Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Lush Bath Bombs // My New Obsession.

Oh wow!! I have a brand new obsession with Lush!! 

I need to get out more, seriously, as I have never stepped foot into that shop until the other day. And even when I told the people that worked there that, they recoiled in shock. 

I said, and I quote " This is my new favourite shop. I have never been in here before" *store workers gasp*
"Yes, I know I am probably the only person that hasn't and that would make me a weirdo!" Ha. 

It was laughed off, it was fine. Deep inside though, I bet they did think that I was a little sad as EVERYONE has at least once in their lives shopped in there. 

I don't know why I haven't to be honest with you, I cannot give you a justified explanation to this absurdity. But all shall be forgiven as, I know I will be spending a lot more time in there from now on. 
I went to Bristol the other day, taking my little guinea pig Cody to the vets(it's a very long story and I will fill you in at some point), and baring in mind I live in Worcestershire, it was a long way to go. So whilst my little baby was getting a CT scan I had to wait around to be called back to collect the results and him of course. So I had a couple of hours to waste.

Papa Hutt (my dad) had to take me as, important fact number 1, I couldn't drive on my own with Cody as he is a freakin terror and tries to chew his way out of his box. And important fact number 2, I probably wouldn't even make it there as I am not great at driving to new places. Actually I was being too kind to myself, I suck ass. There I said it. 

Anyway, getting off track here. Ooopps. So I was on a mission to find the Lush shop. The night before I just decided I must have a bath bomb, just like that. I needed one in my life. I wanted to see what all the hype was about. A few minutes later, I FOUND IT!!

That shop smells AMAZING!!! If I could put the smell on this post I would, it was incredible. Granted, a little overwhelming and I had seriously bad hay fever, so it didn't do wonders for my nose. Nevertheless, that smell was super nice and I didn't know where to look first. 

What I did notice was that a few things in that shop were quite pricey and currently out of my price range. I found the bath bombs eventually and I was spoilt for choice. I had looked on-line the night before to make a mental note of the ones that I wanted to pick up. I get there, I had severe memory loss and couldn't decide which one to pick. Evidently, I actually brought the one I wanted without really realising it. 

And that was 'Phoenix Rising'.
And it looks like this.

It's so pretty! I was drawn to this one because I am loving purple at the moment, and it reminded me of my wall in my bedroom at home. The bath bomb is laced with tiny flecks of gold glitter and has this indented line going through the centre. Well you can see this in the picture. Oh, and guys it smells awesome, it smells like cinnamon and that is one of my favourite smells. I kind of reminds me of Christmas, it's relaxing and in some ways has this powerful aura.

The colour is so vibrant and pigmented it's easily caught by the eye, as are all the other bath bombs and bubble bars. I haven't used this bomb yet but I soon will be. When I do I will do a post on the results and what I thought.

I may as well of said " I'll do a review". 

If any of you guys fancy purchasing this bath bomb or any other product that Lush sell then click HERE

Do you guys outside of the UK have Lush shops? If not, you are in luck as they ship internationally. Win, win. 

If you are a 'newbie' like me to this shop, take a look at their website or even go visit their shop as you won't be disappointed. I hope I don't change my mind when I have tested the bomb though! We will see. 

The customer service I received in the Bristol branch was really good and I even got complimented on my shoes! Score. 

I will leave you with a little video clip of where one of the girls showed me and pops how the bombs work. 



Song: 'Get Outside!' by Jason Farnham (YouTube audio) 
Licensed under the Creative Commons Act. 


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