Thursday, 5 June 2014

So...This is new.

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I have attempted a few blogs over the years, yet none of them have stuck as I simply got bored and fell asleep at the screen. 

So, what makes it different this time you ask? 

Well, I am currently unemployed (through no fault of my own I may add) and I have A LOT of time on my hands. Before, I was at university and working, hence the non completion of the previous blog attempts. Ha. But this time I am taking it seriously!No, seriously  I am. I would love to 'blog' as a full time career, plus I would actually be doing something closely related to my journalism degree, as so far it has got me nowhere. And don't get my started on that subject, I may not stop! 

Now, the reason I feel so passionate about blogging is because I have been watching a lot of video's on YouTube by well known bloggers. Some of those including; 'Katethisiswhatido' (I think that's how it's written), 'Becca Rose', 'SianShutterug', 'Sprinkle of Glitter' annnnnd last but by certainly no least the beautiful 'Zoella'. They are doing what I DREAM of and they do it so amazingly well, and I suppose, yeah, I am jumping on the band wagon a bit but who cares, we all have dreams right?! :)I love to write and be creative and I love all things girly, even if I am a bit of tomboy sometimes. And writing about fashion, beauty and well life is something I have always wanted to do as I always have an opinion on it in some form or another. It's perfect and ideal for me and I am excited to get started.

I am going to be honest with you...

I haven't got a clue on what I am actually doing, I am trying to get tips off YouTube, blogging books and a lot of it is going to be trial and error I am afraid. If any of you can help a brother out I would be so grateful and extremely happy. Oh, and I have no clue if my links to my social media are working properly as I did link them up but for some reason they are showing it to me as if I am logged in. Again, if anyone could shed some light on this annoying issue let me know. 

So, things to know about this blog.

  •  I will endeavour to post everyday with all things awesome.
  • Posts will include, fashion, (hauls, reviews, advice and possibly a 'look book')beauty (hauls, reviews, demo's and tips)and life (well, just my ramblings about what is going on in my strange little life.)
  • I will be hopefully up and running on YouTube soon as at the moment I am having a couple of problems. Nothing I can't handle though. So I will be linking you across the yonder to my channel at some point. 
  • I have various contact me tabs across my blog and some in the footer. So keep that in mind if you want to ask me something or even suggestions for future posts. :) 
  • And finally, I hope you enjoy reading my blog and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and SHARE with your chums if you do!! 
My next post will not be so 'wordy' I promise. 

 ♥ Thanks for reading 

Toodlepip X


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