get what you pay for in this instance.

I don't know if any of you ladies have tried this product and liked it? But let me know what you think if you have. 

I will leave you with a few 'selfie' snaps to have a look through.
After the colour wore off. Not so vibrant. :(
I am loving the no eye makeup & lipstick look at the moment.


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