Sunday, 29 June 2014

Primark Kimono & More Lush Bath Bombs.

Before I begin, I would like to apologise for my picture quality on this post.
They are a little grainy due to poor lighting as we occurred a horrible little storm when I took these photos. 
I seriously need a DSLR but that isn't happening straight away so I am trying my best with what I have. 
I will state, that I LOVE to take photo's and I love to edit them too, I just don't have the amazing equipment that most of the 'cool' bloggers have. :( 

I hope that's okay? :)

Lets get started!

I went into town with my parents again Friday as I needed to grab Cody's (my guinea pigs) fruit and veg and decided to have a look around the shops whilst I was there. And since I am currently jobless it is killing me walking around the shops because I am wanting everything that is in there. Girl problems. 

I originally went into town to see if I could upgrade my phone at Phones 4 U, but their prices and tariffs are stupidly high. So I thought I would just leave it until my contract ends. 
It's not worth the trouble in the long run!

So, after visiting there I went into Primark. I tried on a couple of t-shirts and some jumpers and I didn't like any of them or the fit in particular. I made my way down to the bag section (my favourite isle) and to the left of me something caught my eye. 

It was a black knitted kimono with tassels. 

I was like "YES". Finally I have found one I like. 

I tried on a size medium and a size large as I like my clothes at the moment to be kind of baggy and boyish. I ended up going for the medium as the large was a little overwhelming and engulfed me to say the least. Plus it seemed a lot heavier than the medium.
I had no one to take the picture. You want a job done... Do it yourself

 Ha, I took that picture in my parent's room as the lighting was way better than in mine. The kimono is the right length and you can't go wrong with black as it goes pretty much with everything you own. 

Well, most of the clothes I own are black. I really need to change it up. 

I love the Boohoo Kimono that I featured in my 'Wish List' post earlier in the month as it had splashes of floral colour and well, was more interesting to look at than this one. 


This Primark Kimono is a complete steal at £14 and the quality isn't that bad considering it's from there. I find sometimes with their products that they can be of poor quality and actually quite expensive for what it is. I am very picky when it comes to spending my money in Primarni. I have a good eye for detail and getting value for money so I tend to walk out of there with nothing at all. That said, they can sometimes have some great pieces and this item is one of them.
The hang.

This kimono is great to wear in the summer and ties in nicely with the festival season. But I think this would also wear nicely in the fall and winter, teamed with some jumper layering. 

I would like to add, that whilst coming out of Primark I got caught in a rain shower and got SOAKED. My Primark bag almost fell apart and I was running like Phoebe from Friends.

If you don't know what I am on about YouTube it and you will see what I mean. Too funny. 

Before I left the town, I HAD to pop into Lush again as I feel like I owed it to myself as I am that stupid and didn't realise we had one. I don't know where I have been for all of these years. 

Not in the real world. That's for sure!

And I picked up these bath bombs that were on my MUST HAVE list.
'Think Pink' bath bomb. 

'Butterball' bath bomb
Each of these bath bombs were £2.50 which I think is pretty good and I cannot wait to use them!! The 'Think Pink' bomb apparently has heart shaped confetti inside so when it hits the water they explode into your bath. I am actually quite excited about using this one. And the 'Butterball' bomb is meant to be good for sensitive skin, which I have, so I hope it makes my skin feel nice after using it. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my little purchases. 

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Over and out. 


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