Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Getting To Know Your Blogger!! 50 Facts About Me.



I thought I would do a different post today enabling you guys to find out a little more about myself and the person behind the words and pictures. 

If you don't want to know about me, that is totally cool, but if you do want to get up close and personal with me then carry on reading! 

Enjoy :) 

P.S. There ended up being 60 facts. Whoops.

  •   I am 26 (27 on the 7th August), some of you may already know this but a lot of people that don't know my age actually think I am around 18-20. Without makeup I look about 10. One Chinese lady said to me once " you have magical powers". Too funny.

  • I LOVE curry & hot food. Most of my food has to have chilli added to it. I have to have my food with a kick, whether that is in a salad on in baked beans, chilli is a must. I am the curry queen, I love the stuff and my favourite restaurant so far is in Worcester.

  •  I am a singer/performer and I have appeared on the X Factor (UK)and I have been an extra in Skins 3 & 4 (for those of you who don't know what this programme is, it's a teenage drama series and it's awesome.) 


  • I am a massive animal lover and will do anything for an animals' welfare. I rescue animals if I see them injured and I have a few pets myself (Cody my poorly Guinea Pig, Darla & Keiko my Chinese Dwarf Hamsters and Bear (real name is Saffi my Yorkshire Terrier). 


  • My idol is Michael Jackson, he always has and always will be my idol. He is a genius, the master of music and the greatest man to ever live in my eyes. R.I.P.

  • I am a big believer in the Illuminati & conspiracy theories. I believe in the New World order and the Mayan Prophecies, it really interests me and it's so fascinating.

  • I am a hoarder when it comes to shopping. I buy new things and keep it in the bags for weeks until I decide to put it away. Usually by then I have forgotten what I have brought and get excited all over again.



  • My favourite colour is red.

  • I have a double jointed thumb. 

  • I have met Adam Lambert (American readers will know who he is)! 


  • My favourite band EVER is Placebo, oh my, I couldn't even begin to say how much I love them. I have been an avid fan for almost 10 years.

  • My biggest crush is on Brian Molko (Placebo's hot lead singer, he's not everyone's cup of cha but for me he is IT)! 


  • My first car was a silver Corsa called Rusty. Go figure. 

  • I hallucinate often when dreaming, I will be semi-awake and semi-asleep and I wake up in the dream still but in the real world thinking it's happening. It usually involves spiders, where I hallucinate that they are on my walls. 

  • I have a massive fear of spiders, flying, sunbeds, lifts and being involved in a car crash. 

  • I am a nervous passenger in the car. 

  • My favourite actor is John Travolta.

  • My favourite actress is Sandra Bullock. 

  • I have a girl crush on Kristen Stewart & Lana Del Rey.

  • I would love to marry Brian Molko(obviously). I am still waiting for the proposal. Any day soon!! Ha.  

  • My favourite film of all time is Labyrinth. 


  • My favourite Disney film is Beauty and the Beast. 

  • I am a natural blonde. 

  • I bruise really easily. One tap on my leg and a big, purple bruise will appear. 

  • I love making video's of me miming to songs. 

  • The sound of a glass nail file on nails makes me cringe.

  • I have a B12 deficiency (a blog post about this will be up soon.) 

  • I suffer with anxiety which I have learn't to control. 

  • I get real bad stage fright and get real nervous before I go on stage. When I am up there though I am fine. 

  • I love writing lists and have a million note books.

  • I wish I lived in Hogwarts and was friends with Hazza Potter. 

  • Fall & Winter have rapidly become my favourite time of the year thanks to my hay fever. 



  • I am attracted to anything shiny.


  • Watching movies is my favourite past-time, especially with loads of food and in comfy clothes. 

  • I have never been taken on a 'real' date. :(

  • I used to want massive boobs but now I am glad I have the one's that I have.

  • My favourite smells are the beach, hot chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla, burning wood, Christmas Trees, wood shavings, new catalogues and carpet shops

  • I can't swim. 

  • My favourite flowers are Roses and Bluebells.

  • I have 4 tattoo's and will soon be getting more.





  • My body rejects most of my piercings. I had to take out my belly bar and tragus piercing. The tragus I was gutted about as I tried so hard to keep it. 


  • I watch my Friend's boxset on a daily basis. 

  • The wind (in the sky) is the worst element possible.

  • I am allergic to dust. 

  • I don't like the cold.

  • I would like to have a brace when I finally get a job.

  • My eyes are my best feature.


  • My favourite time of day is early evening.

  • I never wash my face and it brings me out in serious spots. So I always clean it daily with a cleanser.

  • I have a fear of the dentist.

  • I am a bit of a tomboy.


  • I find it hard to sleep at night and wake up every couple of hours which is almighty annoying. 

  • I have dreams that movie makers wouldn't be able to conjure up.

  • I have a degree in journalism.




  • My bottom lip is actually bigger than my top lip, so when putting my lipstick on I have to even the top lip out with my lip liner. 

  • I don't like my feet being touched.

  • I've always wanted to be vet.

  • I can predict/see things sometimes before they have happened. 

and finally...

  •  Everyone used to say I looked like Avril Lavigne!!

I hoped you liked reading through those and have got to know me a little better. I am a bit unique but "hey" who want's to be a carbon copy of someone else?

Not me! 


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