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Primark Haul // A Summer Fashion Must Have!
Life imitates art.
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I was meant to upload this post yesterday, but decided I would do so today as I could get the pictures I needed as the lighting yesterday was poor. Well, I got up this morning and we had yet another storm, which meant I couldn't go outside to take my pictures. So, I took them inside instead. I hope you don't mind :) 

Saturday, I went into my local Primark with my parents as my mum wanted a bag. I don't know about you and whether you share the same annoyance as me, but I cannot stand busy shops on a weekend. There are too many people in every aisle, screaming kids and it's just plain uncomfortable. Basically I wanted to get out of the shop A.S.A.P as it was overcrowded. I had only gone into town to get my guinea pig some veg and wasn't planning on buying anything but I then came across this...
Primark mini pastel pink satchel

How awesome is this little pastel pink satchel?! I was instantly drawn to it and I LOVED the black lining which emphasised the colour even more. It was safe to say, I was now not leaving this shop until I had found more colours. 

I want and love sooooo many things at the moment it makes me feel sick in my mouth at the thought. I REALLY need an Apple Mac, DSLR and a normal compact digital cam for my vlogging, and it just isn't going to happen right now with their maaaahooooosive price brackets. But this little ray of sunshine cheered me up a little. 

I was on the hunt for a specific colour, and that was MINT. I am loving this spring/summer colour at the moment. I am highly pale and don't wear fake tan hardly ever and I find mint is such a flattering colour and makes you look slightly tanned. Well on me it does anyway :) I went trudging through the store and there it was my perfect little bag.
Primark mini mint satchel 
I instantly fell in love, and for a mere £6 this bag is ideal for anyone on a budget or even if you aren't. 

I randomly came across this brand of bags that are online the other month and they are AMAZING it looks like you are carrying an actual cartoon bag. The colours are so vivid and the black outlining creates the illusion that you are in a cartoon strip.     This is what this bag kind of reminded me of. I couldn't decide between the pink and the mint but opted for the one that stood out the most and my lovely mum brought it for me. (That was the mint colour, in case you hadn't of guessed).

I have a smallish Primark where I live so it doesn't always stock everything the bigger stores have. If you live by one of their superstores then I am sure they will have these in stock, but they are selling out quick. 

Hurry up guys grab yours whilst they are still around!!! They have the two colours that I have featured and a lemon colour. I have done a quick photo sesh on how I have styled my bag and you can see what I have teamed it with below.
The cute little compartments :)
Does anyone even hold it like this...Ever? Ha ha.
Teamed with a high shine mac. Stand out central!
It even goes with the low-key mint tee. Highly practical. 
It's such an awesome size too and would be ideal if you are going for a meal, day out in the park or even out clubbing. Either way this is definitely a fashion must have and for the price you cannot go wrong. 

I will briefly also tell you that I brought a bag myself from 'Primarni' (another word for Primark) as I needed a new 'every day one', as the one I currently have from H & M goes everywhere with me and it's casual. But I decided I needed a new black one that was a little smarter looking.

And I found this bad boy.

This bag is super cute, isn't too bulky and is big enough to carry everything I need. AND it was only £8. Bargin!! I think it looks more expensive than it actually is and black goes with everything, lets face it. A must-have staple in my eyes. This was the second from last bag in stock in my store so again if you like it, go grab it soon as it won't be there for long.

Oh and finally, I also picked up the t-shirt I am wearing in the pics on the same day. Again from Primark, in mint (although it's showing up lighter on my camera, but it is the same mint as the bag), the style is 'My Neppy Tee', I got it in a size 16 so I had the baggy/slouch fit and it was £4. :)

I hope you enjoyed this mini Primark haul and that I have convinced you enough to go out and purchase these pieces yourself. And I will see you in my next post.


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